A few weeks ago, the fellows at Ootinicast asked for an interview.  Sure, why not.  We did the interview last weekend and I got an advance copy of the edit the next day.

I couldn’t listen to it.  It’s hard to explain but I just didn’t want to put myself through hearing my own voice and cringing for a half hour.

I’m pretty sure it’s a good interview anyway.  I got all the dorkiness out of my system before recording.  For example:

Chill: So how do you pronounce Njessi?

Me: The easiest is to just say the N is silent. My guildies just call me Jessi.

Chill: Ok.

Me: It’s like my daughter’s favorite joke lately.  “Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom? Because the P is silent!”

Hey, 6 year olds love that sort of shit.

Here’s the interview. Enjoy!


My Ootinicast Interview — 3 Comments

  1. Njessi, when you hear from various people about how well you came across, how you talked intelligently on multiple topics while still managing to inject some humour into the discussion: they’re not just being nice! You can be assured that any awkwardness has been carefully removed (and I can honestly say yours was one of the easiest to edit so far, you didn’t give me much to do!).

    If you can do it, one trick which I use is to pretend that you’re listening to someone else, to mitigate any self-consciousness. But really, you came across just fine. 🙂

  2. Okay, I laughed at the joke.

    Then again, if you think that’s entertaining, wait until she gets to middle school. Even though we’re on our fourth year of middle school –with three more years to go– I still shake my head at the “humor”.

    Time to go listen!

  3. That was awesome! It’s always nice to get to hear a blogger’s voice, but that was also genuinely entertaining. I was actually a bit disappointed when it was over since I easily could have listened to another half hour of you guys chatting.

    I concur with Teo above about you being too hard on yourself, but I also have sympathy for your position because hearing your own voice played back to you is really weird when you’re not used to it. Even just hearing myself talk on TeamSpeak when I made my first couple of ops recordings was really weird.