I Should Probably Mention That I’m Also Playing Wildstar — 3 Comments

  1. Hope you have fun! 🙂 (Just not so much that it’ll keep you from blogging about SWTOR… /selfish)

    I’ll probably follow along at least for a while, as it’s always interesting to see how the launch of a new MMO works out compared to people’s expectations beforehand.

  2. So am I, funnily enough.


    Spellslinger = what Gunslinger/Sniper should have been mechanically, along with roll-to-cover actually working the way it was envisioned, you think?

    Regardless, I’m enjoying the class tremendously, despite feeling like a total noob with it (NOTE: Not “newb,” as that goes without saying for now — Wildstar definitely has a higher skill-cap than TOR can ever dream of. This is good!).

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