When I first saw the black hole gear, I was pretty damn disappointed.  Some items were an upgrade, a SLIGHT upgrade, over my Rakata stuff.  But in most cases I’d actually LOSE a hefty chunk of strength.  No. Way.

Whilst perusing the black hole stuff over the weekend, trying to see if I was mistaken about the total suckitude, I noticed that the heavy armor DPS set’s chestpiece had significantly better-itemized stats for my class.

Well, as everyone knows, you can just strip the hell out of the mods etc and plop em in a medium armor shell.  HAHA, I thought, I will just buy the heavy armor set.

But no!  Some of the medium armor items are better than their heavy armor counterparts.

TL;DR – For the best armoring, mods, and enhancements for your stuff, you will probably want to mix and match between the foestopper (medium) and pummeler (heavy) sets – and obviously strip the mods on the pieces that aren’t the right armor class.  And then, after you’re all geared up, and just ROLLING in BH comms, you can buy specific pieces just for one mod or enhancement to further tweak your set.

Now, I should warn you, I’ve been trying like a fiend to find an actual GUIDE on the mixing-matching for sentinels.  A friend in-game mentioned such a guide for sages, but I can’t seem to google up a specific BH/Rakata gearing strategy.  So I’m using my own personal judgment here which, of course, is a dangerous thing.

The (Poorly Itemized) Pieces

Foestopper Has Higher Strength


Boots.  The foestopper boots are so awesome, I just want to clone all the components and use them for all the slots.  I will have to buy a LOT of these and rip the mods and enhancements out.  Sigh.

Pummeler Has Higher Strength




About The Same

Pants – Exactly the same.  If you don’t need to shed accuracy, the enhancement on this piece is  nice to use in just about any piece.

Earpiece – For this, you’ll want to look at secondary stats and see which will serve you better, depending on your relevant soft caps and what the rest of your gear looks like.

My Stupid Plan

is, of course, to choose the piece with the higher strength value for MOAR DPS.  All strength ALL THE TIME!

Implant and Ear

  • Pummeler Implants.  That’s a no-brainer
  • Undecided on ear.  Will probably buy that last and see what stats my overall set needs.


Well first, I buy the armor that is better itemized for each slot.  Period.

  • Foestopper boots, gloves, and pants (the pants are the same, might as well pick the one that is in my armor class)
  • Pummeler chest, and hat

Then, figure out whether to use ALL THE MODS from the BH stuff or keep some rakata bits that may be better itemized.

  • Armoring– I will use the BH one.
  • Mod
  • Enhancement – probably use the BH one too. I badly need to shed some accuracy and grab some surge. Again, I could do without more crit.  It depends as I get close to the end of my gear set what my stats look like.

When ROLLING IN COMMS, buy extra armor pieces and replace individual mods.

Just watch as I derp – I’ll stack so much strength and ignore endurance – and then a strong wind will blow over the intrepid jedi.

I think I need a spreadsheet.


Black Hole Gear For Sentinels And DPS Guardians — 2 Comments

  1. Again, I heart the way you write. Any use of the word moar, especially in all caps, is ftw. Str really is the way to go. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be itemizing any time soon (lack of bh comms here) unless my guild can get me sucked back into TOR. At least pvp will feature more stuns though… Thanks for the write up. If I actually do start getting moar bh comms on my sent, I’ll be checking this again 🙂

    • I ran a random ops finder last night just for the BH comms because, after I figured this all out, I actually want the BH gear. It was… interesting. We got to make fun of other people, though, so guild bonding ftw?