When I see an article in my feed reader that involves FREE FASHION, I sit up and take notice.1  So I was snorting coffee all over my keyboard when I saw Ravalation’s Star Wars Fashion Giveaway.

Guys, you need to enter this raffle.  It costs you literally nothing and you might get things.  Prizes include armor sets, cartel packs, and cute real life things.  Observe the promotional pictogram.


Go immediately to enter said contest.  Or don’t.  Then I will win all the things.  HAHA!

  1. Also, thanks for the Hall of Shame shoutout.


Ravalation’s Star Wars Fashion Giveaway — 3 Comments

  1. You also received a shout out on reddit recently with regards to the hall of shame. Don’t remember the exact post containing a link in the replies but I do recall a reply to said reply stating “OMG, that site is amazing” or something like that. You’re still bringin the heat!

    • It warms my heart that people will not let players get away with names such as “Onefloppyweiner Dicksenormus The Illustrious.”