The Further Adventures of Little Jedi

Little Jedi is questing and I hear:

No, T7, I’m not mad at you but you can’t just run off like that.

Story of my life.  Then:

LJ: T7 gets along with everyone.  Except YOU.  Because you left that lady behind. [This was on Esseles.]

Me: He’s still mad about that?

LJ: T7 never forgets anything.

A droid with a grudge, fabulous.  A little later, she’s riding a taxi:

LJ: Where does T7 ride? I don’t see him.

Thehusband: He’s in the trunk.

LJ: What about Kira.

TH: Also the trunk.

Me: “T7 = awesome / Kira = trunk hog.”

LJ: You two, get along.

Sadly, I will not be hearing Little Jedi’s running commentary on her fabulous questing adventures with T7 since she got her stronghold.  I don’t expect her to emerge from it for at least a week, especially since she now has all my stronghold furniture kits and is buying all the things.

At least her room unlocks are constrained by her cartel coin subscriber allowance.  I’m definitely not buying her more cartel coins since she’s already spending them like candy.  I also don’t want her to know that it’s actually possible to buy more outside the subscriber allotment, or I’ll never hear the end of PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE.

Will provide pictures of said stronghold in the near future.

Imperial Edict P4N75

Immediate Notice and Compliance Demanded.

It has come to the Empire’s attention that dissident elements are attired in a manner that does not comport with public decency.  Instances include the following:

  • Failing to properly cover the leg area in inclement weather, resulting in a strain on the Imperial Health Service in treating those individuals for exposure.
  • Displaying inappropriate areas of the body, not mentioned here for reasons of public decency, but it rhymes with “thunderboob.”
  • Wearing garish and unattractive colors that blemish the appearance of the Imperial territory in which these individuals are present.

Remember: be vigilant. Report all violations, with holo-images, to the Imperial Bureau of Order, Decency, and Pastries.

For the Empire.

Love In Space

So I got back from a long visit to the grandparents a few days ago.  Just me and the kiddo.  While thehusband got uninterrupted alone-time at home.  You can guess which one of us got the better bargain on that one.

And thehusband, while I was gone, married Mako!  He claims that she just kind of entered it into the database.

Oh, I see how it is.

Little Jedi was very excited by this turn of events.  She insisted that thehusband take some time out of leveling to decorate the Dromund Kaas stronghold bedroom for Mako.

Little traitor.

Esseles For The Elementary Schooler

Now that we’re back in game, little jedi wants to play with us. She is 7 years old and full of Opinions. We got her a free account and have promised her a subscription once she gets her ship (you know, so we know she’s serious about it). She’s playing a jedi sentinel, and mom and dad are playing support as a tank and healer, respectively.

We got to the fleet and decided to do Esseles before heading down to Coruscant.  It was too much fun.

Grand Moff Kilran has been christened “Buttface” in the Hawtpants household.  All fear Buttface!

Little Jedi loves T7.  She loves how he zaps things, and she lives in fear of getting the -1 of Shame when she makes a dialogue choice he doesn’t like.  We’ve explained that she can just bribe her way up with presents, but she still can’t handle his disapproval.

With the 3 of us playing, the sole companion slot went to T7, of course.  After every elevator ride (which still despawns companions, sigh), she dutifully resummoned him and we were on our way.  At one point, mom, dad, and T7 died in a most embarrassing manner, but Little Jedi managed to finish off the last little sliver of health and saved the day.  We explained how she could rez us.  She rezed me, summoned T7, and announced cheerfully that we were ready to go.  Um… dad’s still dead.  LAWL.

I am also apparently the meanest family member.  Not necessarily dark side, but making all the snide comments.  I think Little Jedi is afraid that I will somehow offend T7.

Until we meet again, Buttface… until we meet again.

Kicking Ass and Taking Measurements

So, two days ago, I secretly resubbed and started making ye olde blog pretty again before the “grand” reopening. Unbeknownst to me, but knownst to Exile who told me about it, Massively OP linked my year-dormant blog while my construction banner was up (woe).  Considering that this is the only time the site has been down for the last year, it is, haha, just my luck.

Right now I’m just flailing around in-game and catching up on all the cool things I missed.  Outfit slots (bought 2), strongholds, new hairdos.  I got my legacy bank last night and bought all 5 tabs.  It is now completely full.  I’m not even joking.

The GTN prices have inflated and I have no cash.  I’d probably have more if I hadn’t spent so much ripping mods before the outfit designer (double woe).

And then the hardest part: choosing a healing main.  I’m leaning toward sorc, but my sorc is so… bald.


I have been out of it for so long that I can’t really make heads or tails out of the guides and patch notes to determine what healing with each class “feels” like.

OK, enough blathering, I have limited time to send out my idiots and make some more kits for useful items in my stronghold.  Decorating is way later.  You know, when I have (haha) money.

Glad to be back, this community is awesome.  See you on the runway.

Last Hall Of Shame For A While

As a surprise to nobody, I’m playing Wildstar pretty exclusively right now.  I reserve the right to come back to SWTOR and I reserve the right to not.  In any case, there are still some reader-submitted fashion horrors that I need to post.  Then hasta la vista (for now).

