Suck It, Rep!

After doing the Section X dailies more times than I care to count, the Voss dailies a few times, and the rest of the dailies in the regular course of making money, I have all the dye kit recipes.  I have champion with Voss, Oricon, and Czerka and Legend with Section X and Makeb (I needed legend with Makeb for other assorted recipes).

I never want to see Section X again, ever ever.  Here is why I hate Section X:

  • For the weekly, you must complete a 4-person quest where you need exactly 4 warm bodies to complete it.  This is a hassle.  There should be some wiggle room – 3 warm bodies should be sufficient, and that allows a companion to take up the slack of a missing role.
  • There is digging through creature poo.  Well, what else do you think “waste” is?  Digging through feces is one of those things I hated in WoW.  It’s not funny, dammit.
  • X is not a roman numeral in this context.  It’s “Section Ex” and not “Section Ten.”  That’s stupid.  Operator IX is “Operator Nine.”  It is confusing and I do not care for it!

Time for Bounty Hunter week.  The rep grind is never done.

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    Able To Enable In-Game CC Purchasing

    So a few days ago I was bitching and moaning about being unable to enable in-game cc purchasing (to get my discount).  I’m happy to report that today’s patch cleared up the problem for me!  Some people are still having issues (according to the threads in the CS forums) and I hope they’re able to access their discount at some point.

    As a side note, while I’m glad it’s fixed, customer service should ALWAYS have a contingency plan for if things don’t go right for 100% of the people.  With EVERY system, someone always falls through the cracks, no matter how bug-free the thing is.  Shit happens, and CS needs to be able to deal with it.  I don’t blame the CS personnel because they’re only doing their jobs.  I blame management for not giving them the tools to actually assist people with these problems when they inevitably come up.

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      Subscriber In-Game Cartel Coin Purchase Discount: A Known Issue And Customer Service Fail

      Note: Patch 2.4.3 seems to have resolved this issue for me, but not for everyone affected, according to the CS forum.

      So, I bit the bullet and purchased 450 cartel coins with my credit card on the website in order to access my in-game discount.  After the transaction was complete, I went to enable the in-game option, only to have the popup that I must buy cartel coins with my credit card in order to do that.  I had a receipt and the cartel coins were on my ledger page, so obviously the purchase went through.  I tried refreshing, logging out and back in, closing and reopening my browser.  Nope, no luck.

      I called customer service and I am beyond livid.  Apparently this is a “known issue.”  Now, customer service surely doesn’t think “it’s a known issue, we’ll fix it later, go away” suffices for an answer when there’s real money on the line.  Oh, apparently it does.

      • Customer service was not able to manually enable my in-game cartel coin purchasing ability.  You’d think that would be an option, with me on the phone able to give consent and security question answers.
      • Customer service was not able to give me the discount to simply purchase the cartel coins out of game.  Again, it should have been possible to take my credit card information over the phone and purchase a pack at discounted price.
      • Customer service gave me the unhelpful answer that it would be fixed at some point, and that I had until November 30 to access my discount.  Never mind that over the holidays MANY of us don’t have access to the game (hence why I was taking care of it today).
      • Customer service could not tell me that it would be fixed before November 30.
      • Customer service could not assure me that I would be able to access my discount if this issue is not resolved in time.

      I’m shocked, appalled, and in a rather foul mood over this.  I never would have purchased the 450 cartel coins at full price (especially since the small pack has a lousy cartel to cash ratio) for any reason other than to access this discount.

      I posted in the bug thread but I’m rather demoralized.  In general, I have been pretty squealy pleased about cartel stuff.  But this is just unacceptable.

      (To add insult to injury, my husband was able to successfully enable his in-game cartel coins no problem, on the same damn credit card.)

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        Cartel Coins In-Game And The Subscriber Discount: Of Course There’s A Catch

        Hey look, the in-game cartel coin purchasing thing is live!  I’m ready to get my big cartel coin pack at 50% off, yo.

