I was pretty damn annoyed at grinding out 50 more levels of crafting, but I have been mollified by the surprise changes for artifice.

First, New Color Crystals:

  • Advanced Black-Cyan Color Crystal (Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible, Artifice 400)
  • Advanced Black-White Color Crystal (Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible, Artifice 450)
  • Advanced Amethyst Color Crystal (Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible, Artifice 500)
  • Advanced Fire Red Color Crystal (Eviscerating/Hawkeye/Indestructible, Artifice 500)

I’d use these colors!  Now it would be VERY nice if we could change our weapons with the outfit designer, so that I could match my crystals to my outfit… but for now, this is still good.

Now New Dyes:

  • Dark Pink and Dark Blue Dye Module (Artifice 520) [eh… maybe]
  • Deep Yellow and Dark Brown Dye Module (Artifice 520) [I dub thee “baby poop“]
  • Medium Gray and Medium Gray Dye Module (Artifice 520) [where have you been all my life?]
  • White and Light Gray Dye Module (Artifice 520) [useful!]

I’d use two of these, and that’s a win in my book.  While I’m not wild about dark pink/dark blue, I don’t think we have any other dark pink options that are craftable, and for a single-color outfit where you want dark pink it’s far cheaper than buying a dark pink/whatever on the GTN.  I wonder how the XoXaan outfit would look…

You can probably guess which crafter of mine is getting some luv as soon as 4.1 hits.  Actually it might be my biochemist because of raiding stims, but after that, it’s all about the dyes.

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