Being Selfish And Lazy Because It Is “Just A Game” — 5 Comments

  1. Ooh, looking forward to the Ootinicast interview.

    I find this post a bit confusing. Why do you feel you have to grind out gear for your Operative? Are you planning on making her your new raiding toon? It’s just that, I don’t recall ever feeling like I had to grind out gear in this game, except maybe when I was brand new to endgame. My raiding main gets her gear from raiding and that’s pretty much enough – in fact I often end up with lots of spare comms to gear up my alts.

    • Yeah, I’m raiding with my operative now, so I did have to “catch up” for a while. What’s missing is the non-obvious difficult-to-obtain things, like enhancements without sucky itemization.

      I realize now that I didn’t mention any changes to main because it was in flux for a while and I wasn’t really raiding. For a while, I contemplated making my Sorc my main, but my op is MUCH better geared (due to some seriously lucky drops on only 1-2 raids) and getting my Sorc up to that level would require much work, since there’s no way I would be that lucky in drops twice. I’m enjoying the op, so it’s worked out well despite my waffling.

  2. Good. Had to be said, really.

    It’s okay to be lazy when that isn’t affecting others, but when you join a group, you pretty much make a commitment for the duration of the group.

  3. Yeah, I always just roll other alts, when it comes time to do the gear grind. I just can’t see a point to it. I get better and better gear so that I can do harder and more tedious things… to what end, again? I generally aim for basic-comm level gear on me and a companion or two, finish the stories, max companion affection and then they’re put on the shelf. I take them down for events, or if I just really, really feel like it, but I vastly prefer levelling a new alt so I just do that.

  4. It is, at the end of the day, just a game. Committing to ‘grinding’ by which I have always meant ‘doing repetitive content that you aren’t enjoying’ just contributes to MMO burnout. If it isn’t fun, don’t do it.

    Like others said, if you’re on a raid team then it behooves you to get your gear up to the point where you can do the content, but that bar is a lot lower than some people think.

    Your hobby should never feel like your work. Unless you love your work so much you’d do it for free.

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