        Starting today, you can purchase Cartel Coins from inside the game!

        No need to log out. Now you can purchase Cartel Coins directly from the Cartel Market.

        To celebrate this launch, Subscribers save 50% on their first in-game purchase of Cartel Coins through November 30th! …

        PLEASE NOTE: To get started, you must opt-in for in-game purchases of Cartel Coins by visiting your Cartel Coins Ledger and have made at least one purchase of Cartel Coins through the web site using a Credit Card:

        • From the home page, click “MY SWTOR” → “My Account” → “Cartel Coins”
        • If you’ve never made a purchase of Cartel Coins through the web site, you will first need to do so by clicking “Buy Cartel Coins.” You will then be able to opt-in for in-game purchases of Cartel Coins by clicking “Enable.”
        • If you’ve made at least one purchase of Cartel Coins through the web site, you will be able to opt-in for in-game purchases of Cartel Coins using your existing Credit Cards by clicking “Enable.”
        • Paypal and Boku payment methods are not supported for in-game purchases of Cartel Coins. If you’ve purchased Cartel Coins through the web site using only one of these payment methods, you will need to make another purchase using an accepted form of payment to opt-in for in-game purchases of Cartel Coins.

        . . .

        What the fuckcrap?  First, I’d better get my shit together in the next 25 days, or I’m out of luck on the discount.

        But the part that super-sucks is that I have to first buy cartel coins at full price to access my discount at all.  I call bullshit.  There is no earthly reason why I can’t input my credit card number on a website WITHOUT making a purchase – well there are two reasons that I can think of.  One: shoddy programming (haha, that has happened).  Two: greed. I’m going to say it’s likely number two.

        My plan: buy the tiny cc pack of 450 for $5 to get my credit card in the system (even though it has a crappy cash-to-cc ratio).  Then use my discount in-game to buy 5500cc for $20 ($40 half price).  That leaves me with 5950cc at a price of $25.  Not terrible, but NOT the 5500 for $20 that I was expecting.

        Edit: A twitterati pointed out that if you’ve bought cartel coins before as a paypal customer, you will still have to buy yet another full-price pack to get access to your discount.  That’s even worse, because you’ve already done a purchase and you’re getting screwed because of your method of payment.

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          Good Fashion Appears. Shh, You’ll Scare It Away.

          We are so inundated with bad fashion, most of it consisting of people who want to show as much skin as possible, that when I see good fashion I do a double take.  Imagine my surprise when someone has created a unique look from the Visas Marr outfit that I love.


          OK, check that out.  Let me break down the pieces.

          Visas Marr chest, hat, and skirt.  Dark Purple/Black dye kit on the chest, with color matching.

          Now she varies it up.  Notice that she’s not wearing the Visas Marr gloves and bracers:  she’s wearing the invisible ones.  This is because the Visas Marr bracers and gloves would match to the purple part of the outfit and wouldn’t look that great.  Trust me, I’ve previewed it.

          Last, the belt.  While I love the belt that comes with the outfit, this one is awesome too because it picks up the gold in the headdress and the cuffs of the sleeves.  I inspected it and found out it was a belt from one of those godawful bikini sets.  I guess they are good for something.

          Of course, I gushed at her in tells because, holy shit, I never see people putting together outfits like this.  Simple, elegant, thoughtful.  I am plotting changes to my own Visas Marr outfit right now.

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            Dying For Dye

            As a very slightly cheaper alternative to changing my outfit (requiring re-augmenting), I’m experimenting with changing my outfit dye regularly (which, while pricey, is nowhere near the cost of applying new kits and ripping all my mods).  In order to not feel too terribly guilty when I do these frequent swaps, I’m ferreting out all possible dye recipes, and collecting them in a completionist and anal-retentive manner.  So, while rep doesn’t matter to me in the least for its own sake, finding out there’s a dye kit involved puts me on the bandwagon right quick.

