Awesome clothing or well-decorated house?  I’m having to make some difficult choices on how to spend my limited credits.  Specifically awesome clothing for me or housing items and unlocks for Little Jedi.

Somehow Little Jedi swindled us out of at least 400k with her unlocks.  I’m not even putting a value on the buttloads of kits I made her, but it’s a lot.  Yet, in order to preserve family harmony, over the next month we are going to somehow scrape up 1 million credits for the stupid balcony unlock, or I’ll just buy a bunch of cartel coins, swearing the whole time.  And I know what will happen if I buy the cartel coins.  She’ll unlock the balcony… and then buy some other frivolous stuff, possibly even by accident, and then have no cartel coins… again.  And I’m out $20.

Speaking of cartel coins…

Me: [logging in with authenticator]

LJ: Ugh, you have to type in that number EVERY TIME you log in, it’s a pain in the butt.

Me: I know.  But now that you have more stuff, we need to get you an authenticator too so nobody hacks your account and gets all your stuff.

LJ:  Noooo it’s such a pain!

Me: You get an extra 100 cartel coins a month.


I must confess, though, I would have the 1 million credits already, had I not spent almost every liquid credit on an outfit.1  I’ve been stalking the GTN for a while on this outfit that normally sells for 10-15 mil.  Saturday morning I saw one for 2 mil.  I know I can get that much money together, and possibly before the damn thing sells!  With a short-term loan from Exile2, we snapped up the box.  I then logged in every toon I had, pooled my cash, and paid her back.3

So look at my badass self.4


Between the frivolous expenditures (above) and the painful amounts I’m spending ripping mods and augmenting stuff in my quest for raiding,5 it is no surprise that I never have any money.

  1. I do have a decent amount of capital in crafting supplies, but they would take a while to turn into credits
  2. Of Tor-Fashion fame.
  3. She said I didn’t have to, but my plan was to pay her back and if I didn’t do it right then, my money would be forfeit to the little beastie at some point and I’d never have enough.
  4.  Not the best screenshot because my fraps is misbehaving and making things blurry.  No idea why, but needs to be addressed before I post my new awesomeness to my Tor-Fashion Page.
  5. The TL;DR version is that I didn’t fail at raiding this weekend.  More later if anyone cares.


Credits Or Lack Thereof — 5 Comments

  1. This is where my playstyle has made me lucky. I have millions of credits despite never doing a single daily purely by the virtue of having 18 characters. You get so much money going through Makeb + Rishii + Yavin + Ziost already, and having done it 10 times now I’ve had no problem getting all the stupidly expensive stuff I want (like spending 5 million on one of the Throne mounts, buying all kinds of dyes, and picking up any Cartel Market armors from the GTN).

    Also not having a kid. I hear that helps you have more money in both games *and* real life. XD

    • I find that going through those planets makes me some cash, but augmenting all the things at the end leaves me broke.

  2. Wow I have been looking at that outfit for a while too. Just curious, what server are you on. Prices fluctuate quite a bit I’ve found.

    • I’m on Jedi Covenant. I’ve been stalking the outfit for weeks and someone must have been really hung over to list for 2 mil. YOINK.

  3. “Me: You get an extra 100 cartel coins a month.

    LJ: I WANT ONE.”

    I laughed so hard the middle mini-Red looked up from Splatoon and asked what I was laughing about.