What the everlovin’ fuckcrap, Bioware?

Courtesy of Dulfy’s writeup, I find out THIS about crafting.

Skill increase to 550

This will affect the augment MK levels (you will need to be 550 to craft the max level ones)

New materials

Are you reading this shit? I think I broke my F key.

You know, months into an expansion, months after the level cap has increased, I totally want to be grinding crafting.  I want to send out my idiots to gather yet more materials and find a place to store them. And, most importantly, I love re-augmenting my gear.  OH WAIT NO I DO NOT.

Sure, we needed better crafted gear, but torturing us and boring us to death is not the answer.


There Are Not Enough Swear Words Regarding The Crafting Changes — 3 Comments

  1. It does seem like a strange time to do this. I was actually hoping for a skill increase with KotFE, but at the time they were all “nope, we’re just re-tuning the crew skill system from the ground up”. Springing this on us only about three months later is rather annoying – I still haven’t even adjusted to all the 4.0 changes, such as which crew skill makes what augments now… knowledge and habits accumulated over the course of several years are hard to unlearn.

  2. I’ve never been a great fan of crafting in SWTOR; it seemed a bit too grindy to me. But with the KotFE changes (requiring blue stuff just to make mods an’ stuff) I’ve completely given the hell up on it. I’ll just gather, sell, and buy my augs, mods, and barrels like the rest of the plebs. SWTOR does a lot of stuff right, but man alive did they screw the bantha in the pudu-hole on crafting.

  3. Granted that I am not participating in high stakes end-game activities, I’ve pretty much decided that a gathering skill (preferably Slicing, but Scooter often takes that) and two mission skills (for the Companion gifts, even though they seem to peter out at the top) is the best way to go. Crafting, even when it’s my minions doing it, has never seemed worth the time and resources.