Punishing Skadge (And Everyone Else)

As you recall, I hate Quinn and I took out my anger on him by punishing him with a miniskirt, applying horrible dye to that miniskirt, putting him in a mankini, and then finally putting a rakghoul customization on him.

I hate Skadge too.  Possibly as much as I hate Quinn.  So I punished him with fashion.  Unfortunately, that punishes everyone else because, seriously, ew.

My husband says "He looks like mashed potatoes and you want to put him in hawtpants?"

My husband says “He looks like mashed potatoes and you want to put him in hawtpants?”

What has been seen can never be unseen.  You're welcome.

What has been seen can never be unseen. You’re welcome.

Now With More Shame

The Hall of Shame has become super-large and unwieldy, and I’ll be revamping it in the next week or so.  Until then, I don’t want to deprive you of the latest and not-greatest.

First, let’s start with the horrific shirt that I thought would never make it off the PTS.  Man, I was wrong about that.  The dramatic exhibitionist  – I mean extrovert – shirt.


I am aware that I have complained in the past that bioware should make clothing items that show some skin but not all the skin.  However, this piece of crap looks like a two-year-old took a scissors to the Thana outfit.  This thing makes no damn sense.  If you’re wearing armor, the whole point of armor is to cover your organs.  And how the hell are those boobs staying up?  The force?  This gets an F-minus from me, and if I catch any of my guildies wearing it, they are getting a serious talking-to.

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Quinn Feels Pretty (But I Feel Prettier)

I spent way too much money getting the entire Jori Daragon set because I want Quinn to SUFFER wearing man-panties.  (With the entire set, I can add to collections and punish all my companions similarly.)

Is there a draft in here?

Is there a draft in here?

I wanted to get a rakghoul customization kit for Quinn to complete the look, but I got bored with the rakghoul dailies after one round.  I’m lame, I know, but seriously – they are boring.  I think I’ll get him an ugly hat and call it a day.

And, while I was at it, I made an awesome outfit for myself.  (Although I don’t yet have the funds to augment it and move my mods, that will happen.)



I know the lighting sucks on the fleet, but I’m busy – I can’t go frolicking on Tattoine every time I need a screenie.  For those of you following along at home, this outfit is:

  • Jori Daragon chest, bracers, belt
  • Social Nar Shaddaa dancer shoes and gloves (social set)
  • Bastila Shan pants, dyed white/orange

Nothing is color matched to chest.  The primary color on the jori outfit is actually the yellow/brown of the belt, making it awkward to match pants because match-to-chest turns the pants poop brown.  I dyed the pants white/orange.  Since these pants only use primary color, I could use white/whatever but I can craft white/orange.  White/red from the security key vendor would have been my choice if I didn’t happen to have the mats for the white/orange.

This Is Madness [Sparta Joke Here]

In my neverending quest to find a class that I like that is more useful in a raiding situation than being the second marauder (being the first marauder is fine, the second is overkill), I started up a sorcerer.  I already have a jedi sage about which I feel meh – but I never specced the shared tree.  Guys, madness, seriously, madness. SERIOUSLY.

So you are thinking “dots are booooring.”  Sort of yeah.  But here’s the skill that is the awesomest, and it’s appropriately called Madness.  Channeled force lightning no longer has a cooldown.  Spam spam spam! That awesome ZZZZZZT line from your fingertips – that’s your FILLER ability.  For sages, that’s just an extra hail of pebbles, snore.  But for Sorcerers, it’s All Palpatine All The Time!

Here's one of my new rotating banners on the site - the baldy rattatouille sorc lightning all the things.  I swear, they have the best cut scenes.

Here’s one of my new rotating banners on the site – the baldy rattatouille sorc lightning all the things.

My sorc is, of course, evil (after I made my assassin goody-goody).  The story is very different this way.  I also couldn’t resist shocking Andronikos when he was yapping about something-or-other.  He found the experience objectionable, the whiner.

Butts are being kicked, names are being taken, and all of Alderaan trembles at my purple sparkles of lightning!

Dialogue Option 4

Last night, not for the first time, I wished there were another dialogue option, as the three given me were far from what I wanted to say.

Let me set the scene (vague enough to avoid spoilers): I go to rescue this dude, and he’s an insufferable asshole.  I say something like “I’m here to rescue you.” And he replies along the lines of “You’re a filthy alien blech barf oh ew, the horror, blah blah.”

At this point, I’m in no mood to rescue his sorry ass.  I’m kind of in the mood to do the opposite.  So when the option (finally) came up to kill him, I didn’t hesitate to pwn his FACE.

I head back to the quest giver who is seriously pissed off.  “You killed him! Why?”

At this point I get 3 options, none of which were along the lines of “He was a total asshole,” “He needed to learn manners,” or anything of that sort.  Clearly, the encounter is supposed to goad you into killing the jerkface (and it worked) but the option to give that as a response is not there.

A similar thing occurred in another storyline, and irked me even more.  There’s a mystery concerning a companion – the answer to which is so painfully obvious to even the most dense observer.  Yet, when asked about what is going on, your possible responses do not contain a Sherlock Holmes exposition of the situation.  Rather, they are along the lines of: “I don’t know,” “I don’t care,” and “Don’t let it get to you.”  That is so incredibly frustrating to have you, the player, in the know but be unable to get your toon to express your knowledge of the situation because your toon is, apparently, incurably stupid.

Obviously BW can’t make infinite dialogue options for every thought a gamer might have.  However, in some places, the obvious choice isn’t there, and that can be really annoying.

BSOCK Statistics

Inspired by Mistress of Mordor’s Flirt Statistics, I started my own spreadsheet on the BSOCK1 possibilities with companions only.  Keep it small, right?

Now, ignoring the unfairness of SGR not being added in for companions (but I get the logistical reason why), let’s look at the Romance and BSOCK opportunities for these companions.  Now, warning, if you are not through the story, I guess some of this could be spoilery.  So, if you just do not WANT to know whether you will hook up with that hot pirate, I’m putting the rest behind a cut.


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  1. For those of you just joining us, BSOCK means the Black Screen Of Carnal Knowledge

The Last Dye Recipe: GSI Reputation

As you are well aware, I made it my personal goal to get all the dye recipes in the game.  So I did dailies after dailies, week after week, in quite unpleasant areas, and did it!  Or so I thought.

Somehow, it escaped my notice that there is a dye recipe available at the GSI rep vendor (gray/red, the opposite of Makeb’s red/gray).  And you need legend rep for it.  Ugh.  I am, by the way, at rep ZERO because I had never bothered to do these quests when Makeb launched since I was too busy focusing on raiding.

But hey, I survived Voss (yuck) and legend with Section X (double yuck) for the sake of fashion, so how bad could this be?

So bad. So very bad. Mind-numbing, soul-crushing tedium that made me want to quit after the first mission and unplug my PC after the second.  I finished 4, and I suspect I will never do another.

Those stupid ground probes take FOREVER to find anything, and then it’s an inch-by-inch repositioning to get it right, finally.

So painful.

So painful.

The binoculars are just as lame – usually requiring more travel and standing at the very edge of ledges that a person has no business standing on.  It goes without saying that I died to the gravity boss (more than once).

Sing it Darth Meatloaf one more time: I will do anything for fashion, but I won’t do that.

Life Day Screenshot Contest

Traitine at Constant Warfare and I have conspired to give you a screenshot/fashion contest (with rewards) for the holidays.  Although, honestly, he’s doing most of the heavy lifting.  Just the way I like it!  Details:

In honor of the Life Day event in SWTOR,HawtPantsRepublic.com and ConstantWarfare.com are hosting a holiday giveaway!  We want to see the best holiday themed fashion (and surroundings) the galaxy has to offer.

Prizes For Two Categories

There will be two prizes for the best holiday themed screenshot category:

  1. Best of show – 320 CC Cartel Pack available on the Cartel Market, and a dye pack.
  2. Runner up – 160 CC Cartel Pack  available on the Cartel Market, and a dye pack.

There will also be a Worst of Show category.  These must still be holiday themed (IE holiday colors, etc).  You must request to be eligible for this category.  The prizes are as follows:

How to Enter

To enter, put a link to your screenshot in the comments [on the contest post], or email your screenshot.  Also add your server name, character name, and what Cartel Pack you’d like if you win.  We’ll try to accommodate your choice, if possible.  Bonus points for not having your UI in the way (unless of course it contributes to the shot somehow).  Submissions close at midnight PST on December 25th.  Judging will take place on the 26th, and a winner will be announced on the 27th.  Allow up to two additional days for prize delivery.

Blah, Blah, Rules Stuff

This contest is available to US servers only – Sorry to everyone else.  We just don’t have the means to deliver prizes to other server regions.  You can still participate if you like.  Screenshots must not be altered, and the winner(s) give permission for their screenshots to be posted on HawtPantsRepublic.com and ConstantWarfare.com, with credit given to the owner of course.

Good luck, and happy holidays!

So head on over there and give us your best (or worst, oh please oh please, I totally want to see worst).

Healing Again

I got my healing operative to level 55 a little while ago, and I’ve been practicing healing by running a few instances.  And when I say instances, I mean “pugs” because the stars rarely align where guildies are available at the weird hours that I can snatch for non-raiding playtime.

Remember, folks, I’d been playing a healer pretty much exclusively before SWTOR, and it’s like riding a bike, right?  But I forgot just how damn annoying that bike is.  I am a really grouchy healer!

The tank goes first, period. Any DPS who charges in front of the tank should be vote kicked immediately.  DPS are a dime a dozen, and I am not amused by having to expend any effort on saving them from their own fail.  Wait in another 30 minute queue if you can’t play nicely with others.  Morons.

Avoid the avoidable damage.  DUH.  Just because I can heal through it doesn’t mean I want to.  I don’t.  Learn to interrupt.  See that shit on the floor? Don’t stand in it.  Oh, the boss is targeted on you?  Hit your aggro dump.

If you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, ask.  You know, I understand that people are jerks, and it’s really hard to get up the nerve to say “hey, I don’t know this instance very well.”  But, at the same time, if you just fake your way through it, and that makes my life harder, I become ill-tempered.  If you don’t know kill order, and you pull aggro and get your ass killed, I’m leaving you dead.

Having played a healer in the past, I’m pretty conscientious about avoiding these pitfalls when I’m playing as DPS, but I’m resolved to try even harder, because this shit is annoying.

Holiday Raiding

I mean ops. Totally ops.

Holidays are upon us, and we’re in that weird Zone between Thanksgiving and Xmas when people are shopping, cooking, and generally have obligations (myself included).  As such, raiding has been spotty, and we often find ourselves trying to cobble together a group that isn’t ideal.

But, you say, how is this your problem, Njessi?  The answer is that I’m a fucking idiot masochist and accepted an officer position in my guild, despite my best intentions to live as a carefree peon.  Now, suddenly, I’m worrying about shit like rostering and class balance even though I’m not the one who leads or rosters the raids.  I’m clearly insane.

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up my operative healer to heal things in the face.  I’m flailing around for something useful to do with an alt, since I’m still frustrated with marauder being not particularly useful in raiding, outside the blatant face-smashing context.  No other class has clicked quite the way marauder has for me, but I’m still doggedly trying to find a good fit for a respectably useful alt.

And that’s what is happening right now. Not terribly eventful.

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