HK-55 Subscriber Reward — 9 Comments

  1. I watched some of the livestream of the announcement on Twitch, and wow was there a lot of whining from people who wanted new pvp maps and new ops. Me personally, I’m happy with getting HK-55 as a companion, and getting to play a chapter as HK-55 might actually be.. you know.. fun?

    One of the things I was less than happy about with the original set of companions was the astonishing number of them that seemed to exist solely to irritate the crap out of me.

      • Quinn is like the tip of the freaking iceberg. His presence alone is enough to make me slightly nauseous. He’s a damned bootlicker is what he is. In the simply annoying category there’s the space redneck Corso Riggs, there’s Skadge, and Tanno Vik. I could go on, but….

        Then there’s Akaavi Spar who has all the personality and charm of a sh sandwich. Yeah, yeah.. bad stuff happened to her, but you know what? Its a cold and unforgiving galaxy out there, princess. Lighten up.

        One of the reasons why I choose MZ-whatever (imp-side) as my co-pilot when I’m flying GSF missions is because he simply boops and beeps and can be easily ignored, while I bounce back and forth between killing and trying (sometimes successfully) not to be killed.

        I let Khem Val tag along because he’s basically that weird/sketchy German exchange student from college who no one could understand. I can deal with that.

        HK-55, though… he’s about six kinds of awesome in my book.

        • Even the least annoying companions can be annoying if you have to hear their same catch phrases over and over during battle. Yes, yes, Tharan Cedrax, you’re a pacifist, isn’t that special. Beeps and boops (or incoherent alien growls) all the way! However, I think the repetition of HK-55’s lines will never cease to be hilarious. “Target has achieved deadness.” Awesome.

  2. And there was much rejoicing!

    Now all we need is an Iknayid pet and HK can be the resident exterminator.