Holy shit, guys. Seriously holy. shit.

As I mentioned before, my naga was being a stupidpoopyhead about keys 7-12 at various inconvenient times.  So I decided to get the new naga which has changed the design of the side buttons.

The new side buttons are amazing.  They project higher from the mouse and have greater distance between them, making it harder to fat-finger an unintended ability that is adjacent to the intended button.  They also have slight angles that make them easier to differentiate by feel.

But the real difference is the CLICKING.  Instead of a mooshy little button, it’s a firm click (for those of you tech nerds, the side buttons are now mechanical).  The only way I can describe the old buttons to a non-naga-owner is… maybe a TV remote control.  That kind of squishy feeling where you jam the hell out of the button, not sure where the catch point is where it’s going to fire.  These new mechanical buttons, it’s damn obvious when they’re firing.  I find myself not having to repeat keypresses on the side buttons.

Testing it out in the field, I found no appreciable difference in DPS.  I did find a marked reduction in thumb-cramping and swearing.

My only petty little complaint is that it’s a one-size mouse without those adjustable side panels on the 2012 naga.  I’m not sure why Razer decided to get rid of that feature, but it was damn nice to have the smaller mouse size because I have small hands and use a fingertip grip.  I’m getting used to the bigger size, and grumbling a little.

This isn’t relevant to me, but may be relevant to you: I’ve heard complaints about the naga and similar mice that there’s no lefty version.  Well, apparently this one has a lefty version (finally).  You may have a harder time finding bargains on it, but it’s out there.

If you want pictures and side-by-side comparison, Dulfy has done a real review that far exceeds my fangirl babbling.  You should check it out.

NOTE: Razer didn’t give me anything.  I paid for my new naga like anyone else.


The New 2014 Naga Mouse — 2 Comments

  1. Hey girl! Just wanted you to know that I read this post and ordered one of these. My partner did too! At first when I got it I was like “okay 12 thumb buttons is just bullshit insane crazy hand cramping waiting to happen” but after a day I actually got used to it and now wicked kewl mousie is my friend! Such great quality!

    • Oh yay! I’m glad you like it. How I got used to it is I started with just a few buttons. I previously had a mouse with 2 side buttons, so I just put abilities on the 3 and 6 buttons, and gradually added more abilities to the grid as I became more comfortable using it.

      I’m glad you were able to get used to it fast. Its predecessor was a lot more difficult because the buttons were not as easy to differentiate by feel. This one is definitely more user-friendly.

      Happy raiding!