Devs Explain Dude, Where Were My Comms?

We Get Answers About Our Comms

You may recall my unseemly reaction to the removal of BH comms from story mode EC bosses and chests without so much as a peep.  Well, a the devs put out a statement finally […]

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Dude, Where Are My Comms?

With 1.4, story mode EC gives no black hole comms from bosses or chests.  Same with Terror From Beyond Story Mode.  We probably would have known this sooner, or even been able to discern it from the patch notes, if […]

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I Am Underwhelmed By Support Of Community Building

Normally, I don’t do a “U SUCK (insert game development company here)” because it doesn’t do any good.  But things have been so thoroughly bungled in this launch that I have to say something or I’ll explode.

No, it’s […]

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