Hi, my name is Njessi, and I work miracles.  I used to work miracles all the time as a priest healer in WoW, and then I joined Team Dps.  I had forgotten what that feels like and damn, it’s good.

Lately I’ve been running flashpoints on my sorcerer and sage and time after time I manage to save situations that should, by all indications, be wipes.  I’m an adequate DPS and a competent operative healer, but I actually am damn good at sorcerer healing.  It just clicks.

Sage/sorc healing pretty much blows until level 45 when you get healing floor.  Until then it’s clunky and slow.  (For operative, things pick up quickly after getting your hot at level 20.)  I’m glad I stuck with it because, hot damn, I’m pretty unstoppable.

It feels good to be awesome again, rather than just average.  I’ll take it.


Healing Again (Again) — 4 Comments

  1. I’m not surprised that Sorc healing clicked for you. Personally I think it’s the closest you can get to WoW’s priest in terms of play style, so as someone who used to be a WoW priest for years I had the same experience with my Sage and Sorc as you… it just comes naturally. Still love my Commando the most though, simply because troopers rock. 🙂

  2. Some people love it, some people hate it… (mostly the fact that you’re busy with force management so much). I’m in the former group, welcome to the club! 😀

    • The force management is actually not that bad and I find it gives me more flexibility. With operative, because I have to stay above 4 pips of regen, my resource management is basically in a cycle of 2-3 casts. It can take 3 casts to dig myself into a hole. So sustainable healing revolves around 2-3 cast combos, unless you are in a burst phase and plan to use an adrenaline probe.

      For a sorcerer, force management is on a far longer timeline. If you fail to tap health after getting your stacks, you can probably make it up a little later, and you’re not “in the hole” with your regen shot.