The New 2014 Naga Mouse

Holy shit, guys. Seriously holy. shit.

As I mentioned before, my naga was being a stupidpoopyhead about keys 7-12 at various inconvenient times.  So I decided to get the new naga which has changed the design of the side buttons.

The new side buttons are amazing.  They project higher from the mouse and have greater distance between them, making it harder to fat-finger an unintended ability that is adjacent to the intended button.  They also have slight angles that make them easier to differentiate by feel.

But the real difference is the CLICKING.  Instead of a mooshy little button, it’s a firm click (for those of you tech nerds, the side buttons are now mechanical).  The only way I can describe the old buttons to a non-naga-owner is… maybe a TV remote control.  That kind of squishy feeling where you jam the hell out of the button, not sure where the catch point is where it’s going to fire.  These new mechanical buttons, it’s damn obvious when they’re firing.  I find myself not having to repeat keypresses on the side buttons.

Testing it out in the field, I found no appreciable difference in DPS.  I did find a marked reduction in thumb-cramping and swearing.

My only petty little complaint is that it’s a one-size mouse without those adjustable side panels on the 2012 naga.  I’m not sure why Razer decided to get rid of that feature, but it was damn nice to have the smaller mouse size because I have small hands and use a fingertip grip.  I’m getting used to the bigger size, and grumbling a little.

This isn’t relevant to me, but may be relevant to you: I’ve heard complaints about the naga and similar mice that there’s no lefty version.  Well, apparently this one has a lefty version (finally).  You may have a harder time finding bargains on it, but it’s out there.

If you want pictures and side-by-side comparison, Dulfy has done a real review that far exceeds my fangirl babbling.  You should check it out.

NOTE: Razer didn’t give me anything.  I paid for my new naga like anyone else.

Ashara Zavros Is An Illogical Whiner

Quinn is still my most hated companion of all time, no question.  But Tharan may have been bumped out of second place by Ashara.  She is such an idiot!

First, she only gives the lowest level of affection for gifts, unless you’re BSOCKing her.  Well, as a female, I’m not.  I totally would if it would get her to accept my presents with more than a chilly “that’s quite nice.”  Dammit, Ashara, stop being so expensive to bribe.

Since my assassin, Raijah, is Light V, I started taking out Ashara during conversations to get affection points for all my goody-goody light side choices.  We’ve had a few conversations and she wants to talk again.  Righty-o!  I will bribe her to 10k if it kills me.

Conversation goes something like this:


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Learning To Tank (Har Har)

As you may have guessed from my recent posts, I’m leveling an assassin.  Our guild needs tanks, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I put on my big girl pants – well, inquisitor, so skirt – and leveled the crap out of things.  Even though it is probably slower, I leveled in tanking spec because that was my goal for endgame with this toon.  It is rather fun to know that I’m probably not going to die, no matter how many I accidentally pull.  It may take me all day, but with all my mitigation and a healer at my back (first Treek and then Talos), I’m a bit hard to kill.

I’m level 53 now.  I am about to hit endgame and I still have no clue what I’m doing.

It’s not so much that I don’t know my rotation.  I know my rotation, how to taunt, my cooldowns, my stealth cc, how to position, blah blah.  It’s the leading that is causing me panic.  I don’t know the flashpoints particularly well and the tank is the one in front.  I’m used to being the DPS where I follow the tank and hit whatever the tank has aggro on, and try not to get my face bitten off.

Now I have to learn all these instances.  Holy shit.

Thankfully, I have tutors.  Three of my former snarkers tank, two of whom have max-level assassin/shadows, and are willing to walk me through it.  I like to imagine a devil on one shoulder and… another devil on the other shoulder.  And then a third devil on top of my head looking for fleas. Good times.

I queued for a random with two of the aforementioned tanks playing their lvl 55 alts: a healer and a juggernaut smashmonkey.  It doesn’t help, by the way, that my health is lower than theirs by a good bit… or that Mr. Smashmonkey is an overgeared aggro magnet.

We got an instance that I fuzzily remembered.  Something about rakghouls.  I had done this before, but it’s annoying as shit because the trash does all sorts of special things, like exploding or choking you or knocking you back, blah blah.  When something will explode at 20%, and you have an overgeared smashmonkey taking its health down in one big stomp, it’s a little hard to get out of the way of the inevitable boom.

Then we got to the cannon part.  The cannon!  I had forgotten about the cannon.  There are waves of disgusting trash that come at you nonstop for a few minutes.  I’ve been on the DPS end of this before but not on the tanking end. Now my job was to find where the little fuckers were coming from, gather them in front of the cannon, and let smashmonkey-in-cannon kill them in the face.  But not actually let the waves of disgusting rakghouls bite on the healer or the cannon.  Easier said than done.

I was glad when THAT was over.  I needed a beer or three.  The rest was pretty much cake, except I didn’t know where the eff I was going and they had to tell me “no, you go THIS way.”

Apparently, though, raid tanking is a bit easier than flashpoints.  I’m willing to try it if we are ever in a serious shortage situation, but I hope it never comes to that.  I am far better as a punkass dps following behind someone else who actually has a sense of direction.

Bugs And Technical Difficulties Pwn My Raiding Experience

After croaking last time due to distraction over bad names, I resolved to be a good, competent DPS this time.  We were doing 10-stack Dreadtooth, and that is srs bzns.

