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  1. I’m curious whether any more raids are coming after the next Chapter gets released. I’m sure Bioware is focusing on the next chapter more than anything else in SWTOR-land, but I assume that they’re going to come up with something. Of course, it also has to make sense within the story, so we’ll see after February 11th.

  2. There are no fights that your group cannot beat? You should pick one to be the “fight that you work on”.

    My group’s current target is HM Revan. We do the weekly HM, and start TOS on Day 1. Then we finish the next few bosses of TOS and go after Revan on Day 2. Then we spend the rest of the Day 2 wiping in Revan phase 1.

    By stating the target as a goal upfront, you avoid the question of “is it worth it”. Your goal is to beat the specific fight X. It doesn’t matter what the rewards are.

    • I’m with Rohan on this – overcoming a challenge is its own reward, though my guild is less fixated on one specific fight but instead enjoys that there is now a variety of goals to work on simultaneously. We haven’t fully cleared any of the NiMs since 4.0, so we can move our progression anywhere we feel like on that night.

      If you need more of a gear incentive, keep in mind that any nightmare mode you can already clear once the patch hits will be a benefit.

    • Oh, we can’t beat Revan, but that’s in the “too much of a pain in the ass, fuck it” category. We’re currently working on getting all of EC HM down. For when it IS the weekly.

  3. What my raid group does when that comes up is check if anyone needs a raid achievement, and if that fails we queue into warzones just to good off (none of us are serious PvPers).

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