As I predicted, the Lana romance ended bitterly.

Spoilers below!

I was prepared for the brush-off after Yavin 4 and was not surprised when this happened.

[Translation: It's um, my job, I don't have room in my life for blah blah.]

“What’s clear is I’ll need to reestablish order in my life.  That means doing away with any… intricate entanglements. [It’s um, my job, I don’t have room in my life for um, it’s not you it’s me?]


swtor 2015-09-26 17-27-14-61

“Come on – that’s overkill.” [I call bullshit on your lameass excuse for dumping me.]

After which poor dumped Njessie gets the option to kiss Lana.  After getting dumped for a bullshit reason?  I think not.  Sith hold grudges.  Because we’re sith.  Duh.

Lana gets her promotion, I half-assedly wish her well and hustle off to Ziost where she shows up at a particularly convenient time.

swtor 2015-10-03 18-15-14-00

“I think you were eavesdropping. I think you can’t stop thinking about me.” [Now I bet you’re sorry you dumped me, you evil thing.]

swtor 2015-10-03 18-14-52-11

“I would hope you’re joking except this is hardly the time for it. And by the way, do look behind you.” [Pshaw, do NOT want you back, OH LOOK A DISTRACTION.]

Ouuuuch again.  After that twice-spurned Njessie was most uncooperative.

Seriously, girl can’t catch a break.  Let’s look at the evidence:

Njessie pursues Quinn and he turns her down. Then Quinn does what Quinn does.  Choking occurs.

A gratuitous repeat of my favorite chokey picture.

A gratuitous repeat of my favorite chokey picture.

And he totally deserved it.

And he totally deserved it.

Then Quinn attempts to get busy.  And attempts again.

Then there was Pierce.

"Lookit how manly I am, yo."

“Lookit how manly I am, yo.”

He was, sadly, a one-BSOCK wonder.

Now Lana is giving the tired “It’s not you, it’s me” lines followed by contemptuous dismissal.  Oh I don’t think so.

Being frozen in carbonite does not diminish rage at all.  She’s gonna be super-sorry when Njessie unfreezes.


Welcome To Dumpsville. Population: Me. — 7 Comments

  1. Wow. Uh… My romance with Lana ended WAY better than that… Sith Inquisitor and her are in a relationship post-Ziost. But then, my Inqusitor’s reaction to the “we need to break to focus on important things” was “Well, obviously. This isn’t the time for romance. Maybe once things are taken care of.” And then after Ziost they were both like, “Screw it, if things are this crazy we might as well have something good.” and got together.

    But um… This is a good way to handle it too?

    • I guess my warrior was punished for not choosing the [kiss her] option at the end of Yavin. But dammit she has her pride!

      • Yeah, that was probably a decision point for the romance – and like in all Bioware games, you can either choose to continue or cancel the romance in those points. Guess the game took you choosing the other option as you stopping the romance.

  2. Never romance a spymaster. That’s the moral I took from those dumpings when I was in your shoes.

    • I assure you, I’ve learned my lesson. Future toons will steer clear of those devious heartbreakers.

  3. Partly because of the Quinn/Pierce thing, I decided Morrenia (my marauder) was going to be a “playa,” so she took it in stride when Lana broke it off, even kissing her. However, she did continue to tweak her at every opportunity, including the incident you mentioned that ends with Lana’s terse warning to “look behind you.” Syp of Bio Break feels like BioWare keeps throwing him together with an awkward ex.