Now that we’re back in game, little jedi wants to play with us. She is 7 years old and full of Opinions. We got her a free account and have promised her a subscription once she gets her ship (you know, so we know she’s serious about it). She’s playing a jedi sentinel, and mom and dad are playing support as a tank and healer, respectively.

We got to the fleet and decided to do Esseles before heading down to Coruscant.  It was too much fun.

Grand Moff Kilran has been christened “Buttface” in the Hawtpants household.  All fear Buttface!

Little Jedi loves T7.  She loves how he zaps things, and she lives in fear of getting the -1 of Shame when she makes a dialogue choice he doesn’t like.  We’ve explained that she can just bribe her way up with presents, but she still can’t handle his disapproval.

With the 3 of us playing, the sole companion slot went to T7, of course.  After every elevator ride (which still despawns companions, sigh), she dutifully resummoned him and we were on our way.  At one point, mom, dad, and T7 died in a most embarrassing manner, but Little Jedi managed to finish off the last little sliver of health and saved the day.  We explained how she could rez us.  She rezed me, summoned T7, and announced cheerfully that we were ready to go.  Um… dad’s still dead.  LAWL.

I am also apparently the meanest family member.  Not necessarily dark side, but making all the snide comments.  I think Little Jedi is afraid that I will somehow offend T7.

Until we meet again, Buttface… until we meet again.


Esseles For The Elementary Schooler — 5 Comments

  1. How cute! Reminds me of my youngest, who surprised us all when she, at age 7, was trouncing players in WoW duels . . . She’s now 12. Have fun!

  2. My god, I can’t believe Little Jedi is already old enough to play, seems like it was yesterday that you were talking about her doing toddler things… glad to hear that she’s enjoying the game (and you with her)! 😀

  3. Holy crap I am so happy to see this blog still running. I mentioned it in passing a few days ago to one of my friends as a joke (for some reason, hot pants came up, and we are all massive nerds and love Star Wars, so naturally)

    Anyway, I don’t know if you recall me, but when SWTOR launched and Snark Side was a thing, I jumped onto the train and used my sister (Rhii) to port me into the guild with my Twilawesome Gunslinger Tiber’sheth and my (barely used, only raided with once) Vanguard Trooper, Captain Dorja. I have got to say, my time in guild was some of my best time in gaming ever, right up there with when I was living in Maine in college and my sister was in the mid west and we used to LOTRO together to stay close, and the few times of epic war I had in Eve Online (let’s face it, as awful as those times and that game can be, those epic wars were cool) but damn I was sad when SWTOR basically fell apart, and I dropped guild cause of my stupid job and then Rhii lost touch with you all and that. It was fun for the short time I got to be a part of it.

    • Hey! Long time no see. Snarkside was awesome. Sometimes you have awesome people and the game isn’t awesome enough to keep them there. Sucks, really.