I was early for the raid because, dammit, I was prepared.  Then I managed to step on my surge protector and my PC shut off and I had to reboot.  The computer was seriously pissed off and gave all sorts of admonishments that I should turn off windows PROPERLY.  Yes, I know, shut up, just load or I’ll be late!

On the first pull, half my buttons on my naga stopped working.  Numbers 7 through 12, just dead.  Well there goes a significant portion of my rotation.  And, of course, I croaked.  The buttons came back online, as they always do, for the second attempt.  I have no earthly clue what makes them come back.  Usually they come back after a combination of reloading the game, reloading the naga software, jamming the buttons repeatedly, and swearing.

Second try, on which we downed him, the boss literally disappeared for me.  I had him targeted but was unable to hit him with any ability.  So I hit my bloodthirst for the group and after that just sat there as decoration.

I find it difficult to mentally bounce back from frustration like that, and I know that my raiding performance suffered for it in TFB.  It’s just such a DOWNER to have shit go all wrong.

Nothing I could do about the disappearing bug.  Shit happens.  However, I can fix the naga problem by, um, buying the new naga!  The 7-12 keys have pooped out on me enough times in the last few months that I can legitimately say that the naga has failed me for the last time.  The new naga has a redesigned thumbpad which will hopefully fix this annoying issue.  The nostromo is still working beautifully.

Appearance Designer Sale! (There Go My Cartel Coins)

Straight from Musco:

Hey folks,

Over the next ten days, starting tomorrow, we are going to be offering a 50% off sale within the Appearance Designer! Here are the details:

Start: 11 AM CDT Friday, September 13th
End: 11 AM CDT Monday, September 23rd
The Sale: All Appearance Designer changes and Appearance options will be 50% off. Note that subscribers will get this discount in addition to their normal subscriber discount!


Um, GO GET IT!  Even if you don’t want to get a change now, you might want to pick up the unlocks that you think you might use later (I did).  If you’ve been hankerin for a species change, this is the week!

Please don’t turn yourself into Barbie.  There are enough of those.  Kthx.

Second Bounty Hunter Week

I haven’t done ANYTHING for the second Bounty Hunter week.  I’m so lazy!  And I probably won’t.

My world-event participation reasoning, after the initial “see all the content” pass, goes something like this:

1) Is there a pretty outfit involved?  If Yes, go to 2.

2) Will it take an unreasonably long time to get said outfit? If no, go to 3

3) No, really, just how hot is this outfit?  If “rly hot” ok, fine, grind the event.

I have already received my bounty hunter armor which is “rly hot”.  It was also available at “newcomer” [edit: oops, not friend] level which I consider to be a reasonable but not excessive amount of work to get.

Screw the hat, it looks so badass with a scanner.

Screw the hat, it looks so badass with a scanner.

If it had been a few rep tiers up, I probably would not have bothered, because the armor was for an alt and not my main.  Having said that, I’m still completely done getting what I want from the bounty hunter guys, so I see no need to repeatedly planet-hop after I’ve already seen all the event content once.

So now, I’ll just sit back and wait until the next “rly hot” armor is introduced in some way.  Any day now…

New Must-Have Legacy Stuff

Guys, this stuff just got added in the latest patch.  Totally unexpected and awesome.  How I’m going to scrape together the credits and/or cartel coins, I have no idea, but I will find a way.

That way will probably involve dailies for the cash to buy things on the cash side.   I was going to use the 50% first-time-in-game-subscriber-cartel-coin-buyer-discount to buy a BIG PACK, and then use cartel coins on the unlocks that I could, but that was delayed.

Quick Travel Time Reduction.  With a 25 minute base, 3 ranks of reduction, each rank at 5 minutes, we’re looking at 10 minute quick travel.  This would save me a lot of time, especially in areas where the taxis don’t quite meet up with each other (such as North Belsavis).

This is my top pick and I got it last night.  Each rank can be bought with credits or cartel coins.  The amount of credits increases (100, 200, 300) by rank, but the amount of cartel coins remains the same (75 each rank).  I decided to do a combo and bought the first rank with 100k credits and the remaining 2 ranks with cartel (75×2=150cc).

Fleet Pass Time Reduction (to zero).  Lemme see if I have this right.  Subscribers have a 9 hour cooldown now.  There are 3 ranks of time reduction unlocks at 3 hours each.  So it’s a fleet pass available on no cooldown.   For whatever reason, this can only be purchased with credits and not cartel coins, so start running those dailies.

As the proud owner of an authenticator, I already have 1 hour cooldown fleet passes in my inventory, but zero still trumps one hour, especially when you don’t have the annoyance of remembering to buy new passes when you use them up.  And then get stranded somewhere with no pass.  Not that this has ever happened to me.

I will definitely be getting this perk but, since it’s not an emergency and I can live with the 1-hour passes for a little longer, I have time to make sure I’m financially stable before investing credits in this.  It is also embarrassing to run out of repair money mid-raid.  Not that this has happened to me either…

Guild Bank On Personal Starship.  I already have the rest of the starship junk on my ship, but I’ve always parked on the fleet specifically because of the guild bank.  Well no more.  So long, fleet losers, I’ll see your lag and load times in hell.

Given that I’m no longer GM of anything and no longer paw through the gbank on a daily basis, this one can wait a while until I manage to casually gather the cash or find myself rolling in cartel coins.

Did I miss anything?  What are you excited about for this patch?

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