Server Consolidation That Still Totally Isn’t A Merger

Tsk tsk Bioware.  You know, I’m trying to be positive and not like the gloom-and-doom hollerers out there, but you’re making it fucking HARD to be nice right now with this newest wave of mergers, I mean transfers, I mean consolidation, that still totally isn’t a merger.


I’m picking my ass off the floor right now with having fallen out of my chair at the awesomeness of the communication with the community on this point.  Or maybe laughing about the not-awesomeness.

First, a few months ago, “We’re going to lock the origin servers and transfer all your toons to the destination servers at the end of the summer.”  No big shock there when they said on Monday “hey we’re finally going to do that thing we said with the origin servers…”

Right until the point where they said “And, LOL, some of your destination servers are now origin servers and we’re dumping you guys onto brand spanking new servers.  TOMORROW.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  Really?

Look, pulling this shit is exactly the reason I get pings from my guildies over the weekend going “holy fuck, they are testing higher pop servers, they are going to cram us all together” and I’m thinking… nah, that’s totally paranoid, they haven’t mentioned a thing about it.  And then it fucking happens.  Now, we are damn well RIGHT to be fucking panicked when you say something chipper about just testing some random feature because hell, you might cram a surprise down our throats 2 days later.  Awesome.


Making people move twice is pretty sadistic.  Let me demonstrate:

Day 1.  I log in and name my toon “Njessirules”.  Woot.

Now you make me transfer.  My toon is flagged for a name change because some jackhole on Canderous Ordo (who may or may not even be a subscriber anymore) made a throwaway alt named “Njessirules.”  So I get to change my name to “Njessirools.”  Not my favorite, but the Canderous Ordo guy was there first and it was a “totally optional transfer” so it’s on me to make the change.

And THEN we do this merger thing.  “Njessirools” is lvl 50 and gets total priority on the name “Njessirools”. Gee, thanks, I get to KEEP my craptastic 3rd choice name.  I don’t even get to TRY for “Njessirules”, even though probably nobody has it anymore.

I could put in a CSR ticket.  HAR HAR HAR.  I might as well not sit in my chair anymore since I just keep falling out of it.

Fail.  Just fail.

Just Why?

As my 4-year-old is fond of saying “BUT WHY?”  I don’t have a good answer.  The destination server of Canderous Ordo was already plenty damn populated.  It was easy to get a group.  There were 2-3 instances of the fleet on most nights.  How many more roommates do I need for a good “population?”

Also, I should point out, that I did not find any additional synthweaving or armormech recipes on the GTN in this move, so there was nothing in it for me.

To Add Insult To Injury

Several guildies who had high level mains (before they joined our guild) have been hoping since FOREVER to transfer those damn 50’s onto the same server as their new mains.  NOPE.  The former mains are STILL elsewhere, even after we’ve all been squished into essentially a handful of servers.  Don’t even get me started (again) on when we are getting “real” server transfers (never).


From Fan Girl to Customer

Back in the day of SWG, I was a pretty staunch fangirl.  I volunteered to be a correspondent and spent HOURS upon HOURS making lists of bugs and issues.  When there was testing to be done, you bet your ass that I was on the test server testing the crap out of it.  Including, I might add, RE-GRINDING tailoring from scratch because the functionality to just LEARN trade skills wasn’t enabled on the test servers.  I was thrilled to be the first to see something, to be on the cutting edge, and to potentially help shape the new content.

Fast forward 9 years.  Holy shit, yes, 9 years.  I have a srs job and an even more srs kid.  And, this last weekend, when I heard that all east coast toons, presumably including my own, had been copied to the test server my first thought was not “ZOMG I want to see the new stuff.”  Nope, my exact thought was “Fuck dat.”

My free time is so scarce right now, I’ll be damned if I’m going to do anything resembling WORK in my limited game-time.  And beta testing is work.  It’s unpaid work at that.  So, again, fuck dat.

I guess I’m just a game customer now.  A game customer who wants to play only a polished product because I don’t have time to be wrestling with bugs.  Let’s leave the heavy lifting to the fan girls who still have the time to do such things.  I’m sure they’ll do a fine job.  But that part of my gaming life is over.

And I’ll just have to post about server “consolidation” (still totally not a merger) some other time… I just don’t even know where to start on THAT one.

[Screenshots] Bikini Blunders

Last night, in about 10 minutes hanging around the GTN stalking recipes, I saw the following…

First, I’m not the only idiot to put Akaavi in a bikini:

I’m going to pretend I started a trend.  Then not 2 minutes later, I see Kira in this monstrosity:

I know we’ve seen THAT outfit before.

But just as I thought things couldn’t get worse, it’s the return – nay, the REVENGE – of the leaf butt:

Folks, the only thing that could look dumber than the leaf butt with a bikini are those damn elbow pads that must be stuck to her skin with adhesive.

