Character Customization: Hair Shortcuts And Hair Attention To Detail

You just looked at the title and said “what the fuck is she talking about?” didn’t you?  Let me explain.

In the standard array of hairdos, there are many hairdos that simply variants of a base hairdo to which additions are grafted to create 3 or 4 versions.

For example, Elara’s hairdo, the standard bun, has 3 variants.  There’s also a “larger” bun and then a bun with a little hair spilling out the top.  Same base hairdo, different variants.


Some variants work better than others.  The Elara bun works pretty well.  However, there are some others that just look cheap or sloppy because they took the base hairdo as a shortcut, and the base hairdo is completely inappropriate for those purposes.

Let’s take this short hairdo.  It works just fine as a short hairdo, right?


Then we add a ponytail to it, and shit goes off the rails.  The hairs are all facing the wrong way!  They are supposed to be gathered up, facing toward the base of the tail.  Instead, they are still slicked back, forehead to nape.  The nape of the neck still has a weird ridge, making it obvious that the hair is not swept UP from there into the ponytail like it should be.

And here’s another!


I just cannot pick a hairdo like that, no matter how cute it looks from afar, because the shortcuts and lack of attention to detail bother me too much.  It’s a sloppy graft of one hairdo onto another that does not stand up to marginally close scrutiny.

Now, let’s look at the new hairdos.  While I might think that some are stupid-looking, they also have some serious attention to detail.  Observe, for example, on the big elaborate bun plus braid: the hairs all face the right way, the braid’s start at the nape of the neck is elegant and seamless, and the hairline is damn near perfect.


I don’t really have a point to this observation.  So far, I really like the quality of the new hairdos but it sucks that we have to pay to unlock them.

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    I Put On My Big Girl Pants And Did An Op

    Two, actually.

    First was a 16-man Scum & Villainy Story Mode PUG.  Normally, I hate pugs.  But, in a fit of stupidity, I accepted the invitation.  Here’s why:

    • I need gear
    • I don’t know the fights at all and if I get all the derping out of my system with strangers, I should know wtf I’m doing when it’s time to do that raid with the guild.
    • Derping is less noticable in a 16-man.

    Needless to say, I derped quite a lot, but others derped more, so it’s not so bad.

    After the raid, I was psyched and ready to go on the guild run scheduled for the next night. But first, I needed to sort out DPS.  See, I hadn’t raided as carnage (combat) in a really long time, and the rotation has changed a hell of a lot with 2.0 – not as much with Annihilation.  So first I parsed a few minutes with carnage and then I switched and parsed a few minutes with annihilation.  The results were about the same.  However! (and this is a big however) I’m pretty good at doing the annihilation rotation right whereas I’m still fucking up the carnage rotation.  Stands to reason, therefore, that once I get the carnage rotation right, I’ll be doing higher dps than my anni dps.  So I’ll stick it out for the win.

    Keeping carnage spec, we started the raid, only to go to Toborro’s courtyard.  Oh yea, the one thing I hadn’t studied before the raid.  DUH on me.  I did croak most stupidly  to the big fat fire thing, but once I had seen it once, it was pretty easy to avoid.

    Then we did the weekly so we’d get extra comms – and it turned out to be TFB.  I was so relieved because I did a hell of a lot of TFB before 2.0 and know what the hell I’m doing there.

    What is INTERESTING though is doing things with a new group.  For example, on Operator IX, we always called out the pylon positions as “o’clocks”. They call them out as “right/left” from a certain doorway.  This will take an adjustment in my thinking, but isn’t a big deal.

    Stay tuned for the next edition of Njessie the Sithie Pwns Face.

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      Getting Raid Ready (Again)

      … I mean ops. Totally Ops.

      So, I hit 55 on my Marauder, and it’s been a mad scramble to get my butt ready for raids ASAP.


      But it’s totally different this time!  Granted this is a new character, a new guild, a new raiding program, but unlike my first 50, I have resources out the wazoo.  Between my own crafters and the crafters of my fellow former-snarkers, I had gear before I even had the levels to use it!

      Here’s my checklist.

      (1) Wardrobe – Complete!

      I bought some badass lightsaber crystals which match my outfit, and I feel that I’m screenshot-ready for kill shots!


      (2) Gearing – Mostly Done

      Everything is 66-quality except my craptastic relics.  I’m working on getting the comms to improve them.

      (3) Augmenting all the things – Almost there

      I have 12 augments slotted, 2 to go.  I’m not slotting the aforementioned 2 craptastic relics until I upgrade them.  I spent so much cash on augmenting items.  It is so sad.

      (4) Consumables – Check!

      For some dumbass reason, I have two maxed-out biotoons, so I’m cranking out some stims and adrenals, no problem.  Not worried at all about that supply.

      (5) Field respec – Check!

      Just because I’m a pure-dps toon doesn’t mean the group doesn’t benefit from field respec.  I will switch from Carnage to Annihilation, if the fight really calls for it.  (Usually it’s when I need-need a 6-second interrupt.)

      (6) Repair Bot – Check!