Oh, if you are playing Wildstar, my wildstar blog is called Pat The Chua.







Do I have your attention?  Good.  Click through for the rest (so the front page of the blog doesn’t explode with images.

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New Hall Of Shame Entries In Which Readers Only Do Half The Work

Just as I thought I had seen everything, we have some new entries.  There are SO many this time, so let’s get to it!

Note: I do the editing, cropping, and uploading in batches or it takes a ridiculously long time.  If you sent pictures in the last week or so, it’s likely that was after this batch was done and edited and uploaded, and your images will be in the next batch.  You’ll have to wait for your monstrosities to see the light of day.

First, though, I want to start with AWESOME and then work our way down to suck.

Best Name Ever

Best Name Ever

Take THAT, John Travolta.

Take THAT, John Travolta.

Yeah, not that much awesome seen nowadays.  We’re already down to the fail section.

I’m switching things up a little – usually I put names last, but they’re kind of my favorite part…








crazies_you_meet_on_czerka cookie_monster


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The Same Old Gamer Biases, Next Generation, Part 2

When we last spoke, Little Jedi was having an issue at day camp where a snot-nosed little boy announced that girls can’t play video games.

Yesterday, I picked her up at camp, and before leaving, she said goodbye to and hugged a little boy.  They seemed like BFF.

Me: Who’s your new friend?

LJ: Oh that’s Bob.

Me: I guess he believes that you play video games.

LJ: Oh yeah, he told me about an enderman plushie at Target and I have a creeper plushie…

Me: Yay, see? He learned his lesson about girls and video games.

LJ: Yep he did.  But Fred says that girls can’t play video games.

Me: Welcome to my world.

It’s a semi-happy ending.  She made a new friend and they are geeking out together, but it’s exhausting to think about her having to do that whole conversion process with every boy-child she meets.  Been there, done that.

And try explaining to a 6-year-old whose mom and dad are equal in every way that some people irrationally believe that women can’t do XYZ.  The phrases “Because they’re idiots” or “Because their parents are idiots” were used frequently.

Patch 2.8 Notes According To Me

Wall of Text notes are up.

And here’s what they’re doing to sentinel/marauder watchman/annihilation:

  • Annihilate now deals more damage and costs 4 Rage.
  • Vicious Throw and Annihilate now have a 25/50/75 percent chance and Vicious Slash now have a 15/30/45 percent chance to trigger Pulverize, which finishes the active cooldown of Rupture.
  • Indefatigable Onslaught now also makes the Damager Over Time effects from Rupture and Deadly Saber uncleansable.
  • Hemorrhage now increases the damage dealt by burning effects by 7/14/21 percent (up from 2/4/6 percent).

Clearly slight buffs.  They seem to have backed off the original plan to remove RNG entirely from watchman/annihilation, which is fine, and instead upped the rage of RNG procs.  It’s not a terribad RNG.

 Deadly Saber now requires Juyo Form to be active.

Translation: bye dotsmash spec.

Next, changes to operations via the group finder:

  • Players who are defeated in an Operation now have the option to spawn inside of the instance when all other players in the group are out of combat.
  • Players accessing Operations through Group Finder will now be Bolstered to an appropriate gear rating while inside the Operation. This Bolster effect will also provide increased incoming healing and increased shield chance and shield absorb.
  • Operations in Group Finder will now group players for the 16-Player Story Mode version of the Operation.
  • The Operation category of the Group Finder now rotates through a different available Operation every 2 or 3 days. The currently available Operation, the time remaining and the next available Operation can be accessed through the Group Finder panel.
  • Dread Fortress and Dread Palace have been added to the Operation rotation.
  • Rewards for completing content via the Group Finder have been improved!
    • Operations:
      • Upgraded to 30 Ultimate Commendations at Level 55.
      • Upgraded to 25 Elite Commendations between Levels 50-54.

Now we’re cookin!  Easier to put together a group, less chance of wiping because some idiot is wearing inappropriate gear, better rewards, and rezzing inside the instance saves time after a wipe (and makes it slightly less likely that the group will just disband in frustration).

Double XP Week (not weekend)

Progress faster with a Double XP Week! Get twice the experience from July 1st 07:00 GMT to July 8th 07:00 GMT.

You mean they’re actually recognizing that people have lives and can’t necessarily spend 3 days glued to a screen?  Shocked.

The Gray Secant has returned from its travels! Participate in the Relics of the Gree event from July 22nd 12:00 GMT to July 29th 12:00 GMT.

Let me get this straight… The gree haven’t been back since… forever.  And they’ve recently added off hand legacy items, so there’s even more incentive to do the Gree stuff.  But they’re planning the event for one week only… in July.  Because nobody will possibly be on vacation during a week in July!  Would two weeks kill you people?

Now, you say, Double XP is also for only a week in July – and on a long weekend when people are most likely out of town BBQing.  This is true, but we’ve had… 3? or so double XP weekends since the last time we saw the Gree.  So it’s not exactly rare anymore.  Plus, the Gree rewards are far more desirable than power leveling your 4th alt quickly, in my opinion.

Other than that, there’s a dress I want in the next pack.  Must save up.

What do you think of Patch 2.8?

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