Ideally, you will finish your story quest and all your intro planet quests (minus maybe the heroics) and get to the fleet at level 10, pick an advanced class, and go on your merry way.

Now, say you create an alt.  And, well, now you’re a little more efficient.  You know where everything is and you don’t end up killing extraneous mobs.  Your class quest ends, and you’re level 9.5 and you have nothing left to do but group quests.  And if you’re like me, you hate other people and don’t want to group with random people from general chat.1

So what do you do?  Do you kill boars?  Hell no.  Get your butt to the fleet!

1. Do the crafting quest.  You will be able to get the “learn a crew skill then talk to your trainer” quest.  Do that.  But also talk to ALL the trainers.  You get a codex entry and xp for each.

Still at 9?

2. Exploit your companion.  I’m assuming here that this is an alt and you have some cash to burn.  Right?  Ok good, get yourself to the GTN or the companion gift vendor and start buying up the stuff your companion likes.  Start giving the gifts. It’s a 30 second cooldown.

Eventually, the companion will want to chat with you!

Important note about companion chats: Sometimes you will get the “companion wants to chat with you” icon but the companion doesn’t actually want to chat.  The way you know for sure is to click on your companion and he or she will say that they want to talk.  It’s a different phrase for each of them…

Clearly Aric Jorgan wants to chat. In private. This is not a bug or false alarm.

Get to the fleet cantina and have a nice heart-to-heart.  At the end, you will get xp.  Maybe enough to get off the fleet.  No? Rinse, repeat.

As a side note, early gifting of companions behooves you and is cheaper in the long run. If you have the cash, it’s not like you’re wasting it getting your companion affection up early.

  1. True story: grouped with a random dude for one of those instance-cave thingys… he drops and because he was the first in the cave and it was technically “his” story area, I got booted out and had to re-enter as my story area and re-kill all the crap I had just killed.  Not cool.


What To Do If You Get To The Fleet At Level 9 — 6 Comments

  1. Until you’re pushing level 30, chances are fairly high that you can solo any Heroic 2 quests that you come across, many of them without even using your companion.

    If you’ve spoken to the crafting trainers and done your companion quest and you’re still not level 10, you can also go hunt down some lore objects. Particularly on the planet that you didn’t start on so that you can also collect the datacrons there. Datacrons mean matrix shards, and matrix shards mean free relics so you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

  2. I discovered the magic of Heroic +2 quests with my companion on Hutta and now I’m annoyed that I didn’t do the same with my Republic characters.

    I can go back, right?

    Anyway, the point is that you can do those Heroic quests on your starting planet with your companion (apparently Aric… oh, Aric… since I plan on getting back on my Trooper this weekend I’ll be seeing him again soon) and do just fine.

  3. About heroic quests… I was on Ord Mantell, and I took a quest, not realizing it was a heroic, and I wandered into the quest area and got my ass handed to me. Thoroughly. After that moment, I have avoided the heroic quests, even though in retrospect, it might have been a heroic 4 quest.

    • There’s a Heroic 2 and a Heroic 2+ quest on Ord Mantell as far as I know. And yea, you will get your butt handed to ya. Until you’re around level 8-9 AND have a companion. Then it _should_ be soloable. Or at least was for me. Did them with a smuggler and trooper. You might die a few times on the huge pulls, or by aggroing an extra group (they are quite tightly packed on that little island). But the respawn point is just up the hill, and if you clear out enough you can take out one big group in maybe 2 attempts if they’re trouble.

      There’s also a Champion level monster sitting on the island that will definitely kick your butt without help.

      • I shall seek revenge on all of them when I inevitably return to Ord Mantell to Datacron hunt. Sigh. Not looking forward to that.

        • Datacron hunting on Ord Mantell is easy. And you’ll be going right in the midst of the Savrip area for one of them and be able to slaughter them all easily.

          I let 4X out to play on that island and he just ripped holes in those things. “For the REPUBLIC!!”

          I love 4X’s commentary. He’s like the happiest paladin ever.

          You’ll do fine when you go back. And I did something similar on Ord Mantell when I first created my Trooper but it was when the game had just started so the island was full and I just followed people around and did the heroic quest on my own… NOT REALIZING what I was doing at all. It was a total n00b mistake.

          But Kitae did get her Mantellian title for it.