            So far, I have accumulated Czerka (black/blue) and Makeb (red/gray) dye recipes in the course of normal doing of dailies.  I do the Oricon (black/red) dailies anyway, so it’s just a matter of time before I get that one too, without any additional effort on my part.

            But then there’s still Voss (blue/black) and Section X (red/black).

            Fucking Voss. Nothing I need there in terms of gear or commendations plus – it’s fucking Voss.  I was dreading it, but it hasn’t been too bad.  Doing the weekly on one toon gets me 3/4 to cap for the week, and I have no intention of punishing myself on Voss more than once a week.  I can easily solo all the things, although the travel is a bit of a nuisance.  The dye kit is at Champion, not Legend, which will cut a few weeks off my pain.

            Now, Section X, I’m hating the hell out of it, but at least I get some basic comms out of it.  I have to do the weekly THREE TIMES to cap rep for the week.  Also, the weekly requires me to find 3 other warm bodies (using *shudder* general chat).  That much socialization with the unwashed masses is making me twitch.  To add insult to injury, I need to get legend status, not just champion.  Boo, I say.

            I’ll be able to do really interesting things with gear once I have the complementary sets of blue/black and black/blue, red/black and black/red.  Then, if a particular piece matches weird to chest, I can simply dye it individually the opposite combo.  Sometimes things match to secondary when you’d prefer them to match to primary, and so forth.

            Everyone has their stupid projects, right?  For me, I MUST HAVE the dye kits, yet I scratch my head at the people going googoo over Varactyls.

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              Marauder/Sentinel Patch 2.5 Projected Changes

              Omg omg omg 2.5 changes, yo.  Yes this is about a week late, but I had Stuff Come Up and was offline for a while.


              Annihilation/Watchman Improvements

              • The stacking buff provided by Juyo Form now lasts 24 seconds (up from 15) and can be applied once every second (down from every 1.5 seconds).
              • The stacking Annihilator/Merciless buff provided by Annihilate/Merciless Slash now lasts 24 seconds (up from 15).

              The devs explained this as a help to anni/watchman specced marauders/sentinels in encounters where you have to lay off the boss for a while, you come back, and all your stacks have worn off.

              It will also make it far easier to build annihilate/merciless stacks even if you are a bit late on hitting annihilate/merciless slash.  Right now, when you hit anni/merc slash the first time, you have a 4.5 second window between the time that it comes off cd and the time that the buff expires to reapply it for the second stack.  These changes widen that to a leisurely 13.5 second window.

              Bloodthirst/Inspiration and Predation/Transcendence no longer prevent the Marauder from building Fury/centering (stacks) while they are active.  That’s just a straight up DPS win there, no question.


              Undying Rage/Guarded by the Force Changes

              • Undying Rage/Guarded by the Force now has a 2 minute cooldown (up from 1 minute and 30 seconds).
              • The health for Undying Rage/Guarded by the Force is now spent when the damage reducing effect expires, rather than when it begins. It still costs 50% of current health.
              • Undying/Enduring no longer increases damage reduction but still reduces the cooldown of Undying Rage/Guarded by the Force by 15/30 seconds.
              • Force Vigor no longer interacts with Undying Rage/Guarded by the Force. It now permanently increases passive damage reduction by 1/2% and still builds 1/2 Rage when Dual Saber Throw is used.

              Probably this is a PvP nerf, as it mostly reverts the talents to improve Undying Rage/Guarded in the Rage/Focus tree but it still sucks.

              The part that worries me about PvE is that the health is deducted after the effect wears off.  Currently, I use UR/GBTF when I’m about to die to give the healer the ability to heal me while I’m not taking damage so, with any luck, by the time the damn thing wears off, I’m at a reasonable level of health.  This change will make my death at the expiration of the buff pretty much guaranteed (rather than just “highly likely”), as my health will drop precipitously right when I lose protection from damage.

              In addition, the health deducted at the end of the effect is calculated based on the health that the marauder/sentinel has at the end of the effect, and not when the effect is triggered.  As you see below, this wastes precious resources of the healers do top off the marauder/sentinel during the buff.


