Thankfully readers have provided me with examples of horrible fashions that I can share with you.  You can find previous atrocities in the fashion hall of shame.

Star Wars The Old Republic-12-02-2015 14-25-54

Porkins + Bobafatt. When's the wedding?

Porkinsdahutt + Bobba’fat. When’s the wedding?

He's the best man at the aforementioned wedding.

He’s the best man at the aforementioned wedding.

And his cousin...

And his cousin…

This guy is invited too.

This guy is invited too.

Star Wars The Old Republic-12-28-2014 21-42-34 Name Snugglebunny


Star Wars The Old Republic-12-20-2014 22-03-51 Name GenericNPC

Star Wars The Old Republic-12-17-2014 14-05-19 Name Bigg Hutts

Star Wars The Old Republic-11-26-2015 12-10-44

Star Wars The Old Republic-10-29-2014 12-14-39 Name Ahchoo

Star Wars The Old Republic-11-14-2015 14-00-48 Name

Star Wars The Old Republic-09-18-2014 10-47-51 Names

Star Wars The Old Republic-10-07-2015 22-21-49 Names Pewwpeww Smith


Star Wars The Old Republic-09-05-2014 12-16-05 Silly names

Star Wars The Old Republic-08-27-2014 10-04-49 Silly names (and questionable dyes)

Star Wars The Old Republic-08-02-2014 14-07-05 Silly names

Star Wars The Old Republic-08-16-2014 13-06-29 Silly names

Star Wars The Old Republic-06-12-2015 9-43-41 Name (Guild) and Silly Hat



Silly name aside, check out the hat + lekku nightmare.




screenshot_2015-12-03_23_05_06_803981 (2)

Star Wars The Old Republic-10-29-2014 12-14-28 Svetlana, is that you

Star Wars The Old Republic-09-16-2014 12-23-04 Saved for the name





Star Wars The Old Republic-02-17-2015 20-15-19 Name


Slacker Finally Updates Hall Of Shame — 7 Comments

  1. Interesting how one picture of Pusae-katt seems to be taken from the character selection screen. Your blog posts may be inspiring people to go down a dark path! D:

    • Hey, he clicked the “submission for the hall of shame” box on the contact form. Speaking of dark paths, one of my guildies named an alt “Underboob”, which got past the name filter, and is wearing… well duh.

  2. Lordy! I see two inclusions of mine that came from one screen grab. The horrors of being on an RP server…

    I think I also might have another eye-bleeder, but I am hesitant to unleash it onto the innocent.

  3. Bobba Fett might be rolling in his grave right now.

    Still not sure what is a Snugglebunny.