I Paid Credits For This Hat

So I invested in a Mira’s headband for my assassin.  I like the way it sits a bit higher above the eyebrow area than most circlets or headbands.

good headband

Things were going well until I got on my speeder.  Is that a visor?  A beak?



But, hey, I’m not on my speeder ALL the time, right? I can live with that.

Then I log out to the load screen and it’s doing a lovely job of forehead clipping.

headband clipping

I discovered shortly thereafter that it forehead clips in-game whenever her head is turned. That, ladies and gents, is a deal-breaker.

And the search for the perfect hat continues.

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    I Paid Credits For This Hat — 10 Comments

    1. That is an impressive transforming handband. I’ve got it hidden on my Vanguard b/c when I’ve got my rifle out it clips into my head, now I’m curious what it looks like on my speeder, I’ve got one of the non-CE versions of that speeder.

      • I suspect the specific speeder isn’t the issue, but rather the “leaning back” pose that happens on a LOT of speeders. I’m sort of scared to see what would happen to the headband on a “sitting and leaning forward” speeder. A behind-the-head beak?

    2. There is an inquistor-specific headband that’s supposed to be pretty decent. Sorceror’s Headband, or something similar.

      Someone in guild mentioned the problems with Mira’s, and this was offered as an option. Only it was class-specific, so the guy could not use it for his marauder. But since you have an assassin, maybe it will work for you.

      • That is exactly what I’m currently wearing, hehe. It’s a little skinny and low-on-eyebrow compared to the mira’s, but it will do for now.

    3. From today’s patch notes:
      “Mira’s Headband no longer becomes graphically distorted when riding a mount/vehicle or when dead.”