Very Useful Information Revealed In General Chat — 3 Comments

  1. Well, it turns out that there are Skill Mentors all over the place! Or, at least, there’s also one in the marketplace-thingy-area on the Eastern side of Kaas city…I did not have enough time to make it to other planets, but I like to think that there will also be skill mentors on them near the class trainers.

    Note, I can trust this information because I found it by walking around Kaas City…since I turned off general chat as soon as I was able to figure out how!

    • It’s probably for the best that you turned off general chat because uh… dickheads like to give out spoilers. Real nice, right?

      • Yeah, fortunately I did not see any of the spoilers as I figured out how to leave the General channel within a few hours of starting to play in the beta. But I was extremely disappointed, if not all that surprised, to hear that the dickheads had decided to bring their griefing ways even into the story parts of SWTOR.

        Probably should have included it in my first post, but for those still stuck with General chat scrolling by all the time: right-click on the chat tab itself. You should get a menu including a chat settings option that will bring up a settings form where you can check/uncheck the channels you want included in that chat tab. Uncheck “General” and Oh Happy Day!

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