This Is Madness [Sparta Joke Here]

In my neverending quest to find a class that I like that is more useful in a raiding situation than being the second marauder (being the first marauder is fine, the second is overkill), I started up a sorcerer.  I […]

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Things I Am Psyched About

OK boys and girls, enough whining.  Let me share what I’m psyched about!

Character recustomization.  AAAAAA!!! Undignified squealing! I want this so bad you have no idea.  I just don’t even KNOW what I’d do first.  This is the […]

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In Space Nobody Can Hear You Swear

I’m just going to say this up front: I have no coordination and no ability to navigate.  I also get extremely motion sick whether something is actually moving or not (Imax, YUCK!).  It’s a fucking miracle that I drive my […]

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Why I’m Freaking The Eff Out About Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 looks beyond awesome.  However, in my little corner of the universe, I’m freaking out…

Augment Kits

Presuming everyone already has augmented weapon(s), chest, head, and legs, we will still need to augment 10 more pieces: boots, gloves, bracers, […]

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