About This Blog

This blog is about Star Wars: The Old Republic

Fashion and Crafting

I’m a tailor at heart from my SWG days, and I’m very interested in fashion.  I keep a gallery of the worst. fashion. ever.  For what I consider “good” fashion, see my Tor-Fashion Page.

Healing Stuff

I have opinions about healing.

Marauder/Sentinel Stuff

I have played a sentinel/marauder since launch – and while I’m raiding as a healer lately, I still keep on top of the marauder changes.

Srs Bzns Casual Raiding

For me, casual is the amount of time that I have available to play, not the amount of effort I’m putting in.  Casual does not mean half-assed.  It just means prioritizing game-time… and for me, that priority is raiding.

Other Crap That Catches My Attention

Alts, stories, ui… you get the idea.

Posting Schedule

Oh haha, that’s a good one.

About Hawtpants

In Star Wars Galaxies, I played a Tailor.  And, well, there was a pattern for “hot pants.”  They were quite silly looking on men.  Quite a few people hated them.  So, of course, they became very popular among entertainers.

Then they became “Hawtpants” in popular lingo, spelled just like that.  I have no idea why.

As the infamous Balgosa Windspire made video after video showcasing the garment, “Hawtpants!” became a rallying cry of several contingents: tailors, entertainers, and some correspondents.  And silly people.

If you can watch that video without snickering and immediately loving hawtpants, you have no soul. Later videos were more polished, of course. My toon was even in one!1 But this one I remember fondly as being released at the inception of the hawtpants craze and proudly displayed at the first SWG fan fest.

Team Hawtpants” was then created, as a rallying cry for those who loved wearing hot pants.2

In response, the Ranger community created its own Team: RATGWNIWNU (Rangers Against That Garment Whose Name I Will Not Utter).  Yes, we were really silly.3

It gets better! When another set of hawtpants was introduced to the game, it was spelled exactly like that:

SQUEE! Folks, I could not make this shit up if I tried.

So, in honor of the HELL of a lot of fun we had while playing SWG, in honor of the non-fighting crafters and entertainers who proved that you can have a full game experience without shooting a single nuna, this blog is named for you. 4

About Njessi

After playing a healer in 3 different MMO’s, I branched out and I’m now playing a Sith Marauder as my main…

Serious sithie is serious.

Serious sithie is serious.

Well, that was the plan.  After two years of that, I’ve was lured back to the dark side of healing, and was raiding as my operative.

Serious operative is serious too.

Serious operative is serious too.

But wait.  There’s more.  On returning to the game, I’ve picked up sorcerer healing for raiding purposes.

Serious sorcerer is bald.

How does one pronounce “Njessi”?

TL;DR, I say the “N” is silent.  This is probably not the case.  Shut up.

You swear a lot.

Too fucking bad.


I met my husband at the Star Wars Galaxies Fan Fest.  He was the infamous forum troll, Jounville Blackferne5.

A few years later, we were ready to spawn.  As you know from health class, when a mommy gamer and a daddy gamer love each other very much… they go by GameStop and purchase a baby gamer.  And, like Amazon pre-orders, the delivery date is just a rough estimate. The Little Jedi is 8 but isn’t quite ready to raid yet.  She is a big fan of light side choices, currying favor with T7, and decorating her stronghold.

We both have full-time jobs so our playtime is limited.  We’re definitely “casual” players.

MMO Gaming

I am getting old, so clearly I played a bunch of other MMO’s before this one.

Dark Age of Camelot

DAOC was my first MMO.  I admit that I had no flippin clue what I was doing at that point.

DAOC is where I encountered Njessi, this godawful sea monster patrolling a river in the newbie area, who had a bad habit of chomping me when I was trying to cross.6

Nom Nom Delicious Dwarf Healer.

Star Wars Galaxies

I started playing Star Wars Galaxies at the game’s launch as a Tailor and Image Designer.  Yeah, laugh it up.  Tailoring is how I developed my love for hawtpants.

I chose yellow skin because it went well with red clothes, duh.

For a while, I was also the Tailor Correspondent who solicited feedback from the players (on tailoring) and took it to the devs.7  It was fun to be involved in the process, but a lot of not-so-glamorous work, mostly lists and reports (of feature requests, bugs, etc).  I also did some work on SWGTailor, an unofficial resource for tailors.8

But when the NGE came along, many in the community (myself included) just could not stomach the sweeping changes to, and essentially the destruction of, the sandbox they had “inhabited” for over two years.

That was my shop! (Click to embiggen)

World of Warcraft

In WoW, I did my first srs bzns gaming.  I became a raider (healer)!  I researched, became proficient, and maybe even a little leet.  I even had a blog, Murloc Parliament, where I pretended to know what the hell I was talking about.9

Suck it, Arthas!

Unfortunately, my fashion sense suffered for it, as I had to dress based on stats, not aesthetics.

The. Horror.

I left to play SWTOR, then came back briefly during Warlords of Draenor.


My time in Wildstar was pretty short-lived.  It was awesome to decorate and run around blasting things.


However, I got to the endgame and realized there was no raiding in sight for a casual player.


Here I am, Back in SWTOR, take two.


Questions?  Comments? Contact me.  If you’re thinking of resubbing and don’t already have a referral link, here’s mine.

  1. The yellow Twi’lek in Fett’s Vette.
  2. Are you a member of TEAM HAWTPANTS?  Let me know!
  3. While doing a search, I found that the fires still burn in the corners of the interweb.
  4. Suck it, RATGWNIWNU.
  5. Since I met him at Fanfest he earned the nickname “Teh Fanboi” in some circles
  6. And I’m not the only one.  She has practically a cult following.
  7. My forum name in those days was NJ62 which I thought was gender-neutral.  It took about 30 seconds for people to figure out from my posting style that I was female.  Except J3ster, who was quite suprised at fanfest! But I digress…
  8. Holy crap, while looking for hawtpants pictures, I saw that SWGTailor is still hosted on the web, though not updated.  Talk about a blast from the past!  Mah old articles are there under the name “n’Jessi”!
  9. And now I’m going to pretend I know what I’m talking about here on this blog.