Did I mention how much fun I’m having smuggling again?  Welp, I’m on Tatooine minding my own business when this sith lady shows up out of nowhere in red clothes, of which color I am jealous.

Even her lipstick and hair accessories match. Damn, the sith have STYLE.


Ahem, where were we?  Oh yes, the sithie.  She saunters in just as soon as I pick up the doodad that I need for something-or-other (seriously, sometimes I pay NO attention, I swear).  And she very sweetly asks me to help her get in contact with some dude, for what purpose, I don’t know or care.

And then she tries to bribe me…

Wait, what?  How is this supposed to be tempting to me, when I know full well that same gender romances are not in the game – so what the hell is she offering?  Playing a scintillating game of Trivial Pursuit or Parcheesi?  The chance of a lifetime!  Grabbing burgers at the space-mall and going shopping?  Be still my beating heart!

Needless to say, there was no [flirt] option there (duh) but really… did Bioware screw up the dialogue or something?  Because right now she’s offering me absolutely nothing useful.

Things progress and I see her later, and she is not quite happy with me.

She’s shocked that I might jeopardize the “reward” from her.  Again… what reward?  A spa day where we get our toenails painted and talk about boys? Sigh.

Then she turns around and offers her goods to the other dude.  Hussy.

I wanted to see how it played out but, although I did not pick the light side option, suddenly I’m in combat with the sith, and that damn self-righteous jedi is green to me.  I wanted to kill the lot of them by that point.

In a tediously moralizing moment afterward, the Jedi remarked:

She says, in case you can’t read it in the screenie “You betrayed Zare (the sith) and helped me defeat her.  Why?”

Why?  Because the game made me, that’s why!  I wanted my ambiguously-described reward!  I don’t see Nariel suggesting a fun girls’ night out for space-appletinis.

Onward and upward to Alderaan, where the nobles have attitudes that exceed their wealth.


Despite the Absence Of Same-Gender Romances, I’m Still Popular With the (Evil) Ladies. — 12 Comments

  1. Did Bioware change that? Or did you miss a chance to be evil? Because on my smuggler I ended up killing the jedi. Then follows the option for either a reward or the “pleasure of her company” which disappointingly did not equal BSOCK.

    • I think I missed the evil option whilst snarking off and making fun of both of them for trying to do jedi mind tricks on me.

      I’m curious, what WAS the pleasure of her company then?

      • I think she’s just a trashy Sith lady. I tried to get my smuggler to BSOCK with her and never could get it to work. What a tease.

  2. What she says does sound very flirty. I can’t imagine why else that would be compelling to anyone.

    I’m sorry you missed out on your ‘reward’ though. Very unfortunate as I am curious about it now.

  3. I don’t remember all the details, but I think it had something to do with teaching me how to get what I wanted from people by acting in a sithie way. Also she sent me a (companion) gift in the mail afterward.

    • I guess “evil lessons” would be a decent reward… If there are no space-appletinis on the agenda, though, I’m disappointed.

  4. the mail is pretty cool too though: She gets a promotion to Darth Alluria and she complains about how the name is way to obvious.

  5. Lastly – In a game full of of Tedious Jedi Moralizing, the worst is Nariel. She’s insufferable. Cool orange robe though.

  6. I remember following a similar train of thought on my smuggler. What could she possibly be offering me with those words? I went along with it more out of curiosity than anything else, but then sold her out at the end because she was starting to annoy me.

  7. Speaking of same-sex relationships, wasn’t that supposed to be added into the game by now?