I Saw The Movie (No Spoilers)

Sunday, 3 generations went to see The Force Awakens.  Thehusband was bouncing in his chair because he had waited a whole week and was getting whiny.  My mom isn’t a big Star Wars fan, but she said “Of course I want to see it.  Harrison Ford is in it!”  Good to see she has her priorities straight.

We all really liked it.  It was entertaining.  A few spoiler-free observations:

-John Williams is a master of awesomeness.  Really listen to the music.  It does not disappoint.

-While gender balance is not perfect, there are definitely more casual background females.  If you, say, have a bunch of pilots, why not have some female pilots?  Well they do.

-Little Jedi sat up and clapped whenever a droid appeared on the screen.  The kids in the theater were really into it.

-The new crop of relatively unknown actors cast is fantastic.  They will do well throughout the movies.

-The physical attention to detail on the sets shows.  At this point, I’m sure it would be easier to just use CGI, but it definitely looks better that they didn’t.  The small bits of CGI that are used are seamless.

-No demeaning bikinis were harmed in the filming of this movie.

As for my vacation from the internet, I did not miss the internet much, if at all.  It was pretty surprising.  I did miss being involved in the swtor community, but I can definitely stay involved and at the same time cut internet to a much lower level.  I did a hard prune of my feed reader, leaving basically the independent swtor blogs as my reading material.  If something pop culture occurs that I need to know about, one of my friends inevitably links it to me anyway.  So let them wade through all the noise.  I’ll wait for the shared link.

Internet Avoidance

I won’t be seeing The Force Awakens anywhere near opening day.  It’s one thing for me to stand in line and squish into a theater full of yelling loonies at all hours of the night.  It’s quite another to take Little Jedi into that chaos.  So it will be a good week later.

I’m fine with waiting, because I’m patient like that, but I do not want to have some asshat spoil it for me.  I’ve been avoiding all the teasers and stuff that have come out lately because… dudes, you don’t need to convince me to see the movie.  I’m totally seeing it.  Period.

This could be the advertising campaign, and I'd still see it.

This could be the advertising campaign, and I’d still see it.

No twitter, no reading my feed reader.  I would say no facebook, but I ignore facebook always.  So help me, I will turn off guild chat and log out of teamspeak if necessary.

See you on the flipside.

Deputy Fashion Police Are On The Case

Readers have sent in the newest batch of inductees into the hall of shame.

I'm rolling my eyes as hard as I can.

I’m rolling my eyes as hard as I can.

If Harley Quinn were a bee...

If Harley Quinn were a bee…

Poor Quinn. What did he do to deserve... haha just kidding, he deserves so much worse.

Poor Quinn. What did he do to deserve… haha just kidding, he deserves so much worse.

Don't drag your companion into your fail.

Yo.  Thug life!

There’s more. Much more. Continue Reading »

[Spoilers] Koth And Bothered

Spoiler Warning!

This is end of Chapter 9 stuff.  And even if you have been through Chapter 9, you may not have made the same decisions and this is all news to you.

Herein lies what happens when you [flirt] with Koth.

You have been warned.

***SPOILERS BELOW*** Last chance to turn back. Spoilers Ahoy »

This Weekend! Extra Life Charity Gaming Event

Copy of Extra Life Blog

I’ve talked about this before, but to recap:

  • It is for a good cause.
  • There are prizes.
  • You will be exempt from the hall of shame.

Now, I cannot attend,1 which means that I will not be there to swoon when Darth Flatulencio of the Methane Legacy prances around in some vomit-colored horror.  Take a lot of screenies for me!

Again, details are here.

  1. There was a weekend trip for the Little Jedi, which was planned for a few weekends ago but postponed due to weather.  So we will be out of town.

The Good, The Bad, And The Snarky

Do not fucking touch my oxford comma.

Spoiler free, never fear.

First, I need this hairdo.


All ur hair is belong to me.  Shae Vizla had the same hairdo.  Make it happen.

Now, the horror.  Apparently, Zakuulian Socialites have a “uniform” of sorts.  And that uniform involves sideboob!


Taking the holocall…


Eyes up here, buster.

Are you not entertained?

Are you not entertained?

Oh god.  At least I got to make a snarky comment about those Zakuulian knights.


Zakuulian security is no match for the fashion police.

A Welcome Reduction Of Companions In Bikinis

Have you noticed that you can’t dress up Lana?  Yeah, that’s probably because Bioware has seen how there are multiple Kiras/Rishas/Makos on the fleet in bikinis and Lana in a bikini is undignified.  Or Senya.  I mean seriously.

We have lost the right to dress up many of our new companions, and it’s likely because some people abused that right with the old companions.  This is why we can’t have nice things.

To be fair, I’m likely to blame as much as anyone else for this change.  After all, I did outfit Skadge and Quinn in a similarly undignified manner.


quinn feels pretty

That is what they get for being such unrepentant assholes.

Imperial Infidelity [Chapter 1 Spoilers]

If you haven’t played through Chapter 1 AND you didn’t watch the livestream AND you haven’t heard anything about Zakuul other than it starts with a “Z”, then you want to skip this spoiler.  Otherwise, it’s nothing you don’t know.

Righty then?  Last chance to stop reading.

***OBLIGATORY CHAPTER 1 SPOILER WARNING*** Last chance to turn back. Spoilers ahead »