Orange Synthweaving And Armormech Schematics: Tracking Spreadsheet

I’m not always on my crafter toon when I’m surfing the GTN.  How do I know what I already have?  The spreadsheet of DOOOOOOM!!  You too can have the spreadsheet of DOOOOM.  Just copy to a new google document and it’s all yours.  Then you can share it with your guildmates so they know what you can and can’t make.

A few points:

  • Republic-only recipes are blue, imp-only recipes are red, and recipes that everyone can wear are in green.
  • If you put “y” in a box, it turns green, like magic.
  • The outfit level is the level of the chest, legs, hat.  Boots and gloves sometimes are lower level.
  • I have grayed out things that I think don’t exist. But I could be wrong.
  • I have it sorted by type of armor then level, because that’s how it appears in my recipe book, but you can sort it however you want.

Happy recipe gathering!

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    Search Terms for New Synthweaving and Armormech Schematics on the GTN

    Now, as you know, I’m a crazed individual and am stalking the GTN for all the new schematics – namely orange boots, bracers, gloves, and belts.  Now that we have a search feature that (mostly) works, I can at least save myself paging through every time I look.  However, it sucks that the schematics for blue and orange items all register as blue so you can’t just limit your search to the oranges.  I set the dropdown to “crafting schematic” and then start typing in the search box.

    So here they are.  I might have missed a good search term… which will become very obvious as I get more items and there are gaping holes in my recipe list.


    • “boot” (duh)
    • “tread”, “foot”, “sandal” – I don’t think any of the new recipes use “treads”, “footgear”, “footwear”, “sandals”, etc, but it doesn’t HURT to look.


    • “brac” – this captures “bracers” and “vambraces”
    • “armg” – armguards.  I could type out the whole thing in the search box, but why?  But just “arm” brings up “armor” so I can’t be THAT lazy.


    • “glove” (duh)
    • “hand” – covers “hangear”, “handwraps”
    • “gaunt” – gauntlets


    • “belt” (duh)
    • “waist” – covers “waistwrap” and “waistcord”
    • “sash”

    Have fun searching.  Except if you’re on Canderous Ordo, because all the recipes there are belong to me.

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      Boot Mismatch

      (Ok for purposes of this article, guys, we’re ignoring gloves and belt, just look at hat, chest, pants, BOOTS)

      La la la, I’m collecting recipes… oh hey, Commando Elite Boots… let’s just try that on with the rest of the commando elite set…

      Commando Elite set (lvl 43) including boots (lvl 39).

      No… That most definitely does not match.

      Looking at the boots more carefully, they appeared to be level 39 while the rest of the commando elite set was level 43.  The next orange set “down” is the Lacqerous Mesh set, which is level 39.

      I tried on the Commando Elite boots with the Lacquerous Mesh set and…

      Lacqerous Mesh set (lvl 39) with Commando Elite Boots (lvl 39).

      Ok, those are CLEARLY supposed to go together.

      Apparently, all boots are lower level than the set they are supposed to go with.  And sometimes the boots DO go with the set for which they are named.  And sometimes they go with the set that corresponds to the level of the boots, which, while buggy, makes some sense.

      But then I get the outcast boots.

      Outcast set (lvl 27) with boots (lvl 23)


      One would think that the mismatched Outcast Boots would go with the level 23 set: the Tempered Laminoid set.  They do not!  And trust me, you know if these clearly orange boots go with something or not.  It’s not ambiguous.  Nope, they ended up matching the level 31 Chanlon Onslaught set.

      Chanlon Onslaught set (lvl 31) with Outcast boots (lvl 23)


      Weird, right?

      I haven’t been able to check the matching of all the things because I don’t have all the recipes yet.  And sometimes matching isn’t very clear (on medium armor, a lot of it is opinion).  And in this article I haven’t even DEALT with the gloves, which are ALSO lower level than the set they are supposed to match.

      Have you crafters out there noticed any other weirdness?

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        Now That 1.3 Has Hit…

        The things that I thought would be a big problem aren’t, but there are other things that I thought would be big problems, and they are still big problems.

        Augment Kits.  Sure, they are resource intensive, but they don’t require anything rare or RNG-based.  Plus just about every crafter can contribute parts with which to make the kits, even if they can’t make the actual kits.

        AAAND, much to my happiness, the kits can crit.  Every so often I proc an extra.  Gotta love Kira’s synthweaving bonus and C2′s legacy module thingy that does the same.