              Njessie has 20,000 Max HP and is at 6000 HP or 30% health when she hits UR/Guarded

              • Currently: Njessie now has 3000 HP (15% health).
              • In 2.5: Njessie still has 6000 HP (30% health).

              A healer adds 10k HP to Njessie (50%) during the buff.  (A healer is definitely more likely to heal a 15% Njessie than a 30% Njessie – but let’s assume for this example an equal amount of healing during the effect.)

              • Currently: Njessie has 3000 HP + 10k HP = 13k HP (65%).  Buff drops and she’s still at 65%.  That’s pretty good.
              • In 2.5: Njessie has 6000 HP + 10k HP = 16k HP (80%). Buff drops and 50% of current health is deducted.  Njessie is now at 8k (40%).  The resources expended to provide 10k of healing only actually provided 5k of healing.  This sucks for the healers who are already stretched thin during a burn phase.  But if they don’t heal Njessie during the effect, it is likely she will die once the effect wears off if she is at 15%.

              As you can see, from my invented numbers, this pretty much blows for PvE and I won’t be using UR/Guarded unless I am truly about to croak – and I know that at the end of the effect, I will die.

              Maybe Buff Or Nerf?

              Bloodthirst/Inspiration now affects your entire Operation group up to 40 meters away from the Marauder/Sentinel (up from 30 meters) but also applies a debuff which lasts for five minutes on all affected group members. This debuff prevents affected players from regaining Bloodthirst/Inspiration while it is active.  I have no idea the ramifications of this.  Overall, I like it, and it’s very similar to how they changed Heroism/Bloodlust in WoW (for, I think, the better) but there are downsides.


              • Do not have to mess with groups to put the marauder/sentinel in the right group
              • Can make do with one marauder/sentinel
              • A second marauder/sentinel can pop predation/transcendence at the same time so you have damage reduction layered on bloodthirst/inspiration
              • A marauder/sentinel not assigned to be the bloodthirst/inspiration popper is free to use stacks for Berserk/Zen instead for a DPS increase.


              • Less incentive to bring multiple marauders to a raid
              • No more sequential bloodthirsts/inspirations in the raid  (Hey, 30 seconds of awesomeness was kind of great).
              • While the debuff clears on death, it would be nice if the cooldown also cleared on death (or no cooldown now that there is a debuff) so that BT/Insp would be ready for the next attempt.


              I’m happy with the changes and think they are responsive to player feedback.  For me, the downsides of Annihilation spec have pretty much evaporated, and I will probably be playing that spec exclusively after this patch.  I’ll update the sent/mara guide when the changes go live, promise.

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                Patch 2.4.1

                I’m late to the party on these patch notes.  Too busy divorcing Corso and punishing Quinn.  Anyhoo, here is what caught my attention:

                Interface Editor improvements for the focus target window:

                • New options for the Focus Target Window (that other windows already have):
                  • Show information text
                  • Flip the display horizontally
                  • Adjust buff and debuff icon sizes
                • Increased the default size of the Focus Target Window. The window remains scalable via the Interface Editor.

                I hadn’t noticed this one on first glance at the notes, but it is VERY IMPORTANT.  I have basically ignored the focus target window precisely because I couldn’t get the information to show in a way that is useful to me.  Now, I will totally start using it.

                New Bounty Pack: The Tracker’s Bounty Pack!  I was meh about this until I saw the Visas Marr outfit.  WANT for my assassin.  The belt sash is actually a belt sash and not detailing on the skirt part.  Plus, the hat is actually a separate hat and not an attached hoodie.  October 21, it comes out.  By Wednesday, we should see these on the GTN, and I’ll probably end up with a reasonably priced one around the weekend.  WOOT.

