The Savvy Crafter’s Guide To Saving Money — 4 Comments

  1. Are you still making decent money selling those oranges on the GTN? I’m making about half of what I was before the merge. Before the merge I could sell LVL 11 Orange Bracers for 25-30k. Now I’m lucky if they sell at 15k. I miss Canderous Ordo 🙁

    • No. Shit. My sales have gone WAY down since the merger. The ONLY good thing to come of it, crafting-wise, is that I’m almost done with schematics. Only missing 5 synthweaving and 2 armormech.

      • Good for you. I’ve not been searching as much anymore. Though I did restart my Synthweaver character. Played him pretty hard for 3 or 4 days and got him back up to lvl 26 already. Synthweaving is only at 200 so far though.

    • Implants are no better :/
      I really dont understand whats in these guys mind when they sell a purple level 41 Implant for Sentinels 10K. And they dont sell only 1-2, but like 5-6 at once… Im going crazy. You make more profit by killing trash mobs than this.

      The only good thing about the whole story is that the implants have so many different models per level that I will get to sell some with better prices.

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