        Well, our guild pulled together really fast, probably because I was yabbering about how difficult it would be, and now it’s Friday, and last night we had… 60 kits in the gbank.  And that’s after people have been of course using them.  And we only have one raiding team to outfit (so 12-14 active raiders), so 60 is pretty damn good.  I left a vague guild message about “not hogging” all of them and left it at that.

        This initial rush was what I was worried about.  Gradually augmenting upgrades as they come in won’t be a big deal at all.  So yay!

        The Augments Themselves.  We may be able to add augment slots easily, but we have nothing to put in them!  I’m still running slicing missions at every opportunity for those stupid purple bits, and RNG has been extra unkind to me since 1.3 hit.  We might have to just use blue augments to start and then gradually upgrade to purple.

        Unlike the kits, which are universal, augments are a matter of what class you are and, in some cases, personal preference (some tanks may prefer absorb over shield, for example).  I don’t want to pre-make augments and stick em in the bank because there’s no guarantee that I’m making things that we will need – or making things in the right ratios.  Plus they don’t stack.

        Recipes.  Ugh.  Just ugh.  I feel like they’re even more rare than they used to be.  Basically, I’ve been stalking the GTN and sending out my minions on underworld trading missions at every opportunity.  And I obviously don’t have enough money to snap up every recipe I see, so the 100k recipes are out of my price range.

        How many do I have?  According to the spreadsheet, I’ve gathered 10 new recipes in the last few days.  Only about 200 to go.

        I may be able to fund my recipe acquisition by selling a few oranges that I craft from the new recipes, but I swear that there’s a general GTN Spidey Sense for when I have a given recipe.  I queue up 5 orange belts, and there are none of that type on the GTN… in fact there are no belts on the GTN under 100k.  So I go to list my belts the next day and someone has made the exact same belts and listed them for 3k.  Blargh, I shouldn’t have bothered tasking a minion to crafting those damn belts.

        My Fashion.  My own fashion is held back by my recipe gathering.  I have an outfit I like but haven’t found the boots that will complete it.  I’m hoping to find a recipe for such boots.  But that is a few weeks away.

        And, as a side note, some of the new recipes are very very VERY ugly.  Like “are you SURE that’s supposed to match” ugly (seriously – look up “apprentice’s boots” on your GTN).  So I may be in for a huge disappointment when I finally do locate the boots that are SUPPOSED to go with what I’m wearing.

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          Augment Kits: How The Eff Do They Work?

          I already wrote this post over on my guild blog and have no desire to repeat it here.  So if you need an Augment Kit 101 lesson, scurry over there.  There are a lot of these guides out there, so I don’t think I have anything new to add, I just tried to lay it out clearly.  I blame Morehnai.

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            Clinging To My Towel For Dear Life

            Patch 1.3.  I was right to panic.  There is so much to do! And I won’t be online until Wednesday, so other people will get a head start.  THE HORROR.

            Gather All Recipes.  For armormech and synthweaving that should be about 200 of them.  No, really.

            How I handle all that?

            • A spreadsheet of what I do and don’t have.  It’s color coded so it’s easy to see what is still missing.
            • A money limit on GTN purchases.  For example: no more than 10k on a recipe, no more than 5k on a sith-only recipe (since we’re republic).  Once I’m only missing a few odd recipes, I don’t give a crap how much they cost, but in the beginning when spreading my net wide, I need to conserve money.
            • Run the underworld trading missions.  Especially in the beginning, every procced recipe may be a new recipe!  And if it’s not new to me, I sell the sucker to people who are also gathering the recipes.  Win/win.

            Augment All MY Things.  But first, back up, I gotta figure out what I’m going to be wearing – and that is highly dependent on what the new recipes look like… and I won’t have those right away.  So we have an order of operations here:

            • First learn all the recipes (at least for medium armor)
            • pick an entire coordinating outfit
            • augment the crap out of it

            Folks, I know it’s going to be tempting to start augmenting the shit out of things to be as leet as possible, but it’s expensive to move mods.  It’s expensive to make and add augment kits.  It’s expensive to make augments.  Take a breath, see what is out there, and then decide.  It will take a few days, probably a week, for all the new orange recipes to be known and available.

            Augment All The Guild Things.  Now this is going to be the hardest.

            I do NOT have enough mats to support the entire guild when things are needed all in a rush.  Previously I’ve been able to easily gather what is needed because the items were needed one or two – or even 4- at a time.  And the mats are going to be BEYOND expensive the first week, if they are available at all.

