Sith Always Kiss And Tell

OK… so… remember how I said that I was totally romancing Lana on my next trip through Shadow of Revan after that disaster with Theron?  Welp I am and I did.

Because Fraps magically turned itself off at crucial moments, you will have to make do with my proxy Lana “screenie.”


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Credits Or Lack Thereof

Awesome clothing or well-decorated house?  I’m having to make some difficult choices on how to spend my limited credits.  Specifically awesome clothing for me or housing items and unlocks for Little Jedi.

Somehow Little Jedi swindled us out of at least 400k with her unlocks.  I’m not even putting a value on the buttloads of kits I made her, but it’s a lot.  Yet, in order to preserve family harmony, over the next month we are going to somehow scrape up 1 million credits for the stupid balcony unlock, or I’ll just buy a bunch of cartel coins, swearing the whole time.  And I know what will happen if I buy the cartel coins.  She’ll unlock the balcony… and then buy some other frivolous stuff, possibly even by accident, and then have no cartel coins… again.  And I’m out $20.

Speaking of cartel coins…

Me: [logging in with authenticator]

LJ: Ugh, you have to type in that number EVERY TIME you log in, it’s a pain in the butt.

Me: I know.  But now that you have more stuff, we need to get you an authenticator too so nobody hacks your account and gets all your stuff.

LJ:  Noooo it’s such a pain!

Me: You get an extra 100 cartel coins a month.


I must confess, though, I would have the 1 million credits already, had I not spent almost every liquid credit on an outfit.1  I’ve been stalking the GTN for a while on this outfit that normally sells for 10-15 mil.  Saturday morning I saw one for 2 mil.  I know I can get that much money together, and possibly before the damn thing sells!  With a short-term loan from Exile2, we snapped up the box.  I then logged in every toon I had, pooled my cash, and paid her back.3

So look at my badass self.4


Between the frivolous expenditures (above) and the painful amounts I’m spending ripping mods and augmenting stuff in my quest for raiding,5 it is no surprise that I never have any money.

  1. I do have a decent amount of capital in crafting supplies, but they would take a while to turn into credits
  2. Of Tor-Fashion fame.
  3. She said I didn’t have to, but my plan was to pay her back and if I didn’t do it right then, my money would be forfeit to the little beastie at some point and I’d never have enough.
  4.  Not the best screenshot because my fraps is misbehaving and making things blurry.  No idea why, but needs to be addressed before I post my new awesomeness to my Tor-Fashion Page.
  5. The TL;DR version is that I didn’t fail at raiding this weekend.  More later if anyone cares.

Romancing the Shan

The first time through Shadow of Revan, I was srs bzns and ignored all the flirt options.

No time for love, Dr. Jones.

No time for love, Dr. Jones.

The second time, I’m a little bored.  So I decide to flirt with Theron.  (The plan is for the next toon I level to flirt with Lana.)  Anyhoo, here’s what happened.

Required Spoiler Warning! Even though, seriously, this is old news.

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The Return of the Revenge of the Hall of Shame

And we’re back.  I’ve seen these fine specimens on the fleet…


One might say “historically stinky.”

The dye is bad. The name is bad. The hair is bad. So much bad.

The name is bad. The hair is bad. So much bad.

Pepto Togruta.

Pepto Togruta.

I guess it's a theme...

I guess it’s a theme…

It buuuurns

It buuuurns

Why must people drag their companions into their fail?

Why must people drag their companions into their fail?

If you want to send in bad fashion, here’s how.  Also, if you already sent in fashion, I will be posting your bad fashion!  I just want to group all the reader submissions together.

Quinn’s Role In Shadow Of Revan

“Kill Quinn.  Stuff him in the toilet.”

— Little Jedi

From the mouths of babes, right?

I’m starting shadow of Revan and, to be honest, I had pretty much forgotten how I punished Quinn with bad fashion…

Required Spoiler Tag Here.  If you haven’t started Revan with your warrior and want it to be a surprise…

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Little Jedi Deals With Little Idiots

As you may recall, Little Jedi was quite upset when some nasty little boy told her that girls can’t play video games.  A year has passed and times have changed.

LJ: [Nasty Boy Child] says that girls can’t play video games.

Me: What did you tell him?

LJ: I told him: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Me: And then he said?

LJ: Nothing.

Way to shut that idiot down!  Parenting win.

Little Jedi Goes to Kuat Drive Yards

Continuing the trend of “The family that plays SWTOR together pwns the everlovin’ crap out of everything together”, we went to Kuat Drive Yards.

You might say that we’re teaching our kiddo from the ground up.  Right now, we’re not giving a crap whether she knows  which abilities pack the biggest wallop.  She might as well faceroll her abilities.  We’re focusing on those basic gaming skills, habits that she will carry with her between characters and games:

  • Following the leader (seriously, getting lost is one of my things)
  • Movement, positioning, and mouse turning (so… proud)
  • Keybinding (I haven’t even mentioned to her that it’s possible to click those icons…)
  • Getting out of the bad (new lesson in KDY!)


That last one, getting out of the bad… well many adults fail at that.  So I was delighted last night when she took our advice to heart in KDY.  Every time there was a red circle, she would run off and holler “RED CRAP ON THE GROUND! RED CRAP ON THE GROUND!”1

When we finished, she was surprised that it was already past her bedtime.  We had spent almost an hour in KDY.  She said “It goes so fast! It only felt like 15 minutes!” Welcome to the MMO time-warp, kiddo.

  1. OK, that’s a parenting fail there, I probably should not be telling her to avoid “crap”, swearing FTL.

The Further Adventures of Little Jedi

Little Jedi is questing and I hear:

No, T7, I’m not mad at you but you can’t just run off like that.

Story of my life.  Then:

LJ: T7 gets along with everyone.  Except YOU.  Because you left that lady behind. [This was on Esseles.]

Me: He’s still mad about that?

LJ: T7 never forgets anything.

A droid with a grudge, fabulous.  A little later, she’s riding a taxi:

LJ: Where does T7 ride? I don’t see him.

Thehusband: He’s in the trunk.

LJ: What about Kira.

TH: Also the trunk.

Me: “T7 = awesome / Kira = trunk hog.”

LJ: You two, get along.

Sadly, I will not be hearing Little Jedi’s running commentary on her fabulous questing adventures with T7 since she got her stronghold.  I don’t expect her to emerge from it for at least a week, especially since she now has all my stronghold furniture kits and is buying all the things.

At least her room unlocks are constrained by her cartel coin subscriber allowance.  I’m definitely not buying her more cartel coins since she’s already spending them like candy.  I also don’t want her to know that it’s actually possible to buy more outside the subscriber allotment, or I’ll never hear the end of PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE.

Will provide pictures of said stronghold in the near future.

Imperial Edict P4N75

Immediate Notice and Compliance Demanded.

It has come to the Empire’s attention that dissident elements are attired in a manner that does not comport with public decency.  Instances include the following:

  • Failing to properly cover the leg area in inclement weather, resulting in a strain on the Imperial Health Service in treating those individuals for exposure.
  • Displaying inappropriate areas of the body, not mentioned here for reasons of public decency, but it rhymes with “thunderboob.”
  • Wearing garish and unattractive colors that blemish the appearance of the Imperial territory in which these individuals are present.

Remember: be vigilant. Report all violations, with holo-images, to the Imperial Bureau of Order, Decency, and Pastries.

For the Empire.