HK-55 Subscriber Reward — 9 Comments

  1. I watched some of the livestream of the announcement on Twitch, and wow was there a lot of whining from people who wanted new pvp maps and new ops. Me personally, I’m happy with getting HK-55 as a companion, and getting to play a chapter as HK-55 might actually be.. you know.. fun?

    One of the things I was less than happy about with the original set of companions was the astonishing number of them that seemed to exist solely to irritate the crap out of me.

      • Quinn is like the tip of the freaking iceberg. His presence alone is enough to make me slightly nauseous. He’s a damned bootlicker is what he is. In the simply annoying category there’s the space redneck Corso Riggs, there’s Skadge, and Tanno Vik. I could go on, but….

        Then there’s Akaavi Spar who has all the personality and charm of a sh sandwich. Yeah, yeah.. bad stuff happened to her, but you know what? Its a cold and unforgiving galaxy out there, princess. Lighten up.

        One of the reasons why I choose MZ-whatever (imp-side) as my co-pilot when I’m flying GSF missions is because he simply boops and beeps and can be easily ignored, while I bounce back and forth between killing and trying (sometimes successfully) not to be killed.

        I let Khem Val tag along because he’s basically that weird/sketchy German exchange student from college who no one could understand. I can deal with that.

        HK-55, though… he’s about six kinds of awesome in my book.

        • Even the least annoying companions can be annoying if you have to hear their same catch phrases over and over during battle. Yes, yes, Tharan Cedrax, you’re a pacifist, isn’t that special. Beeps and boops (or incoherent alien growls) all the way! However, I think the repetition of HK-55’s lines will never cease to be hilarious. “Target has achieved deadness.” Awesome.

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