            Plus, cranking out things takes a ton of time… so it may only be possible to make 3-4 kits each night when I log in, and I’m counting both level 50 toons in that estimate.

            I’m thinking of a gradual approach by necessity… where we all prioritize our best pieces and work our way down.  After all, there is no huge rush to get everything all fixed up right away… we’re not exactly cutting edge.  I just have to remind myself that life goes on even if we’re not all fully augmented to the eyeballs within a week.

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              Just When I Was Happy With Customer Service…

              Edit: Oh hey, after a bunch of bloggers holler on the internet, it gets resolved… but it had nothing to do with the hollering… totally.


              After an initial bad experience with customer service, I have been impressed with their responsiveness to tickets- both in timeliness and in pinpointing the specific complaint.

              This last week, we moved servers, which was fast.  We got our bank back in about 4 days, which is longer than we wanted to wait, but not terrible.  We’re dealing with the occasional issue of asshattery on the new server, but otherwise, our raid program didn’t miss a beat and life is good… and then I read this:

              An Unexplained SWTOR Ban (Part 1, Part 2)

              No really, you must read this.  I’ll wait.

              Have you read it yet?  OK…

              What the fuckcrap?!  So I’m going to put on a little theater for you:

              Your Boss: You’re suspended.  Begone for a week.

              You: Uh wut?

              Your Boss: You heard me.  Week.  Out.

              You: OK, I can’t think of what on earth I did wrong, what is this about?

              Your Boss: You broke a company policy!  It’s very serious.

              You: Um, I still can’t think of what I did.  Which company policy was it?  The manual is pretty thick…

              Your Boss: YOU BROKE A COMPANY POLICY, what’s there not to get?  And if you do it again after your suspension, you’re FIRED.

              You: Hrm, maybe I should take this upstairs


              (Later in HR)

              You: So you see, I can’t even think of what I did that violated any company policy.  If I’ve done something that is against regulations, please tell me what, so I can not do it anymore.

              Boss’s Boss: I see here that you were suspended for a breach of company policy.  I’ve looked into it and you did indeed do that, so your boss was right to suspend you.

              You: What policy?  Did you even listen to what I said?

              Boss’s Boss: A COMPANY POLICY!  It’s a serious offense.

              You: Yes but what policy?

              Boss’s Boss: We can’t discuss internal HR matters.

              You: Even about my own file?  We’re not talking about someone else’s HR disciplinary action.

              Boss’s Boss: … or how we detect violations, or you jerks will try to avoid detection.

              You: Um, I didn’t ask HOW, I asked WHAT.

              Boss’s Boss: We consider the matter closed.

              You: But if I come back next week after my suspension, if I don’t know what I did, I’ll be fired if I do whatever it is again.

              Boss’s Boss: Well don’t break policy again.

              You: Um… can I get a real answer?


              (Even later, higher up in the company)

              Boss’s Boss’s Boss: Yep, totally, I reviewed your case up and down and sideways, and the decision stands – you totally broke a company policy.  Would you mind filling out a survey?

              You: I quit.

              As you can see from the dramatic reenactment above, this shit wouldn’t fly in the real world.  Maybe I can get away with saying to my husband “I’m mad and won’t tell you why” if he forgets an anniversary or some such bullshit1, but you can’t pull that shit when you’re in a contractual business relationship.

              If this happened to me, well I’d feel pretty damn helpless.  If you don’t know what the hell you did, then you don’t know how to stop doing it!  This is basic logic, duh.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable committing to guild events knowing that any moment I might be suspended or banned without warning.

              So, dear readers, this is bullshit.  Total bullshit.  And I hope that someone from the skeleton crew they still HAVE over there is paying attention because, holy shit, this is so unacceptable.

              1. This never happens, as I’m the forgetter of anniversaries because they’re dumb

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                A Tale of Four Hats

                Remember how I switched my cybertech to armormech?  Well, after hitting 400 rather quickly, I had to get all the orange recipes, you know, for fashion.  I got most of them rather quickly, but then I got stuck on four effing hats.

                Between auction housing on both sides (multiple times a day) and running the appropriate level UT missions, I got the hats.  After weeks of trying.

                Some people would think I was crazy (most people).  I basically couldn’t play my sithie alt because she was parked at the GTN.  I had to go through the GTN page by page every time because the search feature is, ahem, interesting.  And, of course, there were all the stupid low-level underworld trading missions I was running, when I probably could have been sending  my minions on more lucrative endeavors.

