What Sort Of Healer Should I Play?

Short answer: I have no flippin clue.  I haven’t been able to get too high level.  HOWEVER… I gathered some links for you.  For funsies.

Healing Comparison on the MMO-Champion Forums

Class Healing Comparisons on the Relic Forums

Republic Healer Comparison on Jedi Consulars (Old-ish)

And, of course, for all healers, join the Force Heal forums.  I think of them as kinda… Plusheal for SWTOR.  Things are starting off slowly, but if you build a website, the community will come.

Making the Default Interface Behave: Unit Frames

Step 1:  Show party frames as raid frames.  Oh, excuse me, I mean “Operations Frames.”  At least that way it looks more grid-like, and your own frame also shows.

Step 2: Right click on the little “people” button on the top of your “operation frames” to bring down the “unlock” menu.

Step 3: Move that sucker wherever you want. Then you can right click on the little people again to get a menu to lock it back down.

Hopefully this will help you this weekend.  Happy beta-ing!

Edit:  A while after posting this, I ran into a very complete video on the topic that includes instructions on resizing the actual health bars (make them bigger vertically or horizontally).  Here it is!

The Uncoordinated Agent

I am not a Super Mario star.  For those of you coming from Murloc Parliament, you know full well that I can’t jump on or off anything with any sort of accuracy.

Imagine my distaste when I quest required me to do TWO! jumps off a pipe onto another pipe, and if I failed, I had to go all the way to the beginning of this long pipe bridge.

I tried twice.  I fell in the gross stinky water.  Then I dropped the quest.

Seriously, jumping is bullshit.  Dammit, this is an MMO, not a, uh… FPS?  Portal?  Whatever.

I am just going to accept that I can’t jump worth a crap, and I will drop all associated quests and thumb my nose at any missed rewards (which might be just as ravishingly awesome as my aforementioned Skunk-In-Bra outfit).  And hope that I don’t hit a situation where my failure at jumping brings my progression to a grinding halt.

(To those of you participating in beta this weekend, HAPPY BETA-ING!)

[Poll] How Should Spoilers Be Hidden?

This hasn’t come up yet, because I haven’t posted any spoilers, but it WILL happen!  And I want to make sure it is APPROPRIATELY HIDDEN for you guys.

For a very short spoiler, I will simply black it out, like so, and you will have to highlight over it.  This low tech method will black out the offending spoiler, and it will also be blacked out in mobile theme and in feeds.  (A “reveal spoiler” button will not really do much in a feed or mobile theme.)

For a long spoiler, I will put SPOILER in the title, followed by a warning at the start of the article…

On the SITE, I will simply cut off the article so it only displays the SPOILER WARNING portion of the article on the front page of the blog, and you can choose whether to click through or not.

For a long spoiler in the FEED, that is what I need help on.

Option 1: I truncate the feed for spoiler articles only.  It will be a pain in the ass to click through if you are behind a firewall, but there is little danger of accidentally seeing something you don’t want to.

Option 2: I don’t truncate the feed for spoiler articles, since truncated feeds are annoying.  I will put up “SPOILER” in the title and a big SPOILER WARNING at the beginning of the article, but you will be responsible for averting your eyes and moving on to the next article in your feed reader.

There’s a poll embedded here, so you will have to click through (yuck).  HALP.

[poll id=”2″]

Edit: If you are interested in what I consider a SPOILER, see the Spoiler Policy, under construction.  TL;DR a spoiler is a revelation about the story, not about mechanics.