Relearning To Walk: New Gaming Hardware — 12 Comments

  1. Have a look at my two articles on the subject. I now have a Logitech G13, after my G11/G15 stopped working. I am still undecided about the G13, since the row 3, then one with 5 keys is mostly unused. The lowest row is reachable with the thumb. The top two rows can be reached with the other four fingers, but row 3 creates cramps.

    Push to talk for me is usually the left ctrl key, which causes trouble if you use ctrl combos to much, which I don’t.

    And your naga scares the heck out of me. I have trouble using buttons 4+5 on your average Microsoft mouse. Don’t add more.

    • I found the G13 too big for my tiny hobbit hands, unfortunately. I tried it out at Fry’s.

      The naga takes a LOT to get used to. However, they now have a naga with 6 side buttons instead of 12. This is probably the one I would get if I were transitioning from a normal 5-button now. But having played with the naga for a year now, I can’t downsize from 12 keys, that ship has sailed.

  2. I rock a G15 keyboard and a DeathAdder mouse … I tried using a bulky, multi-button MMO mouse from Steel Series and it was an unmitigated disaster. Now I just keybind all my stuff and kick it sans crazy number pad thingie.

    • I love the G15. Since my desktop is down right now I can’t use it, so I’ve never seen it with SWTOR, but some of the random things that pop up on the LCD screen are really nice. When I used to play LOTRO a lot, my LCD screen always showed me my health, MP, mood (which is actually pretty important in LOTRO)and the exact part of the map I was on. That was always nice cause they aren’t always labeled so well on the in game map, but the LCD screen kept it up in real time. I’m like the least sophisticated gamer ever, I literally click everything and WASD move, so I send a lot of time looking at my action bars/lower half of the screen, and since the G15 LCD screen is right there, it means I could keep my eyes in one area to see all the info I needed and more.

  3. I keyboard turn too because while I am not as extremely right handed as you appear to be, my most important skills almost always go on the mouse and using those while trying to move with the mouse is difficult.

    I just recently got a Naga myself for my birthday and haven’t had much chance to try it out but I am excited!

    • My biggest advice about the naga is don’t put too many things on it at once, or create redundancies (so you can go back to the old system in a pinch). Also you might find that your fingers can reach some keys better than others, which will make your skills probably go in a different order (for example, I rest my thumb on 5 because it’s in the middle). It is too bad that we don’t have the ability (yet) to lay out our hotkeys in a GRID pattern, because that really helps to visualize that 1 is above 4, etc.

  4. Hey, I manage to mouse turn while using the mouse to select heal targets and casting on my naga! >> I used to mouse turn while mouseover healing too, back in the day. I make it work as follows: judicious use of autorun, much practice, occasional derps. But WASD is so far beyond foreign to me, it wasn’t worth learning, and I play soooo much better this way.

  5. First off, i have to say that reading your blog as well as Snark side, Screaming Monkey’s and others got me into SWTOR, so thank you.

    Second, I have the same problem as you do but for the opposite reason. I am extremely left handed (I have my mouse on the left of my keyboard) and end up keyboar moving using the arrow buttons on my keyboard (so have no idea what “strafing” even looks like lol) Seeing the Nostromo on your site was like a shaft of light shining down on me. I am running straight from work to a local electronics store to try it (and the Logitech G13 for my Gorilla sized mits) and actually have more than 5 buttons on my dominant hand to bind things to. I am so looking forward to seeing what I can do with keybinds now since I never used theem in WoW because I hate using the keyboard for anything with my right hand.

    • Woot, glad this helped you. The nostromo is meant to be used by the left hand (as you see)… but the G-whatever, as I understand it, is pretty symmetrical and mostly ambidextrous, except for the joystick is on the right side for the left thumb.

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