Guys, this stuff just got added in the latest patch.  Totally unexpected and awesome.  How I’m going to scrape together the credits and/or cartel coins, I have no idea, but I will find a way.

That way will probably involve dailies for the cash to buy things on the cash side.   I was going to use the 50% first-time-in-game-subscriber-cartel-coin-buyer-discount to buy a BIG PACK, and then use cartel coins on the unlocks that I could, but that was delayed.

Quick Travel Time Reduction.  With a 25 minute base, 3 ranks of reduction, each rank at 5 minutes, we’re looking at 10 minute quick travel.  This would save me a lot of time, especially in areas where the taxis don’t quite meet up with each other (such as North Belsavis).

This is my top pick and I got it last night.  Each rank can be bought with credits or cartel coins.  The amount of credits increases (100, 200, 300) by rank, but the amount of cartel coins remains the same (75 each rank).  I decided to do a combo and bought the first rank with 100k credits and the remaining 2 ranks with cartel (75×2=150cc).

Fleet Pass Time Reduction (to zero).  Lemme see if I have this right.  Subscribers have a 9 hour cooldown now.  There are 3 ranks of time reduction unlocks at 3 hours each.  So it’s a fleet pass available on no cooldown.   For whatever reason, this can only be purchased with credits and not cartel coins, so start running those dailies.

As the proud owner of an authenticator, I already have 1 hour cooldown fleet passes in my inventory, but zero still trumps one hour, especially when you don’t have the annoyance of remembering to buy new passes when you use them up.  And then get stranded somewhere with no pass.  Not that this has ever happened to me.

I will definitely be getting this perk but, since it’s not an emergency and I can live with the 1-hour passes for a little longer, I have time to make sure I’m financially stable before investing credits in this.  It is also embarrassing to run out of repair money mid-raid.  Not that this has happened to me either…

Guild Bank On Personal Starship.  I already have the rest of the starship junk on my ship, but I’ve always parked on the fleet specifically because of the guild bank.  Well no more.  So long, fleet losers, I’ll see your lag and load times in hell.

Given that I’m no longer GM of anything and no longer paw through the gbank on a daily basis, this one can wait a while until I manage to casually gather the cash or find myself rolling in cartel coins.

Did I miss anything?  What are you excited about for this patch?


New Must-Have Legacy Stuff — 3 Comments

  1. The cooldown reductions are awesome, and I snapped them up pretty much right away (bought all but the 3rd tier of QT reduction with credits.) Still debating about the on-ship guild bank–I don’t spend much time in my ship, though I do like having the mail, GTN, and regular bank terminals in there, so maybe I’ll relent next time I have a spare half-mil burning a hole in my pockets.

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