A certain Little Jedi started watching the Star Wars films when she was 4.  First, she watched  A New Hope and PARTS of ESB and ROTJ (they are “scary”).  Later, we showed her movies 1 and 2 (yuck) which were not particularly interesting to her.  We didn’t let her see Revenge of the Sith until she turned 6 because it’s seriously scary.

We also have a copy of the Star Wars lego games.  You can throw stormtroopers out into space in their underpants (still wearing helmets).  This caused much giggling in the household, especially when the airlocking of underclad stormtroopers was preceded by “MOM!  WATCH AND LEARN!”

Anyway, let me share some observations of hers with you.

LJ: Qui Gonn Jinn is a GIRL.

Me: No, he’s a boy.

LJ: He has a ponytail.

Me: He has a beard!

LJ: …He’s a girl.

LJ: Tee hee, Luke is wearing a SWIM DIAPER!

If you are curious, this is a swim diaper:



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