Sunday, 3 generations went to see The Force Awakens.  Thehusband was bouncing in his chair because he had waited a whole week and was getting whiny.  My mom isn’t a big Star Wars fan, but she said “Of course I want to see it.  Harrison Ford is in it!”  Good to see she has her priorities straight.

We all really liked it.  It was entertaining.  A few spoiler-free observations:

-John Williams is a master of awesomeness.  Really listen to the music.  It does not disappoint.

-While gender balance is not perfect, there are definitely more casual background females.  If you, say, have a bunch of pilots, why not have some female pilots?  Well they do.

-Little Jedi sat up and clapped whenever a droid appeared on the screen.  The kids in the theater were really into it.

-The new crop of relatively unknown actors cast is fantastic.  They will do well throughout the movies.

-The physical attention to detail on the sets shows.  At this point, I’m sure it would be easier to just use CGI, but it definitely looks better that they didn’t.  The small bits of CGI that are used are seamless.

-No demeaning bikinis were harmed in the filming of this movie.

As for my vacation from the internet, I did not miss the internet much, if at all.  It was pretty surprising.  I did miss being involved in the swtor community, but I can definitely stay involved and at the same time cut internet to a much lower level.  I did a hard prune of my feed reader, leaving basically the independent swtor blogs as my reading material.  If something pop culture occurs that I need to know about, one of my friends inevitably links it to me anyway.  So let them wade through all the noise.  I’ll wait for the shared link.


I Saw The Movie (No Spoilers) — 10 Comments

  1. I think you’re the first person I’ve seen praising the score. I have to admit that I didn’t find it particularly memorable myself, which is really odd for a Star Wars film.

  2. There was even a lady stormtrooper in there (and no, not Captain Phasma). She updates Hux or Kylo at the big bad base. I was like, “HEY! THAT’S A LADY!”

    • Haha, I had pretty much the same reaction and then I felt silly because female stormtroopers really aren’t the kind of thing people should have to get excited about… too bad these things are still so rare that they are exciting.

      • I must have missed that one (TWICE!) I did notice a lot of women handling the super-serious-tech equipment at the rebel – I mean “resistance” – base.

  3. I’m so happy that LJ really liked the film; I’d hate for her hopes to be dashed.

    Oh, and my oldest mini-Red suggested that you check out Emo Kylo Ren on Twitter for some amusement.