People do these search term show-and-tell all the time, and well, I wrestled with Analytics a few days ago, and it tried to bite me.  But today I have better luck.

Unsurprising Terms

First, variations of the blog name.

bsock – well DUH.  I’m surprised that there weren’t more searches for that.

About Companions

Akaavi Spar, Akaavi Spar Customization, Akaavi Spar Outfit (and variations thereof)

Doc Customization, Doc Customization Pictures (+variations)

Aric Jorgen Romance, Female Trooper Romance,  etc (A lot of these, I guess we have cat lovers in the crowd)

“am i going to get aric jorgan back” Man… they love that cat.

Various companion names + romance.  OK, I do tend to talk about this a lot.

“can you romance raina and kaliyo and stay with kaliyo” – pig

Searches for specific companion customizations (Scourge, Bowdaar, Risha, but not Corso!)

“C2-N2 customization vendor” – don’t I wish


Swtor Fashion, “aesthetics pants” – Hell yeah, aesthetics pants!

Synthweaving/Armormech Recipes/Schematics, Craftable List, Spreadsheet etc

Searches for various specific schematics (i.e. “reinforced phobium”)

Augment recipes, etc about augments (Yes, I wrote about this, but the article is on Snark Side)

Raiding/Gear/SRS BZNS

Columi/Rakata set bonuses

Sentinel, Watchman, Juyo Form, rotations, and variations thereof.  Sorry, folks, I don’t actually tell you HOW to do this.  I’m a combat sentinel!  (And I don’t tell you how to be a combat sentinel either.)

“how to know if you have upperhand active” – AHA!  I actually had the answer to this one.  See, I’m useful!

Star Wars Galaxies

I expected a bit of this because I talk about my SWG background on my “about” page.

“swg tailor pictures” – ok, this makes total sense

“how to set up a tailor shop in star wars galaxies” – In case you didn’t get the memo, that shut down in December.

“was sw galaxies bight than tor” – um, yes? no? what’s a bight?


“sentinel watchman spec is horseshit” – yes, yes it is.

swtor dark side starved njessi” – I don’t know what this means, but I’m disturbed

“kidz nd thair dresiz” – are these words?

“snoo snoo” and “death by snoo snoo” and “shnoo shnoo” – I can just imagine google helpfully asking “did you mean ‘snoo snoo’?” for the person who spelled it wrong.

“governor saresh flirt” – because, I don’t know about you, but I totally wanted to spend more time on Taris.

“elara escort” – yeah, in your dreams, buddy

“akaavi spar naked” – seriously, PERVS! She was in a bikini.

pictures of gay cabana boy in speedo” and “pool boy dressing up for owner” – right now I really regret that almost a year ago I joked that I wanted to name my companions “pool boy” and “cabana boy” and make them hang out on the ship in speedos whilst crafting.

“the old republic how to turn off the morality” – How do I turn off morality in real life?


Search Terms: People Out There Are Weirdos — 3 Comments

  1. ““sentinel watchman spec is horseshit” – yes, yes it is.”

    ok… I am grinding up my first Sentinel. I took him Watchman tree/path. He’s level 40.
    Unless I keep him Dead current on All mods, he regularly ends up a grease spot on the floor. Is this why? Really like some thoughts on this, as I usually Tank or Sage it.
    I wasn’t sure which tree to take, so I picked Watch.