Yay, I got Dark 1.  I look badass.

Hey look, Dark side corruption now shows on character select screen.  Dark. Dangerous. Rawr

Hey, now I got Dark 2!  Awesome.

Ok… um…  not awesome.  Disgusting?  You’d better believe I loaded up on light side diplomacy missions until I was back to Dark 1.

What can I say?  The sickly look doesn’t jibe with my view of the “seductively evil” minion of the dark side.  You know, now that I think about it, when I see sithie female NPC’s in-game they don’t have much (if any) dark side corruption – even some of the girl sith lords  are blemish-free.  Especially that girl sithie who tried to seduce my girl smuggler… the dialogue was awfully suggestive considering I didn’t get any flirt options after it.

I’m keeping Dark 1, and that’s about it.  I will need to save the occasional orphan to make this work.  Also, diplomacy is a great way to “fine tune” alignment.


Princess, You Are UGLY When You’re Angry — 4 Comments

  1. Yeaaa… most of the stages between Dark I and Dark V I have a serious mixed opinion on how they look. It’s even worse for someone like a sith pureblood who goes from being deep red to perky pink the further down the line you go. The black marks around the eyes and mouth do look a bit better once you hit dark III and start to pale up more though.

    • The other day I saw a full-dark-5 twi’lek. I have no idea what color he started out… maybe orange? He was fishbelly-pinkish-white with blue spots. The lekku just hung there like gross little tentacles in that color. Bleh.

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