9999 Bottles Of Beer In My Legacy Cargo Hold

Take one down, pass it around

Still a fuckload of beer in my legacy cargo hold

This is so sad.  What did I do Tuesday when 4.1 hit?  I stacked all my crafting mats in my legacy cargo hold and reveled in the glorious space.  No, I didn’t play Chapter 10.  Sorry, Kaliyo, but a walk-in legacy cargo hold is more interesting than you.

Then I made dye kits.  As a surprise to me, the medium gray/medium gray looks like absolute crap on everything that I’ve tried to use it on.  And the white/light gray looks so badass (it’s pub-side perfect).



white gray dye

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Crafting Changes Come With Pretty Things

I was pretty damn annoyed at grinding out 50 more levels of crafting, but I have been mollified by the surprise changes for artifice.

First, New Color Crystals:

  • Advanced Black-Cyan Color Crystal (Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible, Artifice 400)
  • Advanced Black-White Color Crystal (Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible, Artifice 450)
  • Advanced Amethyst Color Crystal (Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible, Artifice 500)
  • Advanced Fire Red Color Crystal (Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible, Artifice 500)

I’d use these colors!  Now it would be VERY nice if we could change our weapons with the outfit designer, so that I could match my crystals to my outfit… but for now, this is still good.

Now New Dyes:

  • Dark Pink and Dark Blue Dye Module (Artifice 520) [eh… maybe]
  • Deep Yellow and Dark Brown Dye Module (Artifice 520) [I dub thee “baby poop“]
  • Medium Gray and Medium Gray Dye Module (Artifice 520) [where have you been all my life?]
  • White and Light Gray Dye Module (Artifice 520) [useful!]

I’d use two of these, and that’s a win in my book.  While I’m not wild about dark pink/dark blue, I don’t think we have any other dark pink options that are craftable, and for a single-color outfit where you want dark pink it’s far cheaper than buying a dark pink/whatever on the GTN.  I wonder how the XoXaan outfit would look…

You can probably guess which crafter of mine is getting some luv as soon as 4.1 hits.  Actually it might be my biochemist because of raiding stims, but after that, it’s all about the dyes.

Now What?

Currently, I raid with one of my guild’s groups.  I’m incredibly fortunate that the raid times plug into my schedule so well or I wouldn’t be able to go at all.  Because, hey, kids are so needy.

In addition to very convenient scheduling, I like my team and we have fun together. To put this in perspective, I never have the urge to mute anyone, and in my previous experience, there’s always that one guy you want to beat over the head.  None of them are.

Wait. Holy shit.  This means I’m that guy.  Dammit.

This weekend, the designated raid was TFB.  We did most of it on Friday and mopped up the last boss within a few attempts on Saturday.

At which point we were standing there going duh. Now what do we do?

  • Nobody really needed 220 gear from the other hard mode raids.  In previous weeks, we had done strategic strikes for implants, relics, and other needed pieces and were basically done.
  • Doing nightmare mode wasn’t worth the annoyance since there is currently only a chance of 224 gear.  I can see us trying some nightmare modes after patch 4.2 when all of the bosses drop 224.  That’s another month.
  • Somehow doing content for gear we don’t need is not motivating, regardless of “fun.”  I guess we’re all greedy, but we feel like what’s the point?

At a loss as to how to occupy ourselves for the rest of the allotted raid time, we regrouped on our poorly geared alts and half-assed it through a story mode.  I am terrible at ranged DPS.  This is not relevant to the current story, but I thought I’d share.

After all this, I’m really worried.  I like our raid team a lot, but I’m afraid we’ll start losing members because there is not enough decent raiding content for us to fill up 4-5 hours a week.  That’s not a lot of raid time.  I can only imagine that other raid teams have hit this gear/content wall earlier.

Nerfing The Loading Screen Boss

This weekend, I finally got around to installing my solid state drive and moving my swtor installation to it.