I really need a GTN on my ship so that I won’t be traumatized any further by fleet fashion.

Voss Mystic Robe: Stealth Color Change

So a while back I took a picture of the voss mystic robe for some blog post or another… Friday night I went to try it on again in a VAIN HOPE that it no longer clipped my toon’s butt.  It still clips my toon’s butt.  However, it does look just a wee bit different than before.

I suspected a stealth change in a patch.  Which patch?  No idea.  Probably something recent.  Possibly the one on Wednesday.  The devs now report that this is a bug and it’s being looked into.

You may like the old version better.  You may like the new version better.  Both are unique in the game. They are both very pretty.  If the bug is fixed, we lose access to the new blue one.  If it’s not fixed, we have lost access to the white one.    We lose either way.

Fashion is srs bzns.



Patch Notes and Other Upcoming Stuff

Oh hey, communication.  Where?  A wild dev has appeared.

So the mini patch Wednesday, I’m pretty flippin pleased about this little tidbit:

Group Finder now retains a character’s role selections when joining or leaving a group.

YES.  This THING (was it a bug?) was really annoying when you got into an instance and discovered that the person assigned as a “healer” didn’t heal and the person assigned as a “tank” didn’t do that either.  Not their fault that the instance finder kept checking the unchecked box.

And with server mergers – I mean “optional transfers” – to the new mega servers sporting a good 300+ people on the fleet during prime time, I sort of expected this one:

Legacy names are no longer unique. New Legacies that are created are now able to use a name that is already in use on the server. All players will be able to rename their Legacies once, at no cost, in a future update.

Now some people are annoyed about this because something something DAY 1 something something worked hard blah blah unique special snowflake.  To those people I say… SHUT UP.  It’s all well and good to get on your high horse about early access, power leveling, and picking your name early… if you weren’t forced to change your name in the merger – I mean “optional transfer.”  A name that might have already been taken on your new destination server, and reserved until the end of time, by someone no longer even playing.

As for renaming, I have to figure out whether I want to change the Pretentious Legacy to the Hawtpants Legacy.  You guys have an opinion on that?

Finally, there’s the dev blog from this week containing this little gem for Patch 1.4:

Mercenaries and Commandos now have a 30-meter interrupt, Disabling Shot. This ability interrupts the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for the next 4 seconds. This ability can be trained at level 18.

About flippin time!  Seriously, I have a baby merc, now level 33, and there is nothing more annoying than watching a baddie channeling a big spray of bullets at my face and being unable to do anything about it except pop a shield (if available) and apologize to Mako. Yeah, there are other things that CAN interrupt, I know, but the electric stun thingy has a long cooldown and you have to be in melee range to use the knockbacks.  And some things that incapacitate an enemy don’t work on strong mobs, you know, the ones that you actually would worry about kicking your ass if not interrupted… but I digress.

Also, when rostering a raid or doing a group finder, you don’t have to worry about “how do we interrupt all the things if we have 2 commando dps?”  Not that it’s a problem in our sage-heavy guild, but there are other guilds out there, I’m sure, that have this issue.

All in all, these are the things that stick out for me and will improve my quality of life because, of course, it’s all about me.  Anything else awesome that I missed?

Crafting Insanity: The Things I Do For Fashion

When 1.3 hit, I vowed to gather all the recipes.  Or at least to try.

I made a spreadsheet.

I searched the GTN every day.

I did generally stupid things in pursuit of those elusive recipes.

And now, check out how my spreadsheets look now, after all that hard work.  Green is recipes I have, red is a missing recipe, and gray means it doesn’t exist.

Synthweaving List

Armormech List

Don’t pretend you’re not impressed.

Black Hole Gear For Sentinels And DPS Guardians

When I first saw the black hole gear, I was pretty damn disappointed.  Some items were an upgrade, a SLIGHT upgrade, over my Rakata stuff.  But in most cases I’d actually LOSE a hefty chunk of strength.  No. Way.

Whilst perusing the black hole stuff over the weekend, trying to see if I was mistaken about the total suckitude, I noticed that the heavy armor DPS set’s chestpiece had significantly better-itemized stats for my class.

Well, as everyone knows, you can just strip the hell out of the mods etc and plop em in a medium armor shell.  HAHA, I thought, I will just buy the heavy armor set.

But no!  Some of the medium armor items are better than their heavy armor counterparts.

TL;DR – For the best armoring, mods, and enhancements for your stuff, you will probably want to mix and match between the foestopper (medium) and pummeler (heavy) sets – and obviously strip the mods on the pieces that aren’t the right armor class.  And then, after you’re all geared up, and just ROLLING in BH comms, you can buy specific pieces just for one mod or enhancement to further tweak your set.

