Have you noticed that you can’t dress up Lana?  Yeah, that’s probably because Bioware has seen how there are multiple Kiras/Rishas/Makos on the fleet in bikinis and Lana in a bikini is undignified.  Or Senya.  I mean seriously.

We have lost the right to dress up many of our new companions, and it’s likely because some people abused that right with the old companions.  This is why we can’t have nice things.

To be fair, I’m likely to blame as much as anyone else for this change.  After all, I did outfit Skadge and Quinn in a similarly undignified manner.


quinn feels pretty

That is what they get for being such unrepentant assholes.


A Welcome Reduction Of Companions In Bikinis — 8 Comments

  1. I really cannot decide which of your humiliating Quinn outfits I love the most. I really wish I’d punished Theran more when I had the chance and was playing Pub side.

    • Surprisingly, I had trouble with Quinn’s outfit because of his zombie customization. It kept turning exposed flesh jet black OR (god forbid) putting a long-sleeved undershirt on him. I decided that I’d stick him in a silly hat instead and use the zombie customization on the Quinn that belongs to my baby juggernaut.

  2. Just for you Njessi I will come up with a better outfit for Mako than the bikini I had placed her in. I did have your shame in the back of the mind while I equipped her. Now that you’re back and there’s a chance I might get screengrabbed, I must take care to rejoin polite society.