OK, that’s a vicious lie.  My husband cracked open my PC case while I took a nap.  Not that I cannot install PC parts myself, because I totally can, but I was in an allergy-medicine-induced coma.

The difference is definitely noticeable. Loading time still is limited by the fact that I probably need to suck it up and buy a new processor.  But the change is worth the $50 that I spent on the drive.

I can’t wait to try it out next raid night (since I’m usually the last to zone in or come back after a wipe…)

There Are Not Enough Swear Words Regarding The Crafting Changes

What the everlovin’ fuckcrap, Bioware?

Courtesy of Dulfy’s writeup, I find out THIS about crafting.

Skill increase to 550

This will affect the augment MK levels (you will need to be 550 to craft the max level ones)

New materials

Are you reading this shit? I think I broke my F key.

You know, months into an expansion, months after the level cap has increased, I totally want to be grinding crafting.  I want to send out my idiots to gather yet more materials and find a place to store them. And, most importantly, I love re-augmenting my gear.  OH WAIT NO I DO NOT.

Sure, we needed better crafted gear, but torturing us and boring us to death is not the answer.

I Saw The Movie (No Spoilers)

Sunday, 3 generations went to see The Force Awakens.  Thehusband was bouncing in his chair because he had waited a whole week and was getting whiny.  My mom isn’t a big Star Wars fan, but she said “Of course I want to see it.  Harrison Ford is in it!”  Good to see she has her priorities straight.

We all really liked it.  It was entertaining.  A few spoiler-free observations:

-John Williams is a master of awesomeness.  Really listen to the music.  It does not disappoint.

-While gender balance is not perfect, there are definitely more casual background females.  If you, say, have a bunch of pilots, why not have some female pilots?  Well they do.

-Little Jedi sat up and clapped whenever a droid appeared on the screen.  The kids in the theater were really into it.

-The new crop of relatively unknown actors cast is fantastic.  They will do well throughout the movies.

-The physical attention to detail on the sets shows.  At this point, I’m sure it would be easier to just use CGI, but it definitely looks better that they didn’t.  The small bits of CGI that are used are seamless.

-No demeaning bikinis were harmed in the filming of this movie.

As for my vacation from the internet, I did not miss the internet much, if at all.  It was pretty surprising.  I did miss being involved in the swtor community, but I can definitely stay involved and at the same time cut internet to a much lower level.  I did a hard prune of my feed reader, leaving basically the independent swtor blogs as my reading material.  If something pop culture occurs that I need to know about, one of my friends inevitably links it to me anyway.  So let them wade through all the noise.  I’ll wait for the shared link.

Internet Avoidance

I won’t be seeing The Force Awakens anywhere near opening day.  It’s one thing for me to stand in line and squish into a theater full of yelling loonies at all hours of the night.  It’s quite another to take Little Jedi into that chaos.  So it will be a good week later.

I’m fine with waiting, because I’m patient like that, but I do not want to have some asshat spoil it for me.  I’ve been avoiding all the teasers and stuff that have come out lately because… dudes, you don’t need to convince me to see the movie.  I’m totally seeing it.  Period.

This could be the advertising campaign, and I'd still see it.

This could be the advertising campaign, and I’d still see it.

No twitter, no reading my feed reader.  I would say no facebook, but I ignore facebook always.  So help me, I will turn off guild chat and log out of teamspeak if necessary.

See you on the flipside.

Deputy Fashion Police Are On The Case

Readers have sent in the newest batch of inductees into the hall of shame.

I'm rolling my eyes as hard as I can.

I’m rolling my eyes as hard as I can.

If Harley Quinn were a bee...

If Harley Quinn were a bee…

Poor Quinn. What did he do to deserve... haha just kidding, he deserves so much worse.

Poor Quinn. What did he do to deserve… haha just kidding, he deserves so much worse.

Don't drag your companion into your fail.

Yo.  Thug life!

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