Now, I should warn you, I’ve been trying like a fiend to find an actual GUIDE on the mixing-matching for sentinels.  A friend in-game mentioned such a guide for sages, but I can’t seem to google up a specific BH/Rakata gearing strategy.  So I’m using my own personal judgment here which, of course, is a dangerous thing.

The (Poorly Itemized) Pieces

Foestopper Has Higher Strength


Boots.  The foestopper boots are so awesome, I just want to clone all the components and use them for all the slots.  I will have to buy a LOT of these and rip the mods and enhancements out.  Sigh.

Continue Reading »

Search Terms: People Out There Are Weirdos

People do these search term show-and-tell all the time, and well, I wrestled with Analytics a few days ago, and it tried to bite me.  But today I have better luck.

Unsurprising Terms

First, variations of the blog name.

bsock – well DUH.  I’m surprised that there weren’t more searches for that.

About Companions

Akaavi Spar, Akaavi Spar Customization, Akaavi Spar Outfit (and variations thereof)

Doc Customization, Doc Customization Pictures (+variations)

Aric Jorgen Romance, Female Trooper Romance,  etc (A lot of these, I guess we have cat lovers in the crowd)

“am i going to get aric jorgan back” Man… they love that cat.

Various companion names + romance.  OK, I do tend to talk about this a lot.

“can you romance raina and kaliyo and stay with kaliyo” – pig

Searches for specific companion customizations (Scourge, Bowdaar, Risha, but not Corso!)

“C2-N2 customization vendor” – don’t I wish


Swtor Fashion, “aesthetics pants” – Hell yeah, aesthetics pants!

Synthweaving/Armormech Recipes/Schematics, Craftable List, Spreadsheet etc

Searches for various specific schematics (i.e. “reinforced phobium”)

Augment recipes, etc about augments (Yes, I wrote about this, but the article is on Snark Side)

Raiding/Gear/SRS BZNS

Columi/Rakata set bonuses

Sentinel, Watchman, Juyo Form, rotations, and variations thereof.  Sorry, folks, I don’t actually tell you HOW to do this.  I’m a combat sentinel!  (And I don’t tell you how to be a combat sentinel either.)

“how to know if you have upperhand active” – AHA!  I actually had the answer to this one.  See, I’m useful!

Star Wars Galaxies

I expected a bit of this because I talk about my SWG background on my “about” page.

“swg tailor pictures” – ok, this makes total sense

“how to set up a tailor shop in star wars galaxies” – In case you didn’t get the memo, that shut down in December.

“was sw galaxies bight than tor” – um, yes? no? what’s a bight?


“sentinel watchman spec is horseshit” – yes, yes it is.

swtor dark side starved njessi” – I don’t know what this means, but I’m disturbed

“kidz nd thair dresiz” – are these words?

“snoo snoo” and “death by snoo snoo” and “shnoo shnoo” – I can just imagine google helpfully asking “did you mean ‘snoo snoo’?” for the person who spelled it wrong.

“governor saresh flirt” – because, I don’t know about you, but I totally wanted to spend more time on Taris.

“elara escort” – yeah, in your dreams, buddy

“akaavi spar naked” – seriously, PERVS! She was in a bikini.

pictures of gay cabana boy in speedo” and “pool boy dressing up for owner” – right now I really regret that almost a year ago I joked that I wanted to name my companions “pool boy” and “cabana boy” and make them hang out on the ship in speedos whilst crafting.

“the old republic how to turn off the morality” – How do I turn off morality in real life?

Getting Back The Raiding Mojo. I Mean Ops. Totally Ops.

After a month – yes, you read that right, a MONTH – of being unable to raid due to family obligations, I am putting back on my big girl (hawt) pants, and my new shiny sand people shirt from the world event, and going back into… wherever we’re raiding this weekend (TBD).

Yes, this picture again. It’s a seriously badass shirt!

Guys, I’m a little nervous.  But, as you know, nothing helps a case of nerves more than excessive and obsessive preparation.  It’s true.  I read it in a fortune cookie.  So here’s the agenda for the rest of the week:

  • Re-watch all the videos and re-read the strategies so I don’t forget some major thing and insta-kill myself and/or wipe the raid.
  • Do some dailies or flashpoints to remember where all my buttons are… so I don’t do something derpy and insta-kill myself and/or wipe the raid.
  • Try to avoid insta-killing myself and/or wiping the raid, generally.

But, of course, the above takes discipline.  The devil on my shoulder wants to procrastinate and go fiddle around on my mercenary.  You know, put on the headphones, tune out the world, and just focus on the story (this is my first imp toon, so it really is a new-new story).  But, as I remind myself, if I want to be a vaguely competent raider, and raid with my awesome team, I can’t just give in to my id.  It will be a miserable raid for everyone, especially me, if I’m making us wipe right and left.

Maybe I’ll find some more videos narrated by dudes with hot accents because I totally learn better from them.  It’s science.