                The big question is why?

                (1) I didn’t want to be asked for something and not have it.  Even an ugly hat that nobody would want to wear.  Even if it’s a sithie item for someone’s alt.  I don’t want to turn anyone away.

                (2) Remember how I was afeared that in 1.3 there will be orange boots, gloves, bracers, and belt added for all existing craftable orange sets?  Well I was mostly right!  From a check of Torhead ptr stuff, each existing orange craftable set will get schematics for matching orange boots, gloves, and belt – but there will be fewer available bracers.1 Yay?  With the prospect of having to gather all those recipes, I needed to have all the available schematics NOW before I have to start collecting the new recipes in 1.3.

                Or maybe I’m just a crazy person.  Crafters are a special breed.  A crazy breed.

                1. In case you’re wondering, yes I added all this crap to my spreadsheet of dooooom.

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                  Server Transfers: From Ghost Town To Impersonal Crowd

                  Lemme give you a little background: Juyo was a reasonably populated server.  Not totally a ghost town, but not overcrowded with laggy spots.  On an average night, there were 50 people on each fleet.  You’d be able to easily do your dailies without having to camp spawn points, but you would see people here and there while you went about your business.  General chat was a lazy conversation and most people kept it on because it wasn’t overly spammy – this was useful for finding groups for dailies.

                  Now, the bad part is that flashpoint grouping was pretty much nonexistent and it was a little difficult to find things on the auction house.  I mean GTN.  Whatever.  When they announced server transfers, I figured they’d buff Juyo’s population to about double or triple what it was with refugees of truly DEAD servers.  To me, that seemed like a viable community.

                  When it seemed clear that they were funneling everyone onto a handful of servers, I realized that Bioware was going for a different community model than I envisioned.  I’m kinda sad.  With a huge population you lose the connections you gain in a medium-sized population – where everyone has at least HEARD of everyone else’s guild, many names are recognizable, etc.  I feel that to correct the problem of dead zones, they zoomed past the sweet spot of “viable community” and went straight to city-like crowds.  They went from small town life straight to a Manhattan or Los Angeles without pausing to consider if a Tucson or a Memphis might be a good balance.

                  Last night, upon arriving in Canderous Ordo, I had to turn off general chat because it was going by too fast and just spamming up things.  I lost a connection to the community of which I’m a part because it was too big and unwieldy.  I did find a hat recipe that I had been stalking for weeks now on the GTN, which was a bittersweet victory.

                  Onward and upward, right?

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                    Making Your Companion Mad is Expensive

                    So, those late companions, man… it feels like someone punched me in the wallet every time I make one of them displeased.  In the beginning, your companions give you +15 for good, and even if you’re a total asshole, it’s usually somewhere around -30.  Ok whatever.  With the later companions, however, they gain a lot more affection per conversation choice and also lose more if you piss them off.

                    Now, if I’m giving my newly-minted companion some gifts and he suddenly wants to chat, hey cool, more affection.  Well, maybe not.  If I suck up, then I get more affection.  If I say something my companion hates, it could be -100 or more!  Now, -100 can be a lot of cash when you consider companion gifts.  I lost 500 affection with Scourge in the course of 1 conversation and it was expensive to bribe him back to being my friend.  It’s pretty demoralizing to end a companion-requested conversation with less affection than you started.

                    So what do you do?  Stay true to yourself?  Or give lip service to your companion to avoid paying out the nose?

                    It’s even trickier with romance options.  For example, the husband has a female consular and has no intention of getting cozy with Iresso.  So she’s tactfully letting him down easy because shutting him off completely results in the -100 Of Cash (not to be confused with the -1 Of Shame).  Then he gets to a point in the conversation and his choices are:

                    (1) [Flirt] Let’s make out.

                    (2) [Flirt] Let’s BSOCK.

                    (3) Fuck off and die.

                    Ok, I’m paraphrasing.  And exaggerating for comic effect.  But he’s like… argh this is going to cost me!  Thankfully (and surprisingly), option #3 did not cost any affection, but still… how much is it going to cost my character not to sleep with this guy?  Ugh.  Not a conversation I want to be having in my head.

                    Well, you say, just don’t care about affection.  Which is totally fine for you non-crafters out there.  But I need for them to crit on all the things or it makes it (you guessed it) expensive for me.  So it’s money either way.  Money to buy their love, or money lost for lack of potential crafting bonuses.

                    So, dear readers, does companion affection affect how you play?  If so, is it driven (even a little) by cost?

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