A Welcome Reduction Of Companions In Bikinis — 8 Comments

  1. I really cannot decide which of your humiliating Quinn outfits I love the most. I really wish I’d punished Theran more when I had the chance and was playing Pub side.

    • Surprisingly, I had trouble with Quinn’s outfit because of his zombie customization. It kept turning exposed flesh jet black OR (god forbid) putting a long-sleeved undershirt on him. I decided that I’d stick him in a silly hat instead and use the zombie customization on the Quinn that belongs to my baby juggernaut.

  2. Just for you Njessi I will come up with a better outfit for Mako than the bikini I had placed her in. I did have your shame in the back of the mind while I equipped her. Now that you’re back and there’s a chance I might get screengrabbed, I must take care to rejoin polite society.

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