                Mira’s Headband now displays properly when worn by female characters with Body Type 1.  As you recall, I had some issues with that headband clipping and behaving weirdly on a speeder.  The speeder part was fixed a few patches ago (in 2.3.3), and now this patch fixes the clipping issue.  I will be wearing this snazzy headband with my new Visas Marr outfit (late next week).

                The encounter with Dread Master Calphayus will now progress properly after a failed attempt.  This bugged out on us last weekend and it was confusing as hell.  ”Ok guys we’re about to hit the transition… any day now…”  Yes, a tank n spank is easier.  It’s also boring.

                The “Corrosive Grenade” debuff applied by Gate Commander Draxus can now be removed by any ability that removes negative effects.  We are just starting on hard mode fortress, and were discussing how to stack the group to make sure we have enough classes that can cleanse tech abilities specifically.  This is such a relief – at least to those rostering those runs!

                Oricon: Clipping Wings (Republic)/The Darkening Stars (Imperial)/[DAILY] Preemptive Strike: Players no longer fall through shuttles when they respawn.  I am guilty of camping one shuttle to destroy over and over rather than braving packs of mobs that I have no business soloing.  But falling through the ship put me in danger of additional aggro.  Well no longer!  I’ll go to the kitchen for a snack while I wait for respawn.

                Companion Characters are no longer defeated when using Quick Travel to go to the Republic or Imperial Landing Zone from certain areas of CZ-198.  This is a stupid little fix, but I was getting a bit annoyed at scraping Treek off the floor every time I went to turn in my weekly.

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                  Punishing Quinn More

                  As you recall, I had punished Quinn by putting him in an embarrassing miniskirt.  Imagine my delight when Patch 2.4 allowed us to dye lore gear, and my victory could be complete.


                  Njessie parades Quinn around the fleet in his Outfit Of Shame.

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                    Dear Corso

                    Dear Corso,

                    By now you should have been served process that I’m filing for dissolution of marriage in the district of Ord Mantell.

                    I could say “it’s not you, it’s me” but that would be a lie, because it’s definitely you.  Thankfully, Ord Mantell has no fault divorce, so I didn’t enumerate our marital problems in the petition to the court, but I wanted you to know.  At least that’s what my therapist says I should do.

                    Mainly, you’re a chauvinist.  At first it was endearing and quaint, but a few months in, suddenly you’re a domineering control freak.  It was downright embarrassing to have you question and second-guess every order I give on my ship, like I’m incompetent to make decisions.  That’s right, it’s my ship and you work for me.  Not my problem that you found that threatening.

                    Do you have any idea how annoying it is having you hovering on the bridge backseat driving while I’m flying the ship?  I think you actually believe the stereotype about female pilots and didn’t trust me not to crash into a moon if you weren’t there to constantly monitor me.  Of course I let you fly more often than I did – it was easier than listening to your nervous yammering in my ear.

                    And you weren’t just controlling and condescending to me!  Your sexist behavior toward Akaavi and Risha was making my life hell.  I had to stop Akaavi from killing you a good dozen times.  Risha was about to marry that noble dude and scoot back to her planet.  Do you know how hard it is to find a good mechanic who just wants to hang out in the engine room all day?

                    Another sticking point in our marriage was your irrational jealousy and lack of trust.  I couldn’t have a conversation with another man, even on the holo, without you popping in to chaperone and then grilling me afterward to make sure that there was nothing going on.  And, god forbid, I talk to an ex-boyfriend.  I’d have to hear about that for weeks.  Look, you knew who I was when you married me and the number of notches on my belt.  Not even the jedi can go back in time; it’s not like I could un-sleep with them. But you refused to ever let it go.  It’s not like I was BSOCKing them after we were married, but to be honest, I was tempted with how you were acting.

                    And, by the way, watching me while I sleep is creepy.  Like sparkle-vampire creepy.

                    Anyway, I hope you find happiness with someone else, though I’d implore you to get some counseling or therapy so you don’t end up in divorce court again.


                    Captain Halleli

                    P.S. It goes without saying that you’re also fired.

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