Yeah, I skipped double XP weekend this time.  On previous double XP weekends, I’ve felt driven and compelled to bust my butt leveling something-or-other.  This time, not so much.

I have a lot of characters at max level at this point.  Let me count… 4 pub side, 5 imp side.  And I only have one class story to finish up, trooper, but I’ve already SEEN the story from leveling with thehusband.

What would I do with another toon at max level?  The only thing I don’t have is a toon that I’m comfortable tanking on – and hey, I don’t actually want to tank.

I ended up skipping playing at all for the whole damn weekend.  I’d try to queue for a 55 flashpoint, and the queue would not move because, duh, everyone was on their low level alts.  The break was kind of nice.  I caught up on some TV.

Last night in gchat:

Me: I totally skipped this double xp weekend.

Guildie1: But weren’t you just saying on your blog that we need more.

Me: Well yes, but just because I don’t personally want one right now doesn’t mean we shouldn’t HAVE one.

Guildie2: WHAT?

Me: Oh sorry, I meant, it is all about me, and Bioware should consult my schedule before doing anything.

Guildie1: That’s better.  Someone at BW is gettin fired over this!

Like with bounty hunter week, it’s nice to have the event come up often enough that you can voluntarily skip an instance of it, or you don’t feel like you REALLY missed out if you’re busy that week or weekend.  I realize that a lot of people feel like if an event comes around too often, it’s not special enough.  But with a wonky schedule and other responsibilities, I want to do things on my own schedule instead of when Bioware thinks I should be at my PC.

Hrm, I guess it really IS all about me.


Confession: I Intentionally Skipped Double XP Weekend — 1 Comment

  1. It would be nice if there was more than just double XP, at least as an option. (EAWare, I can haz double Social Points, pleez? Huggles, <3ulots, kthxbai).

    But yeah, I finally submitted to temptation, and rolled another Merc on a brand-new-to-me server (my first fem-toon, though)…what can I say, I absolutely adore that class, along with Gunslinger and Sniper. Dual pistol range-nuke, best nuke 🙂

    (If you haven't done so already since patch 2.7, then re-spec Issen to middle-tree and have a go –Arsen is fun again.)