The newest patch notes for 2.8 were posted.  Some good, some bad, and some we already knew were in the works from the “summer of swtor” announcement.  But here’s the big flippin deal:

Players who are defeated in an Operation now have the option to spawn inside of the instance when all other players in the group are out of combat.

Can I get a hell yeah?  Those two ridiculously long loading screens that I have to sit through directly after a wipe are mocking me – Haaa haaa, you failed, now you have to sit here and stare at a status bar… bwahahahha.  Making wipes less time-consuming will allow for more attempts, but possibly fewer stealthy pee breaks.  “Sorry guys, I was stuck at the loading screen.”

Other things of interest:

Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution Relics no longer activate from both dealing damage and healing within the same rate limit.

Come on, you knew they would fix that eventually.  Now the highest level of those relics is always the best, period.

Adjusted Dread Master Tyran’s [sic] Inferno ability to make it more friendly to melee characters.

Oh hey, now that I’m not raiding with my melee toon, you decide to make this encounter more melee-friendly?  Not that it matters, considering all the other unchanged melee-unfriendly encounters that still remain.  Boooooo.

Anything in the patch notes interesting to you?


Quality Of Life Changes Just Keep Happening — 2 Comments

  1. That’s really nice. I remember when flashpoints also used to throw you out of the instance every time you wiped, and they changed that ages ago. I wonder what took so long to make it work in operations too.

  2. I do enjoy the quality of life changes they have made over the life of the game. Now for a little rant about the outline of new content for summer.

    I will preface this by acknowledging I am a particular type of player. One who cares little for questing, Dailies, PVP or making billions on the GTN. I love group content in my MMOs. Once the group finder was added, every toon was leveled exclusively in Instances and just running the story questline. I have yet to find the resolve to run Makeb rather than find groups for many fun lvl 50 flash points and then HM as well as the classic operations.

    That said, I would gladly give up GSF and the player housing/guild ships for another new operation or more challenging traditional flash points. The tactical flash points hold no real draw beyond seeing the story once, and have no real mechanics to master. At this point I have NiM Dread Palace to look forward to for the summer — a place I have already spent a good bit of time — and they have accidentally shown the hand on the new mechanic by having them spill into HM…

    The summer is not looking promising for me

    Thanks for letting me rant my 2¢.