Straight from Musco:

Hey folks,

Over the next ten days, starting tomorrow, we are going to be offering a 50% off sale within the Appearance Designer! Here are the details:

Start: 11 AM CDT Friday, September 13th
End: 11 AM CDT Monday, September 23rd
The Sale: All Appearance Designer changes and Appearance options will be 50% off. Note that subscribers will get this discount in addition to their normal subscriber discount!


Um, GO GET IT!  Even if you don’t want to get a change now, you might want to pick up the unlocks that you think you might use later (I did).  If you’ve been hankerin for a species change, this is the week!

Please don’t turn yourself into Barbie.  There are enough of those.  Kthx.


Appearance Designer Sale! (There Go My Cartel Coins) — 2 Comments

  1. Figures after spending untold and probably crazy amounts of CC to tweak my army of alts but i could get the mirluka and chiss changes cause you never know lol. Also don’t judge i like my Barbie 😉

    Also the screen cap of your sith fight is positivly Bad Ass 🙂

    • You must mean the header – it rotates. Occasionally I drop images from the header just because I get MORE badasser ones – hopefully not too spoilery.