I know you’re jonesing to marathon game right freakin now because KOTFE just launched, but you need to save some of that drive for November 7, 2015, for the Extra Life Charity Gaming Marathon.

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Do it because you want to have an excuse to game for so long that you have to pee in a bucket.  Do it because you secretly want to hang with the awesome people on the Harbinger server.  Do it because you don’t hate children (although they really need to get off your lawn).

OK, fine, you got me, there will also be prizes.  Do you want a BB-8 droid?  I sure as shit do.

And here’s my personal promise to you.  If you participate in this thing, you have a Get Out Of Hall Of Shame Free card for life.  I’ll delete any pictures of your horrible garb that I currently have or obtain in the future.1  You can dress up like Santa-with-underboob and do the chicken dance in front of me on the fleet and I can’t do shit about it.  You can create a character on the Harbinger server for the event named “Ilikeboobs” or “Scrotumjedi”, post the pictures on Twitter, and laugh at me while I gnash my teeth in dismay.

Rest of the details are here:

Extra Life is part of the Children’s Miracle Network charity which is a highly rated organization for hospitalized kids. Participants choose which hospital to sponsor by playing for either a full 24­-hour marathon or a 12-­hour half marathon. They ask their friends and family to sponsor them like a bike­athon or 5k. There are some prizes to be won this year, including a Sphero BB-8 droid, SWTOR Cartel Coin Cards, Cartel Packs, rare in-­game items and other Star Wars related prizes that will be announced as the event draws near. Portions of the event will be streamed by Vulkk. Some of the player events this year will be:

  • Group tauntaun mount hunt (everyone gets a tauntaun mount by the end!)
  • Taunlet Pet quest to get the vanity pet
  • HK Quest Chain (Pub side only this time, we did it on Imp side during our May Extra Life Preseason event)
  • Fleet Datacron (10+ to each stat)
  • Leveling Race (1­-15 on new toon)
  • Parade of Homes (Stronghold tours)
  • Hide & Seek/ Scavenger Hunt
  • World Bosses to get achieves and titles such as “Lucky”
  • Live DJ Dance Party at Shai Tenna’s Pleasure Den on Hoth
  • Lots of giveaways just for showing up and playing!

The event runs from 8am November 7 until 8am November 8, 2015. Players can also opt for the 12­-hour option from 8am – ­8pm Nov 7.

The team is hosted by the guilds Unholy Alliance (Imperial) and Wookiee Mistake (Republic) on the Harbinger server but ANYONE is welcome to join the team or sponsor a member­­ no guild membership required at all. To sign up, go to unholyalliance.org/extralife.

  1. Of course you have to tell me, I’m not psychic.


Extra Life Charity Gaming Marathon November 7, 2015 — 4 Comments

  1. I dunno… A benefit for innocent children who really really deserve it versus a lifelong license to flaunt the most horrendously bad fashion without ridicule? That must have been a really tough call. Are you sure you can live this decision?

    • Well I’m quaking in my boots because two people have already informed me that they must create a toon on Harbinger named “Scrotumjedi.” The sad thing is the name is probably taken.