Continuing the trend of “The family that plays SWTOR together pwns the everlovin’ crap out of everything together”, we went to Kuat Drive Yards.

You might say that we’re teaching our kiddo from the ground up.  Right now, we’re not giving a crap whether she knows  which abilities pack the biggest wallop.  She might as well faceroll her abilities.  We’re focusing on those basic gaming skills, habits that she will carry with her between characters and games:

  • Following the leader (seriously, getting lost is one of my things)
  • Movement, positioning, and mouse turning (so… proud)
  • Keybinding (I haven’t even mentioned to her that it’s possible to click those icons…)
  • Getting out of the bad (new lesson in KDY!)


That last one, getting out of the bad… well many adults fail at that.  So I was delighted last night when she took our advice to heart in KDY.  Every time there was a red circle, she would run off and holler “RED CRAP ON THE GROUND! RED CRAP ON THE GROUND!”1

When we finished, she was surprised that it was already past her bedtime.  We had spent almost an hour in KDY.  She said “It goes so fast! It only felt like 15 minutes!” Welcome to the MMO time-warp, kiddo.

  1. OK, that’s a parenting fail there, I probably should not be telling her to avoid “crap”, swearing FTL.


Little Jedi Goes to Kuat Drive Yards — 7 Comments

    • I really like KDY for these purposes because we don’t have to worry about keeping a toon in lock-step near her toon’s level. My trooper fell behind when I was taking a nap one day, and that was that.

      • Then you’ll love it when they make all the levelling flashpoints like KDY in October! (Not sure if you’ve managed to catch up with all the news yet.)

        • One of the reasons thehusband and I decided to come back was because we saw that Kotfe was making things even more casual-friendly. It just makes a lot of sense to convert existing flashpoints to KDY-style flashpoints. Bigger pool of queued folk, and, more importantly, a way to make social connections within a guild or with a friend of yours who may play more or less often than you do.

          • They will keep “critical to the storyline” FPs part of the regular rotation, such as the Revan and Ilum ones, but a lot of my favorites are going to be converted to KDY style FPs.

  1. If Little Jedi is mouse turning, keyboard binding AND getting out of the bad, she smokes 80% of the guildies I’ve run with. Pay attention people, this is Proper Parenting(TM)!

    I’m also going to hazard a guess that her toons are dressed in conservative outfits with color schemes that don’t burn your eyes…

    • She picked a decent starter outfit that looks like an appropriate and sensible medium armor choice for a dual wielding crazyjedi. I am trying to get her purple crystals. Because, seriously, PURPLE CRYSTALS.