      I feel like a repair bot is unnecessary if I plan to be perfect and never ever forget to repair.  Ahem. Um.. yeah.

      (7) Get the quests – Need to do

      I haven’t done any of the raids, on any mode, on this new toon.  I don’t want to miss out on the “first time through” rewards because I was a dumbass and forgot to get the first-time quest.  Because nobody wants to wait for me to go through dialogue, that should be done well in advance of raid time.

      Having said that, I got a little lost and, erm, I can’t find them on the Ziost.  Also, the Ziost is WAY COOLER than the Gav.  It’s kind of embarrassing.

      (8) Researching – Is this ever finished?  NO!

      Help me, Dulfy, you’re my only hope!  Multiple sources are always best, to really cement in what the fight looks like, so I’ll be searching around for some more guides.  There is no such THING as being overprepared.

      (9) Practice – Also Never Finished

      I have a few hot dates with Mox and the target dummy in the next few days. It doesn’t matter that this toon is exactly the same as my main, or that I (mostly) know what I’m doing.  Muscle memory can always be improved.

      So far, the resetting cooldowns on Carnage are proving to be a challenge.  And tracking the buff that we didn’t have to track before for force scream is total bullshit.  And the ability action queue seems “not quite right.” I suspect I’m being thrown off because the lightsaber slashy noises are slightly different than those of a Sentinel and it’s throwing off my timing and mojo.

      But other than that, I’m doing awesomely!

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        The Path To Makeb Is Paved With Stupidity

        Well, I finished my class story and it was AAAWESOME.

        being badass

        Be a sith warrior.  Seriously.  There is so much badassery.

        Then I made my outfit.  I am going for a “completely crafted by me” set… although obviously not crafted by the same toon.  Would like new lightsaber crystals but, whatever.


        The shirt and pants are the Ablative Plasteel set (synth), with primary deep purple dye kits on.  The boots and gloves are the Resilient Lacqerous set (synth) with secondary deep purple dye kits on.  The dye kits are artifice craftable  from the trainer.  And, of course, it helped that the other colors on the outfit were black or gray, so I wouldn’t get horrible clown-looking.  The belt is just the warrior belt (synth), no color matching, no dye.

        I’m not quite at Makeb yet because I’m strategically grabbing the low-hanging-fruit of xp from Ilum and Belsavis dailies/bonus series.  So far Level 52.  I discovered last time that I barely got 3 levels out of Makeb, so I don’t want to be stranded at the end of Makeb and have to actually run flashpoints with other people for XP because, ew, other people.

        Then, finally, I will head to Makeb… to BSOCK that hawt sithie pureblood.  I’ve had, shall we say, “red fever”1, since I was presented with Scourge who is NOT bsockable.

        Before making out with some serious tentacle2, I have to tie up some loose ends with Dr. Quinn, Lameass.  I don’t know why I even bother with spoiler tags since I make most of this shit up for comic value anyway.  But here you go:


        1. Is “red fever” racist when applied to sithies?
        2. oh gawd, that sounds nasty and/or perverse

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          Parallel Paths: Companion Conversations And Class Story

          I have long suspected that it is pretty much impossible to predict when someone will trigger a companion conversation, and when that will occur in the overarching story.  The companion dialogue has to be written essentially blind and not reference things that may or may not have happened.  Equally, the main story is written blind to what may or may not have transpired between your character and the companion.  While some companion conversations are gated by getting to a certain chapter, that’s about it.  You can finish up most companion conversations at the beginning of Chapter 3, provided that you have enough affection.

          The romance options are tricky in this regard.  In the main story when you have the opportunity to flirt, the answer is usually something noncommittal.  More than once, my character had been married to the companion in question, and a [flirt] in the main story line was met with a generic reaction that could be applicable to dating, marriage (less so), or neither.  I noted that Torian in the BH story was quite smitten with my toon in the main storyline conversations but then was subsequently standoffish with her in companion conversations until bribed sufficiently with guns and ammo.

          Then we get to Mr. Quinn.  AHEM!


          ***NO, SERIOUSLY, STOP READING.***

          ***I MEAN IT.***

          ***ANYBODY WANT A PEANUT?***

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            Njessi’s Closet

            This is a boring list of what my toons are wearing.  Taking pictures is a pain in the butt, by the way.  I’m not about to find wardrobes of xmas past.

            The goal for most of my characters is to make them look like their own class.  I don’t want my bounty hunter to look like a smuggler.

            Njessi – Sentinel

            I think that bulky robes are a little ridiculous for a sentinel when your job is to JUMP around smacking the shit out of things.



            • Jolee Bindo chest & bracers (cartel)
            • Space Pants (space vendor) – color matched. Best. Pants. Ever.
            • Drelliad Boots (armormech) – color matched
            • Sentinel Exalted hat (legacy vendor) – color matched
            • Relaxed uniform belt (cartel) – color matched
            • Invisible Gloves (cartel)

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              In Fact, Pierce Is Better Than Quinn Too

              Malavai Quinn keeps sinking lower in my estimation.  He never shuts the hell up, thinks he runs my ship, and totally does NOT remind me of my husband as he keeps being an anal-retentive twit.  The honeymoon’s over, if it ever started, which it didn’t, because he’s apparently scared shitless of girl-cooties or something.

              Enter Pierce.  Rawr!  This guy oozes testosterone – not in a sleazy Doc way, but more in a “yeah I bit the head off that snake, what of it?” way.  You know, the kind of guy you could set loose in the forest with a Q-tip as his only weapon, and he’d kill all the things (then clean his ears).

              Suddenly, Malavai Quinn realizes that he might lose his shot now that he’s not the only weiner on the ship.  You snooze, you lose, buddy.

              Quinn, we're a little busy right now. (AWKWARD!)

              Quinn, we’re a little busy right now. (AWKWARD!)

              He starts giving the “-1 of shame” when Njessie says anything nice to Pierce, and then starts bossing Pierce around the ship.  I can only imagine the lectures that poor Pierce is getting about “why one must squeegie the shower immediately after use to prevent soap scum” or “the proper folding of socks.”

              Boys, boys… don’t fight over me (I halfheartedly protest, as I grab some popcorn and watch the show).

              Malavai Quinn’s newfound initiative lasts about the 5 parsecs it takes to get to the Hoth orbital station, at which point, unsurprisingly given his reaction to the heat of Tatooine,  he cowers and yammers about the cold before we even exit the ship.1

              The shivering animation does not improve my opinion of him.

              The shivering animation does not improve my opinion of him.

              Dear Quinn, you are losing affection with ME right and left. -40 of Shame.

              Meanwhile, Pierce is ready to go.  He practically begs to be taken down to the planet.  That’s the spirit!

              And I didn't even give him a Qtip...

              And I didn’t even give him a Qtip…

              Of course, I prefer to level with a healer at my back, so I take Quinn anyway.  In RP-terms, I like to think I’m dragging Quinn across snowdrifts just to punish him for the incessant whining.  My inner sith takes sick satisfaction in the fact that his bits might freeze off.

              1. Looking back, it appears that my other not-so-favorite companion Tharan had the same reaction to Hoth.

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                Jaesa Wilsaam Is Better Than Quinn

                After having to listen to Quinn’s bullshit for however-many levels (I should have taken Vette with me instead), I was looking forward to a new companion.


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                  [Marauder/Sentinel] Leveling As Rage/Focus Is Good

                  In the spirit of Trying New Things, I tried Focus spec for a few levels when I took my Sentinel through Makeb.  I did not love it, especially since I was comparing it to the Focus spec of pre-2.0 when the Force Sweep (Smash) actually hit hard.  Cry.

                  Now in the spirit of Still Trying New Things, I’m leveling my marauder as rage.  This time, I’m quite impressed. While the top of the tree is lackluster, and pretty nerfed, the bottom portion of the tree packs a nice wallop for low levels.

                  At lower levels, Focus/Rage spec buffs your already frequently-used aoe Force Sweep (Smash), but more than that, provides decent single-target burst damage.  At level 20, you can get Zealous Leap (Obliterate).  It creates a powerful (and cheap) combo since it  procs a freebie Blade Storm (Force Scream) via the Momentum (Battle Cry) talent.  There’s pretty much no ramp-up time, since you just hop in there and start smacking things around.  A few levels later, Zealous Leap (Obliterate) also buffs the next Force Sweep (Smash) to be an auto-crit.

                  Since Zealous Leap (Obliterate) is also a small gap closer, this spec is pretty nice for mobility within the same pull – jumping to the next mob that is 4-10m away.  This effect is similar to taking Close Quarters in the Annihilation/Watchman tree.

                  Powerful burst and powerful aoe low down in the tree make this spec a winner at lower levels.  Having said that, I’m at level 36 now, and I will likely switch specs soon.  Both the other specs outperform this one at higher levels, and now that  Force Sweep (Smash) has been nerfed quite a bit, it’s not worth keeping the spec just for marginally improved AOE at the expense of single-target pwndom.

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                    Malavai Quinn, Doctor of Whining

                    Holy geez, I thought Mako was a whiner, but prissypants Quinn takes the cake in this regard.  So far he’s QQ’ed to me about a bunch of things.

                    “I don’t think we can wiiiin” – hello, I’m a Sith, I always win.  ALWAYS.  (Even in a sports bra.)

                    Then I killed something nasty and he started pissing and whining about the smell.

                    Click to embiggen if you want to read the content of the "eew it is stinky" whine.

                    Click to embiggen if you want to read the content of the “eew it is stinky” whine.

                    Seriously?  There was a dialogue option for “quit your bellyaching” (literally, the dialogue wheel said “bellyaching”) so I told him to STFU in no uncertain terms.  I guess I’m used to the republic side where the companions will argue back or cry, but he just said “Point taken, my lord.”  Now if only people did that in real life.

                    Just as I had forgotten about his lengthy protests regarding killed-beast-odors, he starts yammering about Tatooine being HOT of all things.  No shit, really?  I can’t wait to get him to Hoth.  In his underwear.

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