Just as I thought I had seen everything, we have some new entries.  There are SO many this time, so let’s get to it!

Note: I do the editing, cropping, and uploading in batches or it takes a ridiculously long time.  If you sent pictures in the last week or so, it’s likely that was after this batch was done and edited and uploaded, and your images will be in the next batch.  You’ll have to wait for your monstrosities to see the light of day.

First, though, I want to start with AWESOME and then work our way down to suck.

Best Name Ever

Best Name Ever

Take THAT, John Travolta.

Take THAT, John Travolta.

Yeah, not that much awesome seen nowadays.  We’re already down to the fail section.

I’m switching things up a little – usually I put names last, but they’re kind of my favorite part…








crazies_you_meet_on_czerka cookie_monster


Picture time!  I’m putting a cut here so your browsers don’t explode on the front page of the blog.

those_shoes_with_that_whatever_it_is jedi_fashion Screenshot_2014-05-27_20_13_25_528832 Screenshot_2014-05-27_20_12_43_405423

punishing_nadia_and_yourself punishing_doc he_was_lvl50_smuggler_btw bluematchinghair Screenshot_2014-05-26_19_45_08_107532 Screenshot_2014-05-26_19_45_13_678851 Screenshot_2014-05-26_20_33_36_776898 Screenshot_2014-05-26_20_33_42_110203 Screenshot_2014-05-26_21_38_44_770423 bikinimismatchunderboob coldweathershirtless crazydyecrazyhat formalmako hoodienopants nekkeddyepurple nopantsredwithkaliyo pinkandmanly underboobbikinipants trainwreck purpandyellow pinkandyellowcompanion underboobcoverface whitenakeddye


New Hall Of Shame Entries In Which Readers Only Do Half The Work — 5 Comments

  1. I dunno, the white-blue dude in the republic jersey 70’s style is surprisingly well done. I mean, in dubious taste, but it obviously took some effort.

    • That’s the scary part, he put a lot of effort in creating something that melts our eyes.

    • I rather like that guy, too — except for the hat, it looks kind of like he was going for a Buzz Lightyear vibe. Of course, if that’s really what he’s trying to do, it would work better with more helmet-like hat and a white/bright green dye set — or does that dye combo not exist?

  2. Maybe because it’s been a meh week but the idea of a “Nasty-butlercat” keeps cracking me up at random intervals.

    • The funny part was that I saw Nasty-butler and Nasty-butlercat on different days. I had snapped one screenie and then totally forgotten about it and snapped the other. It was only when cropping images that I realized that the same dude was responsible for them.