NO NO NO!  I’m about to throw a tantrum.  Isn’t it a bit too late to nerf the crap out of something halfway through an expansion?  Like when they suddenly changed crafting. Boooo.

Here’s the official post:


  • Dark Heal now has a base cost of 70 Force (up from 55 Force) and heals for slightly more (.49%).
  • Resurgence now has a base cost of 40 Force (up from 30 Force) and heals for a bit more (4.94% for the instant heal, and 3.70% for the heal over time.).
  • Static Barrier now has a base cost of 45 Force (up from 35 Force) and absorbs slightly more damage (1.43%).


  • Dark Infusion now has a base cost of 45 Force (up from 37) and heals for a bit more (3.25%).
  • Innervate now has a base cost of 60 Force (up from 48) and heals for a bit more (4.04%).
  • Revivification now has a base cost of 75 Force (up from 60).
  • Roaming Mend now has a base cost of 65 Force (up from 50) and heals for slightly more (1.28%).
  • The healing done by Renewal has been increased (by 3.70%) to match the healing done by the heal over time portion of Resurgence.
  • Penetrating Darkness now increases your bonus healing by 3% (down from 5%)

Designer Note

Corruption Sorcerers are presently exceptional healers who outperform the other healing disciplines in the game and create unbalanced PvE and PvP scenarios. By increasing the Force costs of heals—and counterbalancing the cost increase with a slight healing boost—we are leveling the healing potential of the Corruption Sorcerer to better fit alongside other healing disciplines and combat encounters witnessed in game.

Some may wonder why we did not just increase the healing capabilities of the other healing disciplines in the game to match that of the Corruption Sorcerer. In this instance, we could not do that because all of the combat math for the game (both PvE and PvP) is balanced around the current healing capabilities of the other healing disciplines. So if we were to increase the healing capabilities of the other healing disciplines to match the healing capabilities of the Corruption Sorcerer, then healing would be more effective than intended, which would cause problems in both PvE and PvP.

We decided to increase Force costs and slightly improve the strength of individual healing abilities in this balancing initiative to prevent Corruption Sorcerers from feeling impotent following these changes. Burst healing should feel like what is on Live, yet the sustained healing experience will be notably decreased. This design lowers the average healing output of the Corruption Sorcerer to better match other healing disciplines while still allowing the Sorcerer’s individual heals to make an impact.

Basically we’re upping the force cost of everything by 20-30%, give or take, and upping the power of the spells by… .5-4%.  Much boo.  As a practical matter, this means:

  • More GCDs spent tapping for force
  • Fewer insta-heal-puddles (because we’ll be using the charges to force tap).
  • Fewer insta-roaming-mends (where all charges go off without the target taking damage) because resurgence needs to be used on innervate to get the stacks at all costs.

This makes me stabby.  I don’t care that I was already OP.  This change may force me to change my habits.  I’m way too lazy for that.

What will cheer me up?  I know, I’ll snicker at Quinn.

quinn feels pretty

This shit never gets old.


Mom, Bioware Hit Me With The Nerf Bat! — 4 Comments

  1. One of the things that turned me off of WoW after many, many years was continually having to relearn classes that I was perfectly content with. Don’t change stuff like this on me. I’m a paying customer. I like my sorc being over-healy and I like being able to breeze through content. I’m old and lazy…. well, no.. now I’m old, lazy, AND EXTREMELY CRANKY. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest various sensitive regions on the bodies of the SWTOR devs!

    • I actually share that particular sentiment but I think this is not a good comparison because it’s literally just a tweaking of numbers. Overall, Bioware has been pretty good about avoiding drastic play style changes. My Commando still feels very similar to how she played nearly five years ago, just a bit more mobile.

  2. I don’t mind this much, sorcs/sages are slightly outperformed the others, after all. The class has changed so many times since I started playing my sage healer as main (2012), I’m sure I’ll survive this. And, like Shintar already pointed out, no skill mechanics are being changed, so nothing needs to be relearned. I genuinely think it’s in everyone’s best interest when all three healer classes are well balanced: I mean, remember when you *needed* at least one operative/scoundrel healer to get past that particular boss in Nightmare mode? Sigh.

  3. Oh, it’s a perfectly reasonable change, but it’s inconvenient for ME, and this game is all about ME.