I’m late to the party on these patch notes.  Too busy divorcing Corso and punishing Quinn.  Anyhoo, here is what caught my attention:

Interface Editor improvements for the focus target window:

  • New options for the Focus Target Window (that other windows already have):
    • Show information text
    • Flip the display horizontally
    • Adjust buff and debuff icon sizes
  • Increased the default size of the Focus Target Window. The window remains scalable via the Interface Editor.

I hadn’t noticed this one on first glance at the notes, but it is VERY IMPORTANT.  I have basically ignored the focus target window precisely because I couldn’t get the information to show in a way that is useful to me.  Now, I will totally start using it.

New Bounty Pack: The Tracker’s Bounty Pack!  I was meh about this until I saw the Visas Marr outfit.  WANT for my assassin.  The belt sash is actually a belt sash and not detailing on the skirt part.  Plus, the hat is actually a separate hat and not an attached hoodie.  October 21, it comes out.  By Wednesday, we should see these on the GTN, and I’ll probably end up with a reasonably priced one around the weekend.  WOOT.

Mira’s Headband now displays properly when worn by female characters with Body Type 1.  As you recall, I had some issues with that headband clipping and behaving weirdly on a speeder.  The speeder part was fixed a few patches ago (in 2.3.3), and now this patch fixes the clipping issue.  I will be wearing this snazzy headband with my new Visas Marr outfit (late next week).

The encounter with Dread Master Calphayus will now progress properly after a failed attempt.  This bugged out on us last weekend and it was confusing as hell.  “Ok guys we’re about to hit the transition… any day now…”  Yes, a tank n spank is easier.  It’s also boring.

The “Corrosive Grenade” debuff applied by Gate Commander Draxus can now be removed by any ability that removes negative effects.  We are just starting on hard mode fortress, and were discussing how to stack the group to make sure we have enough classes that can cleanse tech abilities specifically.  This is such a relief – at least to those rostering those runs!

Oricon: Clipping Wings (Republic)/The Darkening Stars (Imperial)/[DAILY] Preemptive Strike: Players no longer fall through shuttles when they respawn.  I am guilty of camping one shuttle to destroy over and over rather than braving packs of mobs that I have no business soloing.  But falling through the ship put me in danger of additional aggro.  Well no longer!  I’ll go to the kitchen for a snack while I wait for respawn.

Companion Characters are no longer defeated when using Quick Travel to go to the Republic or Imperial Landing Zone from certain areas of CZ-198.  This is a stupid little fix, but I was getting a bit annoyed at scraping Treek off the floor every time I went to turn in my weekly.


Patch 2.4.1 — 2 Comments

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