Unintended And Unforeseen Consequences

This is my second time playing through the Imperial Agent story.  The first time, I went goody-goody. This time I’m pretty ruthless in getting the job done.  Collateral damage, whatever.

Usually you know the consequences of your actions.  The NPC’s make that very clear when you are making your choices.  If you don’t directly kill someone, you are well aware if your decision will nonetheless cause their death.

Then I got to Balmorra and my world got turned upside down.

***SPOILERS BELOW**** (Imperial agent storyline, Balmorra)

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Site Redesign

Way back when I started this blog in 2011, people generally browsed on a giant desktop or a teeny phone.  Some people had tablets, but not all that many.  So this website, as was the case for most websites at the time, had 2 vastly different themes: the super-flashy desktop version and the spartan phone version.

But times have changed.  In the last few years, my family has gone from a zero-tablet family to a 2-tablet family, one of which is a mini.  My dad got this weird giant phone that is bigger than a standard iphone, but smaller than a mini-tablet.

In short, people are browsing on all different types of devices of all sorts of weird sizes.  This website redesign is not meant to change the look and feel of the site (because it looks very close to how it looked before) but is meant to adapt to all these different device widths and capabilities.

If something isn’t working, let me know (or just comment).

Dear Tanks

I’ve been running some flashpoints as my operative healer lately, and there is something that tanks do that drives me up the WALL.

First, the problem tank is constantly running to the next pull super-far ahead of the rest of the group and doesn’t wait for anyone to catch up.  OK, fine, whatever, jerk.

But Then He Leaps. And guess what? Now he’s out of range.  Greaaaat.  All the mobs are focused on the tank, and all he has to help him is a stack of pre-hots.


Now, I have to get in range of Sir Idiot, and FAST, which forces me to ROLL.  Possibly twice.  And you know what that means… yep 50% of my resource bar is gone.

As soon as I catch up, I’m spamming my biggest and most expensive heals to catch up on the healing I missed by being out of range, which depletes the rest of my resource bar, since I’m already at slow regen levels from the aforementioned rolling.  Then I’m forced to pop Adrenaline Probe to give me back my energy.  Which works, unless The Idiot has done the exact same thing on the previous pull and my probe is still on cooldown.

In conclusion, tanks, do not leap until your group has caught up.  This should be tanking 101 but it apparently is NOT.

Assorted Bugs

Whilst doing my powertech’s class story, I noticed that Gault had a very shiny gun.


I have no idea what “Missing Granny” means in tech-speak, but I find it hilarious.

In completely unrelated news, I logged in the other night to find myself looking like this.


A shock collar?  What the hell?  Had I been captured for bounty hunter week?  It was a debuff without duration, so in theory it could have lasted forever (but a relog cleared it).  From googling, it turns out that if you’re on the Imp-side Corellia quest to collar some Selonians, you can use said collar to collar non-Selonians.  Oh ha ha…. (I am totally doing that with my next toon that gets to Corellia).

Patch 2.7 According To Me

Hello there!  Yesterday, bioware posted some projected changes in 2.7, and I’m going to mention the ones that are interesting to me.  Because, ya know, my opinion is important.

With a few exceptions, these are PvP nerfs that have less effect on PvE play.  Sage and Sorcerer DPS gets some serious quality of life changes that prevent squinting at buff bars all the time.

On to the changes!


The RNG is essentially being taken out of both DPS specs.  Instead, there will be stacking buffs that happen predictably when you cast specific abilities, and you’ll be able to plan your rotation around casting X twice and then casting Y with 2 stacks of X.

This makes me rejoice – and also put my sith sorc on the shelf until 2.7 rolls around.  No point in suffering with watching for stupid procs when I can just level something else while I wait.


In an effort to balance out pvp, they’re taking out spammable roll-forward and creating a cooldown, but making the roll energy-free.  You will get 2 rolls in a row before it goes on cd.  In my mind, this is a PvE buff.  It allows you to get out of the bad without worrying about dipping too low in energy and screwing over your regen for future healing.  It’s on par with force speed and that roll that those cheater gunslingers/snipers get.

Defense screen/Shield probe is buffed (slightly) for all, including those cheater gunslingers/snipers.  You can use it more often, but its duration is decreased. Absorption is also increased.

However, there is a nerf.  You know how you can use your insta-heal on a target below 30% and get your upper hand/tactical advantage refunded?  SPAM SPAM SPAM until they’re above 30% right?  Well that’s OVER. 6 second lockout after the first.  You can keep spamming your insta heal but you won’t get your UH/TA stacks refunded.

Sentinel/Marauder (and Guardian/Juggernaut)

This is almost a completely PvP change.  You now need a target for your aoe stompy.  There are some nerfs to secondary (non primary targets) in PvP, but the PvE damage is still the same.  The only annoying thing is finding a target that won’t be dead (usually in trash packs they have an unfortunate habit of croaking at inconvenient times).  So it’s a PvE annoyance, but not a nerf per se.

And I don’t care about the rest because it doesn’t affect me.  You PvPers might want to take a closer look, however.

Newest Batch Of Hall Of Shame Inductees

When the weather is bad, and work is delayed, I have time to go through my screenshot folder and bring you the latest horrors from around town.  Lucky you!  These are all posted to the main fashion hall of shame page.

I still can't figure out what those weird flaps on the front are supposed to be.

I still can’t figure out what those weird flaps on the front are supposed to be.

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The Revenge Of The Underboob

Last night, one of my guildmates was wearing the underboob on his female tank.  You know, underboob.

This is not his toon - just an example of the UNDERBOOB.

This is not his toon – just an example of the UNDERBOOB.

During the raid, I was a total jackass cracking jokes about it.  After the raid, I informed my husband that this had occurred.

Husband: Oh, was he a Juggsernaut?

Me: (giggle) No, an assassin.

Husband: That’s the tank with the knockerback, right?

Me: (giggle)

Husband: … did he use his areola taunt?

This is why I married him, folks.

Punishing Skadge (And Everyone Else)

As you recall, I hate Quinn and I took out my anger on him by punishing him with a miniskirt, applying horrible dye to that miniskirt, putting him in a mankini, and then finally putting a rakghoul customization on him.

I hate Skadge too.  Possibly as much as I hate Quinn.  So I punished him with fashion.  Unfortunately, that punishes everyone else because, seriously, ew.

My husband says "He looks like mashed potatoes and you want to put him in hawtpants?"

My husband says “He looks like mashed potatoes and you want to put him in hawtpants?”

What has been seen can never be unseen.  You're welcome.

What has been seen can never be unseen. You’re welcome.

Now With More Shame

The Hall of Shame has become super-large and unwieldy, and I’ll be revamping it in the next week or so.  Until then, I don’t want to deprive you of the latest and not-greatest.

First, let’s start with the horrific shirt that I thought would never make it off the PTS.  Man, I was wrong about that.  The dramatic exhibitionist  – I mean extrovert – shirt.


I am aware that I have complained in the past that bioware should make clothing items that show some skin but not all the skin.  However, this piece of crap looks like a two-year-old took a scissors to the Thana outfit.  This thing makes no damn sense.  If you’re wearing armor, the whole point of armor is to cover your organs.  And how the hell are those boobs staying up?  The force?  This gets an F-minus from me, and if I catch any of my guildies wearing it, they are getting a serious talking-to.

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