After I self-chastised for failing to do… really anything, I finally buckled down and finished the trooper story.  Done.  Bleh.  It would have been more fun if my last class to go had been imp side where I have a guild and stuff, but I’m never pub side anymore, so it was lonely and lame.

You're impressed by my showy icon.

You’re awed by my showy icon.

Not gonna lie – I was unimpressed.  After the “holy shit” moment at the end of the starter planet, which was awesome, everything went to crap.

Our slow mo walk away from... the chancellor's office.  Where's a background explosion when you need one?

Our slow mo walk away from… the chancellor’s office. Where’s a background explosion when you need one?

I was particularly annoyed with the most recent Corellia tasks. I’m supposed to gather rebel leaders to my cause.  I had to literally drive over to a doorway, go into a room, talk to a guy, say the same exact thing, and watch his team roll out.  Drive to the next door.  Repeat.  Three times.  There weren’t even any dialogue options.  After that, “[Flip Garza the bird]” should have been on the discussion wheel.

"Y'all can go on vacation now, k?"

“Y’all can go on vacation now, k?”

I was so done after I finished chapter 3.  Yes, I still have a pending quest.  Apparently, Socks wants me to go with him somewhere and until I do that, he won’t propose or want to have kittens.  I’m ok with leaving that unfinished.  I’m still cheesed off at him for yakking on the clean sheets (true story, unfortunately more IRL than in-game).


Little Yellow Icon Is Mine — 5 Comments

  1. Congratulations! My pet tank still doesn’t have the yellow icon because he’s too lazy to finish up his Sith warrior…

  2. Grats! It was only at the end of 2015 I got mine. And I totally agree about the commando story. I loved the first chapter (especially the end, at the start I was so annoyed with Jorgan!), but after that it became less interesting. Veterans (like, the real thing) tell me they can’t recognize themselves in the story because there is so much corruption. Which I can understand, if you’re looking forward to getting that feeling of belonging they may have had in the RL army.

  3. Congrats!

    I still have to work on my Agent, but I’m enjoying playing with a Smuggler (again), although this time a female Smuggler.

  4. I just don’t get the Aric hate. I love Captain Jorgan. Trooper was my main and I’ve got five of them in total, two of which are geared for raiding.

    I pick Jorgan as my XO each time. Don’t even know what that dialogue option IS for not doing so. I like the cat. Part of it is that I find him to be quite well-written as a career military leader. You may not always like him, but you will respect him. He and I get along because we have very similar personalities – I’m a US Army Combat Engineer NCO myself. As Rav notes, a lot of the ‘oh, the Republic Army is soooo corrupt’ turns me off but I can ignore it because of how much I like the team’s interactions and the good parts of the storyline. Of course, I also play it very straight-edge ‘duty, honor, country’ and light-side, not making dishonorable compromises for momentary tactical gain. I think it would be a quite different experience if I did it that way.