So I’m in a pug with my bounty hunter, Issen, rocking this cute outfit.


Aaaand the following occurs….

Pug Guy: Issen, this is a random question, but did you upload your look to Tor-Fashion?

Me: I totally did!

Pug Guy: And I totally saw it!

Squeal!  I was recognized in-game by my awesome fashion sense, guys.  For details on how to look as awesome as me, check out my tor-fashion page, and click on each outfit to see what pieces/dyes I used.  Also upload your own outfits, so people can praise you in game.  And since you’re at tor-fashion anyway, you can upvote all my stuff and downvote any underboob you see, kthx.


I Am Recognized For My Awesome Fashion Sense — 3 Comments

  1. Damn, that really looks good on her — Issen has a proper gravitas to her, and doesn’t look like she’s 12 anymore 🙂

    Which guns are those, by the way? Look like one of the Balmorran Hand Cannon [Aurebesh letter] family, but the light-